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Tdm900 vs Tiger

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MarvinTheMartian, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Now I am looking to change/upgrade my bike from a naked to a dual-sports/adventure style. At this stage I have narrowed it down to 2:

    1st the Yamaha TDM900
    2nd the Triumph Tiger

    still a possible is the DL1000 V-Strom

    Does anyone here have knowledge of either of these bikes? Problems/parcularities/good points.
  2. How tall are you?
    The Tiger is a considerably taller and heavier bike than the TDM, if that makes any difference. I looked at both of these, and while I would have been comfortable with the TDM, I just ain't big enough to be at ease on the Tigger. Wide seat didn't help with getting feet on the ground. Probably makes a better tourer, though.
    Both have pretty solid mechanicals, although the 'box on the Yamaha is pretty crap even from new.
  3. 5'10" with a short instep, by the measurements the TDM wins at this stage, I will be hopefully checking out the 3 bikes this weekend.

    Any other bikes that come to mind? Main use will be commuting with the fang in the weekend, and the ocaasional I wonder where that track goes :?
  4. I think on spares the TDM is a bit cheaper too,thou not positive :-k
    AMCN has done comparison's on the big dual purpose's before,from memory it was the your 2 choices and also Vstrom and Beemer and Varadero as well, I seem to recall.
  5. Hey what happened to the offer for the Capo!! You want another test ride :p

    So what's the budget??

    I'm yet to ride a Tiger but the newer models got a heap of power 125hp :cool:

    I rode a demo TDM900 and had a weird buzzing via the seat at around 4,000rpm - not that impressed

    You want some views on V-Stroms - check out www.advrider.com under Beasts - seems there's hundreds of them post there. I take it you are after the 1000 and not the 650?? The 650 gets a heap of praise, so maybe worthwhile testing one and you can then spend the cash on extras.

    Others like Cagiva, Duc Multistrada and Ulysses all a bit on the expensive side compared to the above.

    Haven't heard of too many TDM's fitted out for Adventure Biking, and maybe due to their 18 inch front wheel. The Tiger, Strom & Capo got 19inch and supposedly more tyres choice when it comes to dual purpose and even nobby tyres.

    Good luck with it all and look forward to hearing your views.
  6. I'm with Toecutter on the 650 V-Strom. I haven't ridden the Tiger or TDM - but I've ridden both the Stroms.

    The 1000 seemed way too big and unwieldly for me (although Glitch and Marty chuck those things around like BMXs) and just didn't feel fun.

    The 650 was a revelation. It's quite tall and still reasonably large, but much lighter. Goes like buggery in the twisties, it's a beautiful handler. And the SV650 engine has plenty of go. They're amazingly cheap too at the moment. Magnificent bike, sensational all-rounder.

  7. Sorry for the hijack Marv - but Loz, care to give us a good rundown on the 650 Strom - how much more hunting for gears over the 1000. Did you (or someone else) have a full load of camping stuff on board. Thinking a TKC80/nobby tyred DL650 but like the power of the Vtwin 1000 a bit much.

    And from what I've read, SV650 is a big difference to DL650 - may look like only an extra fairing, but seems best bet is to just get the DL unless you come across a very, very cheap SV650.
  8. The Tiger got a very good review in the rough stuff in one of the mags recently. It was a bit of a surprise packet off road if i remember correctly. The relatively soft suspension setup was the goods in the sticks.

    The Storm at first glance seems targeted more at teh paved roads but i've been looking round on the advrider forum for a couple of months now and lots of people there give theirs a fair bashing off road so they obviously are very capable.

    If you were going to get out of the city and go exploring, would it be worth considering that a Suzi dealer would probably be easier to find than a Triumph one? I dont know.
  9. I just noticed the 650 Storm has come down to $9,990. Seems a pretty good price to me. THe Storm may well be back to the top of my list? :cool:
  10. Addressing your questions:

    1) I didn't notice much in the way of extra gear hunting. I do remember the front wheel coming down between 70 and 80k on a first gear wheelie, so yeah it's geared lower than the 1000. Personally I quite like working a gearbox so it's not a concern to me. Sure it's less powerful than the 1000, but it's still got plenty of go. You'll lose a drag at the lights, but the bike's so nice and light and nimble in comparison you may well make it back up in the twisties.

    2) I didn't have a load of camping stuff on board. However, I'm a fat bastard (~120kg), so I'd guess my weight would probably be equal to or greater then you plus a set of camping gear. The nice long travel suspension was fantastic, a great balance between cushy comfort and planted solidity while cornering.

    My main impression of it was one of extreme, supreme comfort. By far the most comfortable seat and riding position I've ever tried, it's an all day long bike and then some.

    It's as ugly as a hatful of arse'oles, but the injected motor feels crisp and responsive, the chassis and ergonomics deliver comfort with considerable agility, and it's a blast in the twisties - you're up so high that a decent lean angle feels absolutely crazy without being scary.

    So yes, I thought it was a real winner. Very surprising bike and a little ripper in my opinion! Take a test ride, I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.
  11. Thanks Loz

    Great write up yet again.

    25kg weight difference between Capo and Wee Strom is tempting to at least try.


    So Marv - how did the test riding go?
  12. Also consider the Fazer1000 aka FZ1.

    Been described as a TDM with motor by one review.

    I've had a Sprint 995 and a TDM850. Yammie was pretty darn nimble thru the twisties but needed a bit more poke and better brakes to keep up with the crotch rockets. (which the 900 provides to some extent). Comfy tourer that could take a fair bit of luggage. Very reliable.

    The Trumpy? Well I got one that was made on a Friday. Not convinced about the build quality of Trumpies in any case. Gem of a motor tho.
  13. Can't comment on the Tiger but have owned an 850TDM.
    Not a dual sport by a long shot! They even smell gravel & get all nervous but as mentioned above, fantastic in the twisties, but need more go & stop.
    Front end is blinding but the rear suspension isin't up to the job when pushed.

    For a true dual the V-Strom would be my pick!
  14. This is a market sector I've looked at pretty closely for a while now, although I'm not sure that it's where I'll buy next (watching KTM closely!)
    Marvin, I'm roughly your size (give or take). I came to the conclusion I just couldn't get happy with the tigger, unless I was 2 inches taller. That's just me, but I reckon the TDM would be spot on for size. The other bike I looked at was the Cagiva Navigator. On specs it would have been perfect, but in the real world, it's damn hard to even find one, let alone test it! How you would go for servicing I don't know, although it is a Suzuki motor (and a bloody good one at that). Anything from the Paul Feeney Group (distributors) is going to be hard to find spares for.
    Anyway, nowadays I'm thinking big supermoto, and if the KTM 950 SM wasn't a stupid price I'd have one already. But bear in mind that the new Tiger will be revealed in a couple of months (the betting is two versions - road, and dirt road adventure version). This should have an effect on the price of existing stock, if that's the way you want to go.
  15. Sorry Marv, I know you want the bigger bikes, but a good article on DL 650 Strom
  16. If "I wonder where that track goes?" includes soft gravel or dirt roads, then ignore this post.

    Otherwise, if you aren't too concerned over price, you should consider the Ducati Multistrada 1000S DS or 1000DS. It can, and has been used on hard packed dirt or gravel roads, but probably wouldn't handle the soft stuff. Great motor, if you like big V-twins, great brakes, feels light to handle, and (apparently) keeps up with sport bikes in the twisties. I have to regain a bit more experience before I test that out. :wink:

    The Multistrada does only have 17" wheels, and real dual purpose tyres may be hard to get for it.

    I test rode a DL650 V-Strom, but it just didn't have the character I was looking for. The specific bike had a Staintune exhaust on it, with a nice note, but it didn't seem to have the same punch as the Multistrada either. Well, I was comparing a 1000cc to a 650cc.

    I didn't get to ride a TMD900 as I couldn't find one to test, but the word was the the Multistrada was better anyway. The TDM is a good bike, but doesn't seem to have been taken up very well in any market.

    I am 5'7" with a 31" instep, and haven't yet adjusted the 850mm seat height down, but I will as I am on tip toes when stopping on sloping ground, and that aint good! At 5'10" you should fit on the Multi easily.

    Availability may be a problem, as the importer (NF Importers) didn't bring in any 2006 models, and are right now running out the 2005 model stock. The 1000S DS may be unobtainable now, but the 1000DS may still be available, possibly at a good price. They are promoting them through to the end of August.

    Be warned though, if you add some panniers, a top box, hand protectors, etc., you are looking at about $25K on the road. Check out www.multistrada.net if you are interested.

    Good luck,
  17. Maybe should start a new topic - poor Marv, I've hijacked his thread again....

    Anyway, I said earlier SV650 not suitable for dirt - don't think this guy heard me

  18. Completely irrelevant, but I always thought 'TDM' was a very unfortunate choice of letters for a name, since (to me at least) it suggests 'tedium'.
  19. The thought has crossed my mind a few times :p
  20. The tiger is the only one that will do any dirt work.

    Has anyone read how the v-stroms handle dirt?