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TCX X-Rap Waterproof Shoes

Discussion in 'Boots' started by friction, May 9, 2014.

  1. Following on from an earlier product review as I test the gear that I bought for an upcoming motorbike tour of Europe, I have now been using the TCX X-Rap shoes (http://www.tcxboots.com/eng/prodotti-dettaglio.php?prodotto=90) I bought for a couple of months, and the TL;DR is that they're pretty bloody amazing.

    • Sturdy boot that feels like it would protect in a crash
    • White sole gives it a cool casual look
    • Mostly waterproof even in heavy rain
    • Not QUITE as good looking as skater-stlye canvas boots with a white toe
    • Not as safe as a full knee high track boot
    • Insoles slip around until you stick them down
    I tried to find suppliers in Australia, including calling the Australian distributor of TCX products McLeod Accessories, but they weren't due to arrive for many months (this was a few months ago now so the situation might have changed). Then I tried to buy them from RevZilla (as I hear they have amazing customer service), but they didn't have stock of my size (http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/tcx-x-rap-wp-shoes), and so I ended up spending a bit more money and buying them from MotoStorm (http://www.motostorm.it/en/details.asp?articolo=5882).

    They arrived 2-3 weeks later, and I was impressed at how comfortable they were, so I started wearing them as every day shoes (since I never know when I'm going to jump on the bike to go down to the shops, and ATGATT is a lot easier if I'm already wearing kevlar lined pants and motorbike shoes.

    Initially I did have a big problem with the insoles working their way backwards, leaving my big toe with no insole underneath and my heel crammed for space as the insole bunched up. TCX, make the insoles stronger please. I solved the problem with some double sided foam tape from Bunnings, two strips down the length of each insole and they've been right ever since.

    I've now also worn them in some pretty torrential weather, a good hour at the start of the day and a good hour at the end. Previously in weather like that, my old track boots would collect enough water in the bottom that I could actually feel it sloshing as I accelerated but these - these boots were nice. At no point did I feel water seeping in or get cold. By the end of the day, my socks were a LITTLE damp, but nothing like my gloves which were just disgusting.

    All in all, I'm a huge fan and I would highly recommend these boots to anyone. Also there's a Gore-Tex version coming out soon (or maybe out already?) that looks ever sweeter, so keep an eye out for that one.
  2. im looking at getting a pair of these or something similar for when i just want to ride down to the shops/ sub 80kph. whats the ankle support like? am i making a massive compromise in my safety to wear something like this over my smx-5s?
  3. Also interested in this thread.

    How did you find the fit?