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TDi Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ljiljan, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Yamaha European Patent

    Yamaha have filed a European patent detailing the positioning of an inter-cooler on both inline and V four motorcycles. In recent years Yamaha have done much research on smaller diesel engines and could well be the first Japanese company to launch a diesel motorcycle in europe. Such a machine would most likely be aimed at the tourer class where the diesel engines attributes such as economy and torque would be valued most. Note that while most owners of high milage touring machines would prefer the low maintainence option of a shaft drive the stock drawing used here does not show one.


    That's just the introduction...


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  2. Way of the future really, interesting, thanks.
  3. you'd get a sooty knee with the exhaust there lol
  4. exhaust runs under teh ducktail as per normal, the part running up the side would be the cooler piping from the turbo
  5. I really want to see a production diesel trail bike, unfortunately Hayes-DT doesn't seem to be doing anything about putting a civilian model of their motorcycle out. I don't think Hayes himself is really interested.
  6. problem with having a diesel chooker is they need to be geared taller than regular bikes to make up for having a very short rev-range (hence being best for tourers)
  7. Interesting. I was just discussing the topic of diesel bikes last night. TBH, I am surprised that there isn't already a wide range of TDi tourers and commuters. I'd buy one.
  8. According to this data sheet, the engine in the Hayes-DT M1030M1 produces its max power of 30 PS at 5700rpm. That's pretty reasonable for a trail bike I reckon. I think they've actually improved the engine since then too, I'm not too sure.
  9. ahhh ok. sorry, i'm used to real diesels, 7+litre with a turbo the size of a dinner plate bolted on the side. figured smaller engines would have the same torque/rev characteristics
  10. Im still wanting a FI 2 stroke diesel.

    4 strokes are so lazy pumpin' air half the time.