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TCX WP street boots

Discussion in 'Boots' at netrider.net.au started by KANGA, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys thought I would throw up a review of my commuting boots. Not a full race boot and not a sneaker. A nice in between in both form and function.
    TCX WP (waterproof) street boots
    These boots offer pretty minimal protection as far as what I expect for a boot. It does however provide a good bit of intermediate ground from a full motorcycle boot which I use on the weekends and the connies I used to commute in.
    The boots are made of leather which feels fairly substantial, I think it would provide good abrasion resistance in the event of an off at city commuting speeds.
    The ankle protection seems like it would provide decent protection consisting of hard armor with shock absorbing foam underneath it. The heal armor is pretty minimal, there is a bit of foam and what feels like some thin plastic.
    The toe protection is practically non existent, when I first pushed down on the toe I thought I must have got a defect and that it didn’t have any armour. When I reached my hand inside and felt about I could tell there was a small amount of something there, feels like plastic which would be as thick as a milk carton. Don't think it will help my toes at all.
    As far as ankle support goes there is about the same amount as you would get from a high top connie, bugger all.

    When I first got these they felt like a pair of work boots, since wearing them for around 4 weeks they have broken in a lot and I don’t even notice them anymore. I ran about 500 meters to the office when I realized how late I was for work the other day. Only when I sat down in my chair did I remember that I was wearing a pair of boots.

    Any Sydneysiders know what kind of weather we have been having of late, haven’t had any leaks at all.

    No one has mentioned a thing when wearing them. No one has tweaked that they are motorcycle boots and have had a few friends who ride who are adding them to their shopping list.

    They are what they are, a boot that offers some basic protection and won’t give you the astronaut look. Obviously compared to a pair of fully armored boots they won’t touch them with a stick but they will definitely give you better odds then wearing sneakers.
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  2. Ha ha ha, for a moment there I thought you said they were motorbike boots!! You had me there man, good one, ha, ha ha!!
  3. thats the idea :)

    If anyone is interested I purchased these from sport bike track gear along with a few other goodies, really great guys to deal with.
  4. Hey I just posted my own review on the TCX X-Rap, which is similar to the X-Street you reviewed but comes further up the foot. Solid review :)