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Taxes double on ready-to-drink alcohol

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. From: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,23605007-2,00.html
    THE COST of pre-mixed drinks will jump by about $1 a bottle from today after a dramatic move by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to curb binge drinking.
    Yep, that's really gonna help stop binge drinking. :roll:
    Just another excuse to extract more taxes and line their own fcuking pockets. Good One you 'Ruddy' Idiot!

  2. So, of course, the taxes on petrol, which is a necessity, and not subject to binge useage, will also DROP by $1 a litre? Wake me up when it happens.
  3. Brilliant idea! Target the "kiddie drinks".

    If anyone thinks stuff like Bicardi Breezers and Vodka Cruisers are designed for the adult market then they have rocks in their head. Ever tried one? Sickly sweet.
  4. I can bet ya more adults buy UDL's and Breezers tho, esp the women.
  5. I'd dispute that actually, but only based on what I've observed amongst my teenage nephews and their friends. Thank god they've moved on to beer - their alcohol consumption is a fraction of what it was when they still had a taste for that pre-mixed crap.
  6. I still say a large portion of adults buy that stuff.
    Besides... what's the average binge-drinking teen girl gonna buy? 6-12 cans?? which equates to 18-30 std drinks?
    Well I dont think the extra 6 - 12 bucks is gonna do shit to combat the problem IMHO.
  7. Yeah, you're probably right, look at the cost of a pack of cigarettes .... hasn't stopped teens from taking up smoking.

    I still can't believe people actually enjoy drinking that pre-mixed rubbish, but then I'm a wine drinker (and a fairly abstemious one at that)

  8. As a teacher and "expert" on all things teenage I can tell you that the rate of kids smoking has dropped significantly from what it was 5 years ago. Even kids who do smoke complain that the cost of ciggies is too high.
    They all seem to love the premixed stuff but more women seem to like them than teens.
  9. I love a good Red with meal, and a good irish whisky... a cold corona in summer...port in winter.. a cointreau with ice .. a Guiness ..baileys ... Jamieson ... black russians ... orgasms .. vodka ...
    :shock: I think I 'may' have a problem developing here :p
  10. if the price of dark and stormy rises i'm staging a coup :mad:

    its not my friggen fault teenage girls go out on a saturday night with the intention of ending up in the gutter. come to think of most of the girls i knew at that age didnt even buy mixers, they just brought a bottle of smirnoff.
  11. Um dont forget that there is better premixed drinks than the 'lollie' water

    JD and coke etc etc etc
    They also come under the new 'tax' as they are premixed 'UDL' type

    I personally think the new law sucks, mine and Nadeens drinking bill as just doubled !
    Yeah we could go back to buying bottles and mixing it ourselfs, but having a can in the fridge is just way to convenient, when your trying to cook dinner after work........ not to mention that inquisitive animals can't knock a can over as easy as a glass or try to 'taste' it when your not looking. :LOL:

    IMO I recon premixed is safer for the 'binge drinkers' you get a std mix, but if they move to 'bottles' they will either go 'neat' to prove how good they are, or extreamly strong. In essence compounding their drinking binge and causing an even bigger problem than it is now.

    Buying premixed at venues such as the GP is expensive enough, but know we have to add more to our budgets to cover this extra cost :evil:

    Once again its the masses that suffer for the 'few' that cant control them selfs.

    Ps: I have to agree that although kids do drink the cruisers etc, that market is more aimed at our older female population :grin:
    When I do a drink run after work on my way home for us and our neighbors ( you never buy drinks from our local shop !! )
    Its normally a case of beer or two, a doz UDL sambuca and cokes for me, and several 4 packs of different favored cruisers/breezers for the girls. :twisted: [ thats a f/nights worth... not every week :p ]
  12. Smirnoff Double black Ice FTW.....

    Jose Cuervo RTD's are awesome too.

    Stuff mixing it as Bobbly said, it's in the fridge, crack it and drink, none of this messy mixing.
  13. Hmm I've been noticing for a while now that the popularity of pre-mixes has been increasing a lot lately - especially since the price gap between them and beer has been diminishing significantly (due mainly to beer going up more than anything else).
    Can't help but wonder how much this decision is truly "let's save the kiddies from binge drinking" - and how much is pressure from the major breweries to try and regain lost market share (after all it's not like anyone would ever binge drink beer :roll:).
    Wonder what CUB and Lion-Nathans "donations" to the Labour Government were last year.
  14. Haha the first thing that Rudd did that wasn't vacuous or symbolic was to take away your alcohol :LOL:
  15. Haven't been to the NT lately paul....... :LOL:

    I think it's great! Being a non drinker, I don't really care if alcohol is banned all together........
  16. Just went and bought cases of woodies, dark + stormy's, + 4 pack of canadian club. Prices still good, woolies probably raise tomorrow...

    <3 Binge drinking.

    I predict the b+s ball, ute driving, bogan population who subsist on cans of bundy rum will tear down Rudd.
  17. Was wondering when teh Labor government was going to start introducing more taxes....yep, we'll cut your income tax, then levy it back out of you! :LOL:

    Dumb suckers who voted for that shit.......seriously, they do it every time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Hahaha!

    Bet the union pissheads are feeling a bit sheepish.
  19. at least labor levy it back by taxing luxury items, as opposed to a blanket tax on everything, which is only beneficial to the snotty nosed upper-class and their wannabe arse kissers.
  20. Hey slow down dude, my fri/sat night Sambuca's are so not a luxury..... they is necessity! esp Nadeens cruisers .............................
    Whats that dear you want another leg opener ? Coming right up, what flavor? :LOL: :twisted: :p