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TAZMAN down and is getting better...[UPDATE]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Mick was the rider involved on the doveton- princess HWY accident on thursday 9th in the afternoon. Car turned right with out checking and Mick T-boned him.
    He was airlifted to the ALFRED HOSPITAL where he was unconscious on arrival.
    He is a big lad and a very good rider, I have certainly learned alot from Mick as we often ride together.

    I got a call from his brother Shane on friday night, and the injuries Mick sustained where very severe. He has bleeding on the brain. His spine is broken in 3 places,he has multiple skull fractures, both arms and legs have multiple breaks, he lost his teeth and shattered his jaw. The brain operation was touch and go but they have managed to release the fluid and he is stable. they had not expected Mick to make it through the night but he did. Next morning he opened his eyes , looked around wigged his hands and feet and took a deep breath and went back to sleep.
    I have been to the ICU today and he looks very very beat up. He did repond to my voice and moved his fingers as if to show off. The doctors agree he is a very tough lad and he should now make it. They are unaware at the moment of any brain damage, but I reckon he will be right. He has 2 operations coming up for his back and then they will move onto his limbs when he is able to cope with the moving around.
    He will be getting a HALO attached to his head to help the spine recover but he has lost all nerves in his left hand so they think he will never ride again.

    Mick was wearing all the gear and was never a dangerous rider. he has taugh me and his brother Shane hugely in the year Ive been around. He is a big lad with a heart of gold. Mick was they guy who was first on the scene at my accident and we have been great mates since then.

    He will be looking forward to some visitors in the near future once he is functioning again. If anybody is wishing to see him can they please contact me first as the Hospital ICU cant deal with loads of people turning up at once.

    And just to make CAR drivers out to be the biggest pricks out there, his brother Shane got cleaned up by a car pulling out of a side street on toorak rd today. and he was on his way home from seeing his brother. His bike is a bit mangled but he suffered minor damage. He put a hole in his tank when his nuts hit it so these lads have balls of steel.
    Mick will be in there for a while so Id also like to organise and IPOD Video for him too if you can all help. PM me please if you can spare some cash to help keep him occupied.

    So please everyone be careful out there....

  2. I heard about Micks accident yesterday, but didn't know any details.

    My thoughts and prayers to Mick and his family. And wish him all the strength for a full recovery.

    It makes you wonder if its all worth it sometimes. :(
  3. F*ck dude, if he pulls through this he's one tough bullet proof motherf*cker. Jesus, what an injury list and what a SHITFUL week to be a netrider.

    Mick, we're gunning for ya bro, get a dog up ya and let's see ya fight.
  4. Another one? And really serious too. Hope he comes out of it O.K, sounds like a tough cookie.
    All the best for a fast, full recovery.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I've ridden with Mick. He's a top bloke and is tough as nails. If anyone will pull through this, Mick will. Best wishes mate.

    Absolutely sh!tful past few weeks it's been.

    Once again, be careful out there. They're (cars) are out to get you, and best you believe that honestly.
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    I am at a loss for words Stookie.

    Please know that a lot of us are out here in cyberspace and are praying for a good recovery. Our thoughts are with Tazman, his family and friends.
  7. Stookie, give him all my best, prayers of course and if there's anyuthing to which we can contribute, let me know by the usual means.
  9. OMG that's terrible news.

    Hope he has a speedy recovery.
  10. A dreadful week. :cry:

    I don't know Mick well, though I remember meeting him on a ride last year. A really nice approachable bloke, and someone who loves his riding (judging by his grin that day).

    I hope with all my heart he recovers well from these injuries, and my thoughts are with his family.
  11. all the best for both doods....
    what a week :?
  12. Best wishes for mick and his bro, as stookie said they are real nice blokes who don't deserve something like this
  13. Praying for you Mick, that was a huge list.. recover well. Hope you can ride again and prove those docs wrong.

  14. Ahh that sucks :\

    If he moved his toes, is that an indication that if all goes well with the other injurys, he'll have function in his legs?

    Hope so..

    Best wishes!
  15. ggaaaahhh! bleedin heck.
    I'm gob-smacked.....

    All the best to his family and friends, I really wish them all the strength they need., please pass on the McCarthy Family's best wishes, I hope to drop in round Christmas and say G'day.

    Faaaark I hate these posts :cry: :cry:
  16. Christ! hang in there buddy. our hearts and prayers are with you. c x
  17. What a list of injuries :cry: I really wish Mick all the best in his recovery
  18. Thank God he's made it this far. I heard Mick had come off on Thursday night and have been shitting myself with worry. There's still a long way to go clearly but at least he's still with us. He is one bloody tough bloke.

    Stookie, count me in for the i-pod. Mick has got to be one of the nicest and most genuine blokes I've ever met and I'll gladly do anything I can to make his recovery easier.

    Please also if you see him soon, pass on my and Kerry's best wishes to Mick and also to his family.
  19. Sincerely wish for strength & courage to a full recovery.
  20. I too had wondered what happened. Now I know. Thank heavens he was wearing all the gear, otherwise it may have been much much worse. My very best wishes for a quick and full recovery. Please everyone take care, Melbourne drivers seem possessed by some dark force at the moment.

    PS Commiserations to Shane for his accident, that was just rubbing salt into the wound really and I hope his sore and probably by now swollen parts stop hurting soon.