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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. I think I've put this under the right forum section... tats are an essential riding accessory. I couldn't find the '1%er accessories' section either.


    So - If you've been putting it off because you can't find just the right design, fret no longer. Search or browse.
  2. Hey Dan, I couldn't find the Edinburgh tattoo among that lot, are they biased against the Scots?
  3. Ta Dan. :)

    I wanna get another tattoo but no idea of what. :?

    :D :D
  4. I've got mine. I'm already cool :p
  5. My wife has 12 tats + some piercings, I've got 5 tats + piercings. Doesn't everyone???

    Seriously thought some people really hate tats. Don't know why but I think that it's just the ultimate form of self expression. We all customise things we have cars, bikes, boats, homes whatever. Why not Us?.

    Love the Red Dragon out of the movie of the same name. If it was real there would be some serious work there. Went to the Rebels tat show last year in Rocky, anyone else go?

    Cheers and "Get Inked"
  6. I guess it's a personal thing, Andrew, but the analogy to customising a bike is not quite there, because any changes you make toyour bike, you can reverse, whereas with tats, they are permanent.
    But that's just an old fogey talking; like, I puzzle when I see 60 year old guys with earings, so what's my opinion worth? Have a good day, and love youse all!!
  7. Cheer's for that Dan, I needed to 'chase the Dragon'

  8. gf is one of those people that hate them,
    supposedly she hates seeing old guys with tats and I'm gonna go and get another one accross my left shoulder blade and she doesn't want me to because only she has to see it and i don't have to look at it...


    don't think i could have put it better, expressing yourself

    something you like
    something in life that has branded you mentally or something that holds to a significant memory and that memory means a lot to you.
  9. I've got nothing against tats, but I agree about the permanancy... a bit like someone telling me that the only bike I could ever have is an R6... that's a bit boring. Oh well, I'm married, and that's a life sentence, so who am I to judge :shock:

    oh and tats go wrinkly when you get really old :LOL:
  10. I'm in the process of getting my tribal sleave done, unfortunately it's gonna cost me $120 per hour for about 3 days :(

    My friend just pierced her own tongue for the 2nd time, it actually looks really cool....yes she has issues
  11. hey, man, I thought you were saving for your bike?.........
  12. im into them,im currently getting a half sleeve done,the guys in laverton "body image" do a great job,i guess iv spent over 2k on tatts and still goin
  13. The difference is people with tatts don't care if you have them or not.
  14. so what you're saying, nil, is once you get one, you have "crossed the line" in terms of mental attitude to, and therefore made a fundamental mind-shift? That makes a lot of sense; sorta like people who have not bungie-jumped having no appreciation of what it is like?? (or people who haven't ridden a motorcycle, for that matter)?
  15. 120 an hour is a pretty good price, where I got my tribal work done it is normally 180 - 200 per hour.
    I only paid 100, because of the amount of return work the guy is going to get.

  16. Thats a good comparrison. To some people tats can be addictive, I like em and my wife likes em but I don't think any less of people who don't.

    If the only thing I've got to worry about when I'm old is wrinkly tats then life must be sweet indeed. I'm still going to be me.

    I don't have anything thats readily visable in short sleeves, bit of a hold over from the Military days but I like to look clean sometimes as some peoples attitudes just can't handle it.

    Tats or no tats, you are still you. Live it up and have fun always, If I wanted a sh*t life I'd be a speed camera operator!!!
  17. Can I please ask a question, then??
    What is the significance of so many young women getting tats, especially on the lower abdomen, and ALSO across the lower spine? Is it just because they are currently wearing clothes that expose those areas, or is there some deep-seated, unstated stament being made? I'm not against it, just old and curious! (sometimes I feel so far "out of the loop" that I'm not even sure where the loop IS!) :eek:
  18. Oooh controversial as usual, hornet! :LOL: :LOL:
  19. I got 2 tatt's.

    My first one, Dove Carrying a Battleaxe (don't ask me what it means, it's just something I designed), on my upper left arm.


    Second one.

    Australian Flag on my left ankle.

    Personally I like them, and will get some more at some point, but all of them won't be visible via normal means. (You can't see mine unless I'm in thongs with no shirt on)