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Taxi Driver Crashes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by conspiracytheorist, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Very slow traffic on the way into the city today.. culprit? Taxi driver had gone to merge and as normal doesn't check blindspot. Guess who they happened to merge into? Oh thats right, a cop car :LOL: :LOL:

    As I went past I could see the look on the cop's face.. priceless. I'm sure the driver will check his blind spot next time.. Well ok he/she probably wont, so lets call this karma. :wink:
  2. Brilliant! :LOL:
  3. [​IMG] @ Taxi Driver
  4. isthat why it took me over an hour to get to work
  5. Not usually that big on schadenfreude, but this is one of those perfect cases...
  6. They probably couldn't work out how an accident could occur without anyone speeding :LOL:
  7. hope they got dick-ed hard.

    Went in a taxi the other day *cringe*

    Told him I would look out for those apparantly "hard to see" bikes.
  8. :shock:
    Quoted this message to see what got filtered... But the exercise was not instructive.
  9. haha gold, changed it now :LOL:
  10. No, it still sounds gay! :LOL:
  11. That, and a broken down bus on carhil expressway :cry:
  12. i saw a taxi driver today almost run over a pedestrian while trying to make a right turn, but it was the hot looking R6 that had to e-brake in order to avoid rear-ending the taxi :LOL: the rear wheel wiggled a bit but the rider dindn't drop the bike.
  13. Once I was following this taxi up the hill at the end of Mcleay Street. He stopped in the middle of the road, so I stood behind him and waited for a few seconds. Then I saw the passenger and (sic) the driver both get out and - holy crap! The taxi started rolling back toward me. Briefly assessing the situation I figured out it wasn't a good idea to try and stop it with my bike, so I veered into the other lane and let it go past me, sort of hoping there were no poor buggers coming through the blind corner behind me. The taxi must have been doing 40-50 kph when it steered itself into the brick fence at the side of the road. Must have been the loudest bang I've ever heard. And yes, the look on the driver's face (as he stood in the middle of the road and watched his taxi speed down the hill and run into something) was rather memorable too. It wasn't funny though. I actually pitied him in a way.
    Still don't know what happened there that day, but I'm assuming that his brakes failed somehow. I'm just glad no one got hurt.
    Except for the fence :)
  14. Did the police officer immediately issue a motorcyclist with a T.I.N. for being present at the scene of a collision?
  15. I've always wanted to try that...
  16. We want photos.
  17. Well cab drivers are gay. And I'm not even close, so I guess it's ok :p
  18. I have a theory that every collision on the Tullamarine Freeway will always involve at least one taxi and so far I haven't been proven wrong with all the one's I've seen heading to and from work each day :LOL:
  19. I live around the corner from a place that fixes all the smashed cabs (of the black and white variety) in brisbane. There's 4 a week there on average...