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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by bullet21, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Anyone here got one.

    Ive got a few ideas and always wanted to get one. Can you point me in the direction of a quality artist. I know there's a lot of shit ones out there.

  2. kaleidescope on bondi road bondi is apparantly very good.

    Think twice though

    Edit:hold up u in victoria.. never mind my post
  3. Mate walk in and talk to them and have a look at their work.
    I got mine in Fitzroy many moons ago.
    If you have your own design, take it with you.
    Duds in the business dont last, but a dud tattoo does!
  4. tattoo magic?
  5. I used this crowd years ago >>
    Australian Tattoo Co 119 Foster St Dandenong
    Happy with the work, my own design, clean and professional
  6. Get your clobber off, and roll in a wet comic book. Cheaper, and you can have a new set every day
  7. Well at least that explains your complexion Rog.
  8. Loz, my face has been stuck like this, cos the wind changed while I

    observed you giving out a browneye.

    If there is a cure, let me know.
  9. TOUCHE' MVRog

  10. Thanx alli, at least I have someone who admires my wit
  11. I know this is a useless post, how can wisdom possibly compete with fashion .......
    however, fashions come and go, but a tatoo stays with you for life. It was only a few years ago that people were saying "I can't believe that guy got a tatoo when he was young, now they're not in fashion and the idiot is stuck with it". A few years later and the very same people are lining up to get tatoos themselves. And we wonder why they say that the 'masses are stupid"?

    Sorry guys, the truth sometimes offends ....
  12. As for me, I've got about 25 hours of tatooing on me, and I'll get more.

    I had my sleeve done in Queensland, in Brisbane by Loz at Westside Tattoo in Westend.
    Down in Melbourne, there are awesome tattooists too. I went to Eternal Instinct on St Georges road to get my wrists done by Ozzy. He is excellent Giovanni who is the owner of E.I is a fabulous artist too and specializes in Japanese style.
    Marshall from 3rd Eye tattoo in Nicholson street is designing a leg piece for me, and is absolutely insane when it comes down to realistic pieces.
    The guys from Tattoo Magic in Gertrude Street are very good, so are the guys from Chapel Tattoo.
    I know quite a lot of tattoo artists around here, so let me know if you need their numbers.

    On the same subject, who has piercings around here?
  13. I had my sleeve done at Tattoo magic by a guy called Tim. They're a custom design place only, meaning no 'flash' art (picking stuff from a wall).

    Failing that, Eternal Instinct on St Georges Rd has a good reputation. Word is that Pink has a tatt done there whenever she comes to melbourne. How true that is I don't know.

    Or - Smart Arts in Pascoe Vale.

    BUT the girl to see if you can put up with a minimum 12 month waiting period is Sarah Melder at Dynamic Tattoo in Richmond. Her work is Phenomenal! I'm going to book in to get my other sleeve done by her.

  14. Yarp, I've got ten, a PA and a Frenum Ladder. All done in Sydney though, if you're ever there track down Scott who used to work at Holier than Thou. I'd never go to anyone else.
  15. tattoos are for nancy-boys and shirt-lifters.
  16. Eastside ink in Belgrave - it is even near you. Mick does awesome one off designs for you.
  17. yeh ive been really tossing up between giovanni at Eternal Instinct and a guy named Steve Cross who used to work at Tattoo Connection but is now at Korpus.

    But now this Dynamic tattoo place looks pretty good too.

    Ill go in and see Giovanni on friday prolly after trade school.
  18. Cool, tell him the mad french girl will come to see him soon ( I think he'll remember me ).

    @ QuarterWit: I heard about those guys, I also know the guys from Industrial Stength up there, here I have a couple of mate working on me. :twisted:

    For my part, got a 5mm stretched tongue, medusa, horizontal + vertical eyebrow, navel, left nipple, hood, nape, 1in and 16mm lobes, and I think I took out about the same amount over the years. I also did 5 suspensions and one pull and we've got an event planned soon with my suspension team.

    I'm still surprised when I don't set off the alarms at the airport when I got under the metal detectors.

    And before you ask, yeah I do have a high pain threshold. :LOL:
  19. Translation: I'm too scared to get a tattoo. It might make me cry.