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TCX Boots - a question of price and principle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bkdu, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Well, the long story in short: I'm sick of getting wet feet, don't like those plastic overboots, and have a very strong suspicion that we're going to have our regular wet season every year from now.
    Anyway, been looking around and came accross these: TCX Competizione S Gore-Tex.

    Now my issue is this: In Aussieland, the going rate for these little beauties is $499 (TM Bowen Hills) and $550 (TM Moorooka). Did some shopping around and found them for $315.65 on a UK site (GBP 189.89) - with delivery charges, that would bring the total to A$408.70.

    Now I don't mind supporting local business, but I do mind being blatantly ripped off ... at Moorooka that would be a 35% surcharge on the UK price inclusive of shipping costs.

    Question: Would you buy locally anyway, go into the store with proof and see if they match price, or simply order from overseas?

  2. I would never buy another set of TCX (oxtar) boots again. the pair had was terrible quality.

    But yeah i got Sidi vertigo airs for AUD ~$320 delivered instead of $550-600 in aust.

    same with exhausts. im about to buy a pipe and k&n for my bike that will cost ~ $560 AUD delivered from the US and wouldve cost about 800 in country.
    actually just checked and it will be considerably more

    I try and buy local for most stuff but sometimes you have to think with your wallet
  3. Go in and ask them to price match.
    If they do it's win win.
    If they don't you win they lose.
  4. Yeah, I bought a Two Brothers exhaust for $700 delivered in six days from the US and it would have cost double here.
  5. Do you sometimes think that greed has overrun this once beautiful country? I mean, if we as consumers can manage to import a single item or pair of a certain product at substantially less cost than what the same item is being offered in a store over here ... would that not imply that we are being ripped off?!
    After all, you would think that a store with it's bulk buying power as well as established supply arrangements would be able to
    a) purchase items cheaper than consumers
    b) have substantially lower import cost recalculated to individual items

    So, would you say it's just greed and a lack of supply/competition that's causing prices to be so high over here, or are our businesses in general so much more stupid than their European, American, etc counterparts?

    Just wondering, cause I tend to see this happening more and more ... over a variety of goods and services.

  6. I love to support local business but my support doesn't come automatically. They have to earn my support by doing something right! I'm not going to let them rip me off just because they happen to be local. So yes, I'd order overseas if they can't offer a price that's at least in the same ballpark... but I'd also look at any truly local alternatives - for example when it comes to boots, Rossi make decent footwear that is actually made in Australia, not just brought in from some overseas workshop...

    ... and learn to love overboots (and other waterproof over-garments) - in the end that's the only way to stay dry.
  7. bah some stuff is cheaper here and some is dearer. Supply and demand mate.
  8. I think its more to do with that actual distributers rather than the shops themselves. Sure a shop could knock a majority of its profit margin from an item but its still going to be cheaper buying privately abroad. I did the same myself very recently with a jacket - $1000 in PS , $520 delivered from the US.
    I believe there are very few official importers for high end motorcycle gear , this pretty much renders a shops buying power useless and keeps the prices high right accross the board.
    Hopefully buying overseas will force these prices down.
  9. Don't mind the other stuff mate, but I simply hate overboots. Been wearing them for a while and it hasn't changed my feelings for them. There are decent waterproof boots available which remove the need for overboots.
    Unfortunately these boots weren't readily available when I bought mine.
  10. I used to think it was swings and roundabouts with pricing when I first got here, but the more I look into it almost everything seems to be dearer than overseas. The only things I know that are cheaper here than elsewhere is fuel and houses... But then again they wouldn't let you build a AU spec house in most of Europe...
  11. Don't get me started on that one :) All things considered and being equal, I can get a cheaper house in a lot of places in Europe and with much better build quality. Also, having been back in Krautland mid last year, I found that living costs are cheaper over there, you can get certified organic stuff just about everywhere ... and cheap, alcohol is cheap and available everywhere ... without the problems we have over here despite astronomical prices, blah, blah ...

    The other thing that boggles my mind is that over here, 40k's outside the CBD new developments have lots of 450sqm, whereas in Germany - a country smaller than Qld, for example I can easily find 1/4 acre blocks half that distance away from the CBD. Like I said, greed has taken over this country ... unfortunately.
  12. Working in the industry, from a retail point of view.
    Believe me or not, but it's not your local shop that's ripping you off,
    It's the wholesalers with their high cost prices of items.

    A lot of items have very little mark up in them once they reach a store to sell.

    one wholesaler accidentally emailed their prices out to us,
    some really high volume items had over 300% mark-up from them to us. then they go and tell us to sell it at gst +50%, and on expensive items ( ones with rrp's of $500+ ) they tell us they worked that out on a gst + 25% mark up.

    i don't know about you, but if i'm only earning $20 an hour, then selling something that retails for $500 or so only pays for 5 hours of my working... that's not taking into account building rent, other bills, and my other colleagues that need paying too, and with the advent of online shops that export to OS markets, some day's we'll be lucky to trade 1k

    we could buy many items OS cheaper than our wholesale prices here. But we don't. I understand that there are scales of economies and that Australia is so large, we get hit hard by logistic costs too. Government import taxes and what not. It all adds up, and retail outlets are then made out to be the bad guys!

    Sure go ahead and buy your stuff online O/S. But don't expect a warm reaction from your local shop.


    note: i don't work in the motorbike industry, just some of our wholesalers overlap. the wholesaler who has over 300% mark-up on items does not distribute motorbike gear.
    This post is directed to users who think that it's the retailers being greedy.
    This is rarely the case
  13. I can understand where you're coming from mate. And I believe that some lines of retail are having a hard time. Unfortunately, so are consumers these days ... as a direct result of greed by our pollies, multi nationals, other big business, developers, etc. Consumers have a right to some enjoyment and toys in their lives ... however, as not many of us are left with much to spare after taxes, hidden taxes, levies, excises, fees & charges, interest rates, rates, rego, insurance, general bills (which greed ... err go up all the time as well) ... so we shop around and use the tools available to us to get the best deal for the little money we have left or saved for that toy.

    As long as we're bled by everybody else, we won't have much choice but to shop around.

    If people woke up and realised that - once they stopped fighting each other - they can actually force some fairness to be applied, things are just going to get worse.
  14. I am working in the opposite direction -- As a small start up business trying to keep my overheads as low as possible to avoid having to pass on those costs to the end user --- in fact some people may consider my business amateur because I don't want to spend the money on bells and whistles and pretty stuff to grab peoples attention, should I try to do this and try to compete with the big boys to just look flashy I would most likely go broke. I would rather just produce a great product at a good price and let word of mouth do my advertising for me.