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Tax Claim-My Search Foo is Weak

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by krabi, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. My Google Search Foo and Netrider Search foo is very weak at the moment. For the life of me I can't find if I can claim some Kms for my bike to conferences I went to. I'm pretty sure I saw a post on it here somwhere. I've claimed for a car previously but not bike. Anyone out there who's search foo is better than mine and can give me a hand?
    First round of claim is Newcastle to Adelaide. Then I have a number of Newcastle to Sydney and Newcastle to Melbourne.

  2. There is a section after the car claiming where you can do motorcycles (I did my tax last night)
  3. Really? I paused at the car bit and have not progressed further. I'll check. Sounds like my Tax foo is shit, too!
  4. The next section is travel expneses. So how did you claim there? I chalked up over 4000kms of travel on my bike. Is there a rate? Do I count petrol receipts? Or should I say I drove my car 8-[
  5. I know a guy that claims for his V8 falcon and usually rides a bike for business..
    No its not me.
  6. Motorbikes don't fall under the deduction for cents per kilometre as in section D1 as this is for cars only, so you have to claim in the next section for work related travel expenses in D2. I couldn't actually find a mention of what you can actually claim in this section though.


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  7. Yep that is the one i claimed under Brad.
  8. mike_dnhm, so how did you claim? Did you claim petrol receipts?
  9. mmm. think i claimed petrol yes. Worked out over a certain amount of kays.