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Taxi pressured me thru a red llght camera

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Voz, May 11, 2012.

  1. I was sitting at a red light cam on Burwood Rd in Concord this morning waiting. The lights are green, I am waiting for the car in front to turn right, he is waiting for oncoming traffic to give him a break. He gets a break and goes, at the same time the lights turn orange, I dont move, there are a few car lengths gap between my bike and the white line of the lights.

    The taxi behind me beeps/paps his horn a little and moves towards me. I instinctively accelerate forward and thru the just turned red light. If the camera is working I would definately have had a pic taken. The taxi did not follow me through the red.

    I had my GoPro on the front of the bike so recorded the whole thing but only from the front. You can see the lights turn orange and then hear the taxi beep and see me go through the red.

    I pulled over around the corner and waited for the taxi to catch up then came up behind him to get his plate on the GoPro.

    I am on my L's, going for my P's tomorrow. How do you reckon I would go fighting this in court with my version of events and the video/audio footage? The RTA camera stills would most likely have captured the taxi in their shots of me as well.
  2. you went through a red light, so really. i can't see the cops wanting to lift that fine. even if you present the footage. i doubt they will revoke it
  3. I dont fancy your chances. Basically this excuse for going through a red light is that someone told you to do it.

    The people who make decisions to waive penalties have to be able to justify their decisions. It would be easier to justify if you could demonstrate that you held a reasonable belief that you were in immediate danger of being rear ended, and that you proceeded through the intersection to avoid a collision.
  4. dont like your chances, but try to say that the car behind you was going too fast and was going to hit you from behind if you didnt move..........
  5. The fear of being rear ended will be my argument.

    Whilst I have been waiting in court over civil matters I have seen many road offences dismissed in the local court with little or no evidence to support the claim.

    I will write a letter to the taxi company today advising them of the behaviour of their driver and thus will start a paper trail that can be tendered in court.

    Just quietly, I am feeling very confident in having this dismissed.
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  6. Better get a lawyer son, better get a real good one.

    Fearing for your life is the one time the courts can excuse you from breaking the law.

    I expect you were fearing for your life.
  7. I really don't like your chances. Unless the guy actually hit you, or was approaching at speed, they'll just call it your choice to go through without reasonable expectation of bodily harm
  8. I wouldn't be confident if I were you... Sorry, don't fancy your chances. Someone "paps his horn a little" and you decided to run the light of your own choice. It would be different if you were sitting at the lights and you saw the taxi bearing down on you at speed and you thought he wasn't going to stop - but not in this situation.
  9. Better start saving for the court fees/fine.
  10. Your chances aren't as bad as those above would make out.

    firstly, if you get a fine, write a letter to the infringement bureau and explain the circumstances. There is a fair chance they will let you off with a warning. As Chef noted, play up the fearing for your life.

    If they insist, then take it to court. Plead guilty, but ask the magistrate for no fine or points and ask it to be removed from the record. there's a fair chance a magistrate will see that a learner motorcyclist is easily bullied when they don't have a tutor sitting next to them.

    I have heard of people getting "off" in similar circumstances. Magistrates don't like the fact these electronic offense detection devices can't apply the discretion a police officer can. He may even be annoyed enough to order the cops to charge the taxi driver.
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  11. Just like everyone else has said, I don't like your chances.
    Put it down as a lesson learnt. Don't jump just because someone says to.


    If the car you were behind turned at the lights and there was still a few car lengths between you and the white line, that tells me that you weren't paying attention and sat there when you had ample opportunity to go. The taxi beeped because you could have at least moved forward in that time and then you rushed through after being caught out, catching the red.

    You should post the footage so we can give a proper opinion.

    Might save you time and money.
  12. I would be far more concerned about my own riding then the ticket coming in the mail. If you are making spur of the moment irrational decisions like that you could very easily do something really dumb. You want your spidey sences to put you in a safe place, not run a red light when there wasn't a real threat.
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  13. Fearing for your life that a car behind you wasn't going to stop... but then you ran a red and into an intersection... to be potentially T-boned...

    I've heard a cop sayonce, "Well, the other guy hasn't done anything wrong has he? But you did." It was for a different example but basically you're the one that ran the red so you get the prize. The other guy didn't touch you, unfortunately for you you're still alive - so you get the fine.
  14. If a fine arrives I will definately fight it and have no problem handling myself in court, done this many times, usually in civil matters. I see others in the same court successfully fighting and easily winning road cases with very poor legal positions.

    I won't post the video up here as most of you are already taking a position contrary to mine and I just do not need the negative armchair critics putting all the blame and responsibility solely on me for my actions based on protecting myself.

    If a car approaches you from the rear with its horn on are you honestly telling me that you would just defiantly sit there and do nothing when you have a clear escape path right in front of you??? Remember the lights were just on their very last legs of orange and the intersection was clear.
  15. While building a paper trail be careful that your evidence supports your case. For example if you put it in writing that the taxi honked at you and pressured you, and omit the part about him bearing down on you at great speed, that may come back to bite you later.
  16. That doesn't help your cause on here much does it? :-s
  17. Yes. I'm an L plater on the bike but have 25 years car experience. I know that anyone who honks at a yellow light is just an impatient jackass, not a real danger. Screeching brakes, yes, I'd think about moving. But not for a horn - if they got time to honk the horn then it isn't a real emergency.

    A noob L plater may get away with it because he's inexperienced at assessing the speed of objects in his mirror. A noob may misjudge the risk and have a genuine and reasonable fear of collision, even though there is no objective danger. (hint hint)

    That doesn't help. Orange means stop except if it unsafe to stop in time.
  18. I'm sorry to say mate but the RTA / SDRO seem to crack their whips harder on L/P platers - seems to be the attitude of 'teaching them learners a lesson.'

    Good luck with it though.
  19. Your a learner and rattled, Inexperienced on a bike,

    Horns can only be sounded in an emergency, especially one behind you tooting,

    Dont like your chances, But a letter might help.

    Plus they can see what happened from their piccys, And they do take 3 of them,

    Just wait and see if they send you a fine first, They might not send it,
  20. There's a thread here about similar circumstances. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=132028

    Looking back on it you were left with two risks, cross the red or risk the rear ending. You took the greater risk. You make mistakes, we all do.

    You're an L plater, you have a lot to learn and we are trying to give you constructive criticism.

    Just think about how in future you could have made the right call. What could you have done to better prepare yourself in this situation, so that you would make the less risky call.
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