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Taylors Road - Rider Down?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enforcer, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. I get a call early in the morning today from my dad concered and asking me if I was ok since he saw a motorbike rider possibly dead on Taylors Road just before the Kings Road intersection.

    When I drove past the area in the morning I could see no signs of a fatal crash...nothing on the radio or on the news.

    Does anyone know anymore about this?
  2. I drove past at around 6:55am this morning and it was at the Kerrison Ave roundabout (the one to the west of the one at the Railway Xing).

    Taylors Rd was closed westbound at the railway Xing with all traffic diverted towards Sydenham but East bound was fine (lucky for me).

    There was no signs of the rider or ambo's when I went through.

    A tilt tray was about to drag the bike (large & green, couldn't pick the type) up and the Vic Pol Major Collision Unit was measuring up the site which usually means the rider is/was pretty bad. No sign of another vehicle or glass and debris to suggest it but it could've been moved away already.

    At a guess, judging by where the bike ended up, the rider was heading west as the bike was in the middle of the right lane on the west bound "exit". I'm going home through there shortly but with the amount of rain today any evidence will have washed away by now.

    I live locally so if anything makes the local papers worth sharing I'll either post or PM it.
  3. Just got home and this is exactly what my dad told me as well.

    First thing that came to mind was that green Kawasaki running from the police that was in the newspapers a while ago...

    If anyone has any info please post.
  4. The angle I drove past it meant I could see if a rego plate was on the back or not.

    Driving past late yesterday I did notice a pair of skid marks near where the bike ended up that were heading up onto the median but I stumbled across the incident a few hours after it occured so it's all supposition on my part.

    Keep any eye out on the local community papers as they usually cover this sort of stuff although if some flowers appear over the weekend......