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TD's what kit do you use?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Rattus Norvegicus, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Darlings I mentioned in the Fairweather Rider Thread I was quite simply amazed during a recent trip to "The Temple of Speed" (PI) how many local rocket jockeys went out on hyper sports tyres in the wet. Sweeties I changed my wheels to wets, but was truly gobsmacked when passing them on the straightaway and hearing their engines over revving when they lost momentary rear grip.......brave, foolhardy I just can't conceive slip sliding like that for fun, but then I have always been a little precious.

    Sugarplums I have a love hate relationship with the track, you could call me fickle. I have a ridiculous amount of gear that I take with me, this little biscuit could do with a pit crew - sometimes I feel like a gorgeous little pack rat.

    Lovelies our fine feathered friend just twiddles his knobs and heads out on to the track..........so free spirited.

    So my beautiful sugarplums what kit do you use to augment your track pleasure? Do you see a track day a supplement to your road riding? Or is it simply Damn the Torpedo's?

  2. Supplements my road riding. But the more I am doing the more I am getting bored with pushing it on the road and instead take my bike out on the road for "posing" duties only.

    As for what I take along, nothing that will really class me as a hardcore track junkie, just the basics.

    Would consider investing in extras like extra wheels etc if I actually end up getting a dedicated track bike one day
  3. I would change to wets if I had them but dont. So I have to sit it out when its too sloppy. I constantly argue with myself about the economies of buying wets vs missing a day now and then.
  4. Well.... As part of my fund management (coff), i have to ride down and back again, so i track on the tyres i wear for road riding.

    It's going to sound draconian, but I don't change my settings for a track day mate. I have the bike set up as best one can for stock suspension, and I just leave it there, or an additional two clicks of compression dampening at each end, maybe. But some days that feels "wooden" to me.

    I suspect that because I'm a high mileage general road rider that has a set up I like and trust that any adjustments for a track day may just feel too foreign to me even though they may be " better".

    That in effect means that I generally run the Blade two turns back from max preloaded on the front, two steps on rear spring as the optimum static sag set up for me.

    I'm only one click up on rear compression damping, and a half turn on the front
    Rebound on the rear is a half turn less, front is stock.

    It's a bit soft for most track jocks ( i think?), but I prefer a little softer set up, and can get away with it because I am not overly fast with the tyres I run for street/twisties, on the track.
    Using the bt016 on the rear and the bt003 on the front. Good tyres but limited when pushed hard on the track after about 4 laps.

    Bike's a bit slow to turn, so I am going to a 180 rear and matching front, next tyre change, with probably the same mix of tyres.

    And if the track is wet, so be it. Time to practice my wet weather skills. And it adds to the challenge! :)

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I DO have my partner travel with me in the car. All manner of sundry and possible necessities for the day are carried within. :))
  5. Anything I "could need" I take..

    I always pack the night before and double check everything to make sure nothing is forgotten. IMO, nothing worse than turning up and realising you've left something behind on the bench.

    My sussy is dialled in perfectly for the speeds I circulate now in. However, I still refuse to leave without my notepad containing my thoughts and feelings on different settings. Who knows, I may get slower and revert back, or I may get faster and push forward. I just like knowing I have a history on paper I can refer to.

    my two cents... OUT!
  6. Darling Respi, absolutely adore your new avatar, is it my over fertile imagination or is your bike moist?

    .........I must have struck you in high spirits you haven't used the "G" word....
  7. I Mr Sheen'd the shit out of it on the weekend.

    Just don't change it to a pic of Kyle sandypants unless you'd like me to take it to an entirely new level.

    Pertaining to the "G" word. It died when you upgraded Avatars.
  8. Like Raven, I just go there to ring my bikes neck in a safe enviroment. To keep my skills up and re-establish myself with what my bikes going to do on the limit. At my age I'm never going to be the quickest or most daring out there anyway.
    So for me I take my ipod, pain spray and a few good bandages. And a few J's incase I come off early and destroy my toy. And have to wait for my mates. Medicinal reasons of course.
  9. Truly sweeties I envy the just turn up and go hard attitude........there's a sense of purity about it.....

    But my lovelies going hard with Swedish is the greatest pleasure of all.........
  10. I have to say, that I would LOVE to throw on a set of slicks, get one of the masters to set it up for the track (assuming it'll be different given that I am on the stock suspension, which isn't ideal- well I do't lik it), and give the blade full-on rip!
    Oh, and I'd want rear-sets. The stock pegs are crap for the track, for my riding.

    I've got the cohunahs to push it hard enough, because my skill level ( when it was at it's peak), was beyond what my tyres could handle, and I felt quite hobbled by them.

    Sadly though, my money tree hAs suffered seriously from our general drought and water restrictions. So I may never experience the true limit of my own personal ability. (quite frankly, it shits me to tears)

    Oh well. Getting a bit old now and the aches and pains kick in pretty early, so that horse has probably bolted. But I'd give it a dam good go if I could. And I know my bike is just itching to strut what he's got.

    Not that I'm some shit-hot wannabe a-grader. I'm just talking about my own personal levels, wherever THEY stand.

    Ah well...maybe in the next life. :-|
  11. Add me to the turn up and thrash it then ride home on it camp.
    I brought a towell last time, that's all the kit I needed. Oh actually no, I should have brought more cash. If it wasn't for Donshe I would have gone hungry. I forgot they don't take eftpos.
  12. Rattus - I think you would agree that too many people overlook the importance of hydration.

    Your thoughts?
  13. Sweetheart a very pertinent observation, I start my hydration regime the evening prior and I never, I mean never consume alcohol the day before.
    This little biscuit is very temperant by nature, although one does delicately sip a Tanqueray No 10 and Tonic (darlings Bombay Sapphire is so passé these days) on occasions.

    Sweetpeas do not underestimate the mental application required on the track and fatigue both mentally and physically is enemy No 1. Simply hydration must be maintained throughout the entire day.

    The hottest TD I have done was 47 degrees ambient, that would equate to a track temperature of 70 degrees - ghastly

    This little pumpkin was in Losial two years ago, my goodness me there is a very good reason they race at night. I was rather enamored with Qatar. Sweethearts, Qatar is the worlds richest country and only the very elite ride motorcycles. The two wheeled steed of choice are these monstrous American V-Twins. I did partake in a road ride with the Itailian V-Twin club, while they can elevate the front wheel with some skill and have no fear from the authorities for doing so, negotiating corners was an altogether unrefined skill........
  14. That's when the showers come in to play. I did a 44 degree day and boy did I lose a lot of fluid despite constant hydration.

    Even being diligent with my hydration and staying cool, my body told me 4 sessions was enough young fella, head on home!
  15. Tank? Tre cliche. Hendricks is for the gentleman of distinction, tank is oily mother's ruin.
  16. Sorry darling all the difference in the number, plus the fact that whilst being somewhat distinct........I am of gentle personage........
  17. I'm well aware of the reputation that the No. 10 holds, but I still put Hendricks ahead by a whisker.

    I do agree that bombay is dated as well. Where there is an actual blue gin of novelty value in Magellan, it's hard to see the worth of a blue bottle and the vinegar inside.
  18. i do 4-5 track days per year, as i feel it's the perfect place to learn how to ride fast! my street riding these days is more for the social side of things, and taking the missus on the back. the track is where my bike makes sense, and if i was to only ride on the road, i wouldn't have a superbike.

    for track days, i take with me:
    track prep'd R1 street bike (w/ taped up lights, mirrors removed, D209's fitted)
    spare set of D209's
    tyre warmers & stands
    spare set of brake pads
    coolant, brake fluid, oil, jerry can full of petrol
    tools to perform things like removal of rims, fairings, basic components off the bike.
    esky full of bottle of water, cans of coke, couple red bulls, etc.
    lunch, and plenty of snacks like snakes, chocolate bars, etc for a hit of sugar

    works for me.