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Taxi wipes out rider and runs from scene.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by disk_1, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. What a day!

    My mate Zane and myself were busting our butts trying to get an assignment done for uni next week. We were struggling to get anything done as usual when a couple of hotties from another class turned up :grin:

    Anyway, general chit chat evolved into all four of us heading back to Zane's house to study(not likely), have some lunch, muck around etc.

    The scene: 1:30ish. 2 babes and myself in Volkswagen golf following zane on his brand new gsxr750(2 weeks old). Zane leading the way to his place. Roads were wet, dirty, oily and treacherous. It was still raining so zane was riding like a scared little old woman.

    The accident:
    Rounding a corner into a 60zone, near balwyn road, somewhere near eastern freeway, zane leading the way, i see a taxi a few hundred meters ahead of him. As a rider i know yellow taxis are grim reaper's best friends.

    The taxi was pulled over on the other side of the road. Zane is about 30 meters from the taxi when it pulls out, no biggie. Next thing i see the taxi continuing on turning and does a U-turn. The taxi driver boots it, loses the backend of the falcon trying to complete the U-turn in record speed for the guiness book of records or similar and ends up blocking zane's entire lane and half of the opposites lane whilst kinda in motion and slamming on his brakes like the muppet he is.

    Zane has no chance of stopping in time. Hes on the brakes, rear fishtailing and then I see his brake lights go dim as he lets off the brakes as he has a crack at getting on the wrong side of the road and getting around the front of the taxi. BANG, hits the front quarter panel and flips over the front of said taxi and down the road. The hot babes and I scream out 'zomg'(it was more like 50 expletives strung together though). Bike has bounced off taxi a few meters back, zane has bounced down the road.



    A few cars had pulled up at the scene with occupants exiting to render assistance so i though there was nothing else I would be able to do. No way was this taxi going to get away i say to myself.

    I quickly pop a U-turn to give chase whilst yelling at my new hot friends, 'jess, call an ambo', 'amber, call the cops'.. You can imagine how freaked out I was leaving one of my best mates behind sprawled out on the wet road.

    So i am trying to catch this taxi driver going down all these back streets with amber on the phone to the cops. 'Stop chasing the car' i hear amber yell. 'The cops says you have to stop chasing the car' she yells again.

    Stay tuned for part 2... it gets better!

    I have to go console the bunnies.... oh, and check out zane in hospital
  2. Scum.

    Tentatively calling him absolute scum, at least until it's confirmed in part 2... :p

    EDIT: Just in case it's misconstrued - that's aimed at the taxi driver, not at your mate. I sincerely hope part 2 includes some great news about his health. :shock:
  3. i really hope your mate is ok. all i can say is i have to deal with taxi drivers every day for my job and honestly, i don't know how some of them have survived to be the age they are. common sense and taking care are completely foreign to them. for professional drivers they are absolute fcuking rubbish. i had one hit the accelerator instead of the brake when i was stopped at a traffic light in front of him. hit us at about 80km/h. luckily this was in a car when i was 16, but i'd only had L's for a week. I like to think of them as kamikaze pilots when i'm riding, just stay as far away as possible

    very much looking forward to part 2 hopefully you got the bastard and even more i hope your mates alright
  4. :worthlesspics:
  5. Man, that is crazy.. I hope your mate's alright. What bad timing hey.
  6. So did this actually happen or is it just a way for you to tell everyone here that you were driving around with "hot babes" this afternoon?

    Thanks for the story Hugh.
  7. holy shit!!! thats fcukin crazy! hope the cabbie dies in hell!

    i also hope zane is alright mate, thats a horrible thing to happen.
    and i hope you sealed the deal with the chicks... both of 'em.... at the same time.
  8. As if tommo!! thats bullsh*t. similar to my accident. :(

    hows he going?

    how screwed is zane's new bike?

    need part 2 update!
  9. You can usually find out which taxis are where if he was dropping someone off and you got the company name.
  10. Stop chasing the taxi? Yeah stop chasing and then you will never find who did it? :oops:
  11. Part 2!
    Part 2!
    Part 2!
  12. +2!!!

    Got me on the edge of my seat.

    Hope friend is ok.
  13. Part 2!!!!

    how can I leave to watch biggest loser when waiting for part 2 is so important!!!

    hope all ends well
    with Zane, his new bike and ....well everything else

  14. sorry to hear about your mate. sucks.

    but is this half a p@rn story?

    do i want to find out about your mate? or your 'consoling'?



  15. That's top sizzle AND dangle! I want more!
  16. whoa farks, thats just shitty, wrong place at the wrong time hope all goes well dude
  17. great guess that means your not going to be doing any work tomorrow then princess. My prediction you will be standing round most of the day telling this story over and over i guess i will here part 2 then.

    pitty bout the gixxer hope hes ok.

  18. Hurry up with part 2!! Don't want this forum ending up like a soapy.

    PS: I hope Zanes alright and the git in the taxi cops it.
  19. How about we start speculating about what happens in part 2? There's much creative talent on this forum, so it should be interesting :grin:
  20. **** PART 2 ****

    The two chicks really turned out to be a couple of trannies... OP found out the hard way. :LOL:
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