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Taxes, Centerlink and Government

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by es, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Cash in hand only.
    Have great deal of experience in childcare, hospitality, admin, retail and some experience in IT (am currently in a networking position at a high school).

    Happy to read stories/chat to old people
    Happy to look after screaming twins for a few hours *cough coco cough*
    Ride a motorbike = cool factor
    Can tutor in english
    Can wash bikes (sorry no bikini washes going to happen)
    Can fix some computer problems
    Willing to deal drugs if I get much more desperate
    + many other varied talents
  2. You want more work, Or are you looking at getting out of this job already!

    Speak to your local paper shop, they are always looking for people to do paper rounds.

  3. nah still keeping this job; just need a little extra cash. It has to be cash in had, otherwise it wont be worth it as I still get centerlink payments
    I still get 100 pw from centerlink, but that will be docked to nothing if i earn any more $... Id take up a job anyway BUT id only be able to earn around that much each week anyway, maybe an extra 50 or so - which isnt worth it for the tiredness and stuff.
  4. Eswen, just thought I would go into old man phase for a moment. :LOL:

    One of the best ways of getting ahead is to forget about the dole money and do a job you can put on your CV, mind you I have done some cash in hand jobs over the years but then again never claimed benefits.

    My Grandpa used to say a dollar earnt is better than a dollar taken, at the time I laughed at the old bloke but it now makes sense.

    Anyways best of luck and keep smiling!
  5. Opps forgot to add my bit. :oops:
    I think it's unfair to claim benifits and to work cash in hand.
    I agree with Mat, working cash in hand is one thing.
    Getting some Dole and "wanting" (as your not yet) to working cash in hand is another :mad:
  6. Pfft don't get me started on people who wrought (?? you know what I mean) the system. Somepeople have got no work but dont get anything from centerlink :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. what im trying to say is that I have a full time job but the pay is shit...
    On top of this shit pay I get $90 a week from centerlink to help me pay my rent (when i said 100 above it was a rough estimate)
    If I work on weekends as well, this payment will be docked to nothing, and I will still be only earning $90 more a week. Why put in the extra time when all its doing is making me more tired?

    My resume is big enough as it is. Dont care about putting another waitressing/crap job on there that no one else will care about anyway.
  8. What exactly is "shit " pay? Youre only 18, why do you think that you should be earning top $$$.
  9. Cash in hand job = no contributions to the tax system.
    Cash in hand job = no reduction in centrelink benefits.
    Centrelink benefits = being supported by tax payers funding.

    cash in hand job + centrelink benefits = ripping off the aussie tax paying public.

    Not very Australian!!!

    And to think that the government has spent all that money on tv adverts about this very issue.
    Maybe you should just get pregnant and have a baby so then you'll get extra$$$
  10. Im not expecting to earn that much. I just need to earn enough to get by.

    dont stress your little heads over it people... got some work now thanks :grin:
  11. Now Im gonna get flamed here.......................... have a baby to an indigenous guy. you will get even more $$$$$. Before anyone starts, I only thought about that cause I met a girl last year who had a ticking clock. She got pregnant to an Aboriginal guy for that sole purpose. To her it was acceptable, she wanted a bub, she didnt work, why not get even more dosh! :roll:
  12. Actually I thought that was the true australian way :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    but then I do watch alot of today tonight.
  13. If your not earning enough to get by, you need to lower your living standard.
    Or do what most people do, get a second job on the books.
    Be fair to the rest of us, who are helping to pay you that extra $90 a week.
  14. Kerry, dont worry, wer'e "not to stress our little heads over it now" :roll:
  15. I know i am new here, but honestly the governments rip us millions every week......dont forget about the tax paid on everything else apart from income and the fact that the government is giving away our money to everyone else around the world etc....and using our money to improve themselves rather than us who pay them...... Does anyone here actually think that if there was zero unemployment being paid that we would get a tax cut? or that they would stop increasing taxes every year? Billions of our money goes out of our country every year to improving others, yet we pay our taxes for the government to run our country to make decisions on our behalf to improve our life here, yet this is not happening.
  16. That's not always true. I worked for a guy who piad everyone of his employess 'cash in hand' At each payday he'd tally up your hours, multiple that by your wage, calculate the tax and then pay you accordingly with cash. Therefore for this jobh instance...

    cash in hand = contributions to the tax system
    cash in hand = reduction in centrelink benefits (you are required by law to state ALL you methods of income, wether they ar eon the books or not). Considering we were on the books but still being paid cash you'd be silly not to because you'd eventually get caught
    cash in hand + centrelink benefits(if entitled to them) = perfectly legal and not ripping anyone off.

    For the record NO i don't get CL benefits and YES like everyone else i pay my taxes. Just don't be so quick to jump down someone's throat just because they are being paid cash.
  17. Dont answer this if you dont want to but myself and many others are probably interested in what $$$ per week you call shit pay.
  18. Oh i see :? :roll:

    Very shameful. Shame Shame Shame!
  19. yes what is shit pay?
    When i was 18, my first real full time job paid $197 for a 38 hour retail job.

    Now you know why i work for myself, :LOL: When i want a pay rise i just work harder :grin:

    Signed Kerry, not stressing her little head at all.
  20. I think you are a bit confussed on to wha teswen was looking for, she was looking for a job that would pay her cash in hand, (not on the books and records (therefore the employer wouldn't take tax out, or pay tax for her) but yes i know what you mean some (very few companies) still pay their employees with cash each week, so i can't see anyone here disagreeing wiht people being paid by cash, but what the up roar was about, is the of the records cash in hands :wink: