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Taxi Drivers

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jfiddy, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Not exactly sure where to put this post... but this is a "riding tip".

    Just talking to some of my friends who are motorbikers and cyclists, we all tend to agree that taxi drivers and anything on two wheels don't get along.

    ...Well taxi drivers and anything alive don't really get along.

    Working in the CBD I always see bike messengers swerving about and almost getting knocked down by taxis, as well as the daily side swipe with a bus, car or pedestrian.

    Does anyone have any tips of dealing with Taxi drivers?

    I've been told that the newest trick is to open their rear passenger side door at an intersection, just as the lights flick over to green. This way the driver has to get out of the car, walk around to the rear opposite side of the car then get back in.

  2. Hmm, problem with that is you are likely to meet them at the next set of lights but then they will be pissed!

    Best advice with taxis is assume they have no idea that there is anything else on the road, assume they will do something dangerous and give them as much room as possible - come to think of it that is what I do with any other vehicle in Sydney!

  3. Too true. While I was waiting at the lights coming back from the Origin last week, one taxi driver decided to stop half way through the corner (on the inside, so out of the running lane) where two lanes were turning right. They then did a 4 point (no idea how they couldn't swing it in two goes at the worst) turn to turn left (i.e. go in the same direction as my straight through lane). The last time I heard, a taxi light on the top of a vehicle does not give the same privileges as flashing red and blue lights on top of a vehicle. There's a lot of dangerous taxi drivers out there. There's good ones too but lots of dangerous ones.
  4. Most of them are pretty inattentive as a general rule. The worst case scenario resulting from doing something like this is that they will drive off and kill a cyclist with the door when it flies open or something similar.
  5. Not only will it piss the taxi driver off, it will also piss off the other cagers behind him. What the point, to give them a reason to nail your ass.
  6. There's nothing wrong with the way taxi drivers drive.....

    if they are in Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Pakistan etc...

    Over there it's the norm to be rude, arrogant, ignorant and just plain dangerous.

    How they get a licence to drive in this country is beyond me, or can one still find them in weeties packets?

    I'll stop now before I get really wound up.....
  7. A lot of them are real bastards too.

    3 girls and myself were trying to catch a cap home and after 3-4 they will not take us. we werent drunk and look nowhere even close to drunk.

    one lowered his window passenger side window a little and i made the mistake of putting my fingertips on it and telling him where I wanted to go.

    shakes his head "NO" and sped off, nearly taking my fingers off. and before I could take his rego, he disappeared around the corner.

    then this cap behind pull up and took us. we didnt realise to flag him because he didnt have his lights on. but he took us home. I asked him if cab drivers were allowed to refuse fare. the first thing he asked was "Was he an indian"
  8. I'd tip the wheel over and either let you run into me, or cut you off. You'd be at MY mercy. Hard to reverse a motorbike. Your reflex swerve would probably drive you into some obstacle. Not to mention odds are your going to use your throttle hand to open the door.

    I suppose I consider bullshit like this as equivelant to coming back to find your brake lines pulled off or you chain with a padlock through it. You don't want people mucking with your possesions, so keep your filthy degenerate hands of other peoples property.

    Someone pisses you off, cuts you off, take the moral highground give them a stare wave and shrug your shoulders, do the your stupid thing with your hands, then go have a latte and cool off.

    If your going to get that stressed over these things then perhaps in a cage is where you need to be. As for taxi's being worse then every other road user.... I see plenty of tossers on bikes(motorised or otherwise), my self included. Any other vehicle on the road is a hazard, and should be treated as such.

    edit:// never mind the way the driver might react to the next bike to come along.
  9. You forgot New York, Wash DC, Miami (don't get me started), LA...
  10. yeah, better stop before you begin stereotyping taxi drivers, make value judgements based on ethnicity and start sounding like a racist.... :evil:
  11. you got some other explanation for their behaviour?

    stuff the political correctness. They could come from Mars for all I care, but if they take their rudeness and lack of skills to the streets in 2 tonne weapons of death, then I'll tell it like I see it.
  12. Seems like u cant say anything without being called racist or sexist or anything "-ist". :roll:
  13. I'm sorry, but have you even been to half of the above mentioned countries to comment on what the "norm" is over? I seriously doubt it. Looks like you're the ignorant AND arrogant one buddy.
  14. '

    what ever you do, dont mention the J word :grin:
  15. Juice?
  16. There are plenty of white taxi drivers in Newcastle, and judging by the behaviour of a fair proportion of them, I don't think it's a race thing. I've been overcharged while drunk and refused service by white drivers with Aussie accents. :wink:
  17. when i read this thread i think "all taxi drivers are...." is very close to "all motorcyclists are..." so i think its stereotype mostly, they would see so many morons and douchbags and they arent even the drunk ones so why should they have to act cheery all day.
  18. I think we can all agree that most of the problematic taxi drivers are ethnic and would make the rest of the ethnic taxi drivers look bad. I'm not saying that Anglo taxi drivers are perfect, but it's just that the ethnic drivers are more remarkable.

    Remember that story in the papers last year about how a taxi driver refused service of a man with a guide-dog because of his religious beliefs?