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Teach 3 year olds to drive...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. http://theage.drive.com.au/motor-ne...-to-drive-motorsport-boss-20110315-1bv0y.html

    Children as young as three years old should be taught to drive. That's the opinion of Jean Todt, president of the Federation of International Automobiles (FIA), the governing body of motorsport.

    Todt said children should be encouraged to compete in go-karting as early as possible to help them become safer drivers when they reach legal age to drive on the road.

    "The best age is as soon as you can," Todt said. "I will say it is the best age when you can combine it with racing. Historically the biggest [motor racing] champions have started when they were three or four years old in go-karts. Then you start to raise the attention. In some countries you have children who are five years old who are at school.

    "Definitely education is essential from the beginning. It's something that you must pay very big attention to influence the education for young children as soon as we can."

    Todt was in Australia to visit with federal and state politicians as part of the FIA's role in road safety campaigns around the world. He was in Melbourne today to announce a grant of $125,000 to a road safety program from CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport), the local motor sport authority.

    The CAMS program is called Ignition and is targeted at children as young as 12. The Ignition course is focused on teaching driver attitude and vehicle dynamics before they get behind the wheel.

    A pilot program ran 11 courses in 2010 teaching more than 200 students. CAMS is now seeking additional funding from governments and insurance companies to roll Ignition out across the country.

    Todt has a long history in motor racing. He masterminded Michael Schumacher's five formula one world titles with Ferrari before being promoted to run the famous Italian sports car brand.

    But he told Drive that his priority since taking over leadership of the FIA is to promote its road safety work in a bid to cut the global road toll.

    He said he wants to use motor racing to encourage safer driving on the road.

    "Obviously the FIA is very much involved with its clubs. We are very much pushing for bigger synergy between sport and mobility clubs. We feel that sport, racing, must be a very good ambassador for road safety. Incidentally, I know that Mark Webber is going to a promotion for road safety together with Red Bull and the Australian Grand Prix. It's very important that we use our drivers, our teams, our championships to be strong ambassador for road safety."

    Todt came to the defence of former world champion Lewis Hamilton, who was caught performing a burn-out leaving the Australian Grand Prix circuit last year.

    "I mean it was unnecessary what he did, the way he reacted," Todt said. "I think it was agreed that he did a big mistake. You know what is important, I don't think anybody in this room will say, 'I have never made a mistake in my life.' I think what is important to me is to learn out of mistakes. He has definitely learnt out of his mistake and one unnecessary action will have a positive effect on the future."

    He also defended the use of speed cameras in Australia and praised the work by local authorities in cutting the road toll. (muppet)

    "I feel that Australia has been doing one outstanding job," he said. "I hate hearing 'It's fantastic we have only 2000 fatalities'. I mean 2000 is a huge number. It's always important to compare what the situation was 10 years ago [to] what is the situation is now. In Australia if you see what the situation was 10 years ago and what the situation is now, one outstanding job has been done. Obviously, cameras are part of the action that has been helping fatalities and accidents."
  2. For the most part, I am inclined to agree with him.
  3. I was with him right up until the part about the Cameras. then I tuned out.
  4. I know I'm right there with ya, what a pandering spineless douchebag. To give him his dues though, if it brings the government to the table with regards the other proposals then a bit of butt kissing might be worth it.

    The fact there's not a shred of evidence to support the claims that cameras have impacted the roadtoll would have me steering well clear of mentioning it though.
  5. Me too.

    P.S. I lol'd at "(muppet)" :LOL:
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  7. Ah well that explains a lot. He's on a publicity stunting spree. Perhaps he should of said he wants to teach 3 year olds how to drive F1 cars, could of cut down his workload
  8. If we're going to run with that idea we may as well also encourage 3 year olds to participate in drinking contests.
    That way they'll be more responsible drinkers by the time they're 18.
  9. Best to get them on the bong , as well.
  10. OMG 3 year old children on bongs?
    Are you for real?
    Think that is illegal and irresponsible and not good at all for children.
  11. I agree, the sooner you get kids riding or driving the better they will be when they are older and can drive responsibly,
    plus little kids enjoy riding or driving around in little cars and little bikes,

    Some of them are absolute whizz's at it. Watch young teens at it, scrambles, go carts, dirt track,

    Or do you prefer a gang of youths around the super market, bored shitless with nothing to do and looking for trouble,
  12. You are spot on deadman, but do you also agree with getting three year old children, "on the bong",which one of the moderatersof netrider, has suggested?
  13. Settle down there sport.

    Do you know how to search a member's posts? Click on his name, go to 'find all posts by user'...

    ...that's his humour, have fun now.
  14. really, settle down over a suggestion on this forum that three year old smoke bongs?

    this I do not understand, sport.

    Have read suggestions that legs are broken on this forum, but this is going too far.
  15. There's a difference between saying something stupid and saying something serious.

    Like this for instance.
  16. Are we seriously going to go through this again?


    serious story:
    The wife of a good friend is a public playground designer in the sutherland area, stuff for kids mainly. Ever wondered why you haven't seen any see-saw's in recent years? They have been banned for being dangerous to the children.
  17. You may need to recalibrate your irony detector.
  18. Years ago I went with a woman who ran a kindergarden, She did have 4 year olds coming to pre school who were stoned off their tits,
    The parents were smoking dope, and the kids were getting stoned because they were in the room with them,


    If she had reported them, She would have been in trouble with the parents,
    Her life then would be threatened,

    The laws stink,

    Its the same for all teachers, They cannot do any thing about crazy students,
    If they do, they can also be sued,

    Political correctness is f#cking evil, This is the other side of it,

    And no, I will not disclose who the woman was, she is still teaching,
  19. #19 Ljiljan, Apr 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
  20. some people need to learn the meaning of the word "satire"