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Tattoos on women

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by black636, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. I'm really interested to know what people here think of tattoos on women... :)

  2. depends depends depends

    the right one in the right place on the right person can be ok....

    others are downright off putting.

    but in the end it's an individual choice. people don't have to look at them if they don't like 'em
  3. *disclaimer - guy who has tattoos speaking*

    I like many, in fact most (although not all) tattoos I've seen on women :)
  4. They are horrible

    Don't get one, please, for the love of God don't get one.

    Why not get a piercing instead?
    Or platinum blonde streak in your hair?
    -Those things are sexy and rebellious without being trampy.

    If you don't know what I mean, watch some p0rn [pm Loz for more information].
  5. Of course, no offence to anyone here with a tat :grin:

    My new GF has one, and I'm halfway between getting used to it, and pretending it's not there :p
  6. I'm with Drew, depends depends and depends

    Small and subtle on a well-toned body looks Ok
    Large and loud on one that isn't .......

    Then the worry irrespective of gender is, "What will it look like if (when) the tattooee weigh three stone more and is 35 years older...???" Remember, tattoos are for other people to look at..
  7. Hmmm...interesting....

    My tattoos are mainly for me...and can only really be seen if I decide to show ya ...(or if my clothes need readjusting :p ) and to be fair are relatively small so I honestly think that a tattoo can be an amazing piece of artwork - or it can be plain ordinary and the same goes for both males and females...

    As for getting a piercing or getting a blond streak...check to both of those too...
  8. With all due respect Hornet that's rubbish... my tattoos are for _me_ to enjoy, and if people don't like them that is their problem and not mine :)
  9. Likewise.

    Speaking of which, mine has been an outline for 10-11 years. I really should get around to having it coloured.
  10. You still haven't got around to getting it colored in? :LOL:
  11. Ink on chicks is hawt!!!!
    Metal in chicks is hotter ;)

    I spotted Gordies tatt on Monday, :drool:
  12. You still haven't got around to getting it colored in? :LOL:
  13. What is it that men find attractive about womens tatts?

    is it that they look at them and think...DAMN that must have hurt...this woman is made of the tougher stuff!

    or is it that some tatts are in places it normally would not be PC to look at and the ink gives them a legitimate excuse to Perve?


    I agree with those who say that it is up to the individual, they are the only one who need be happy within their skin at the end of the day...

    I have a few simple ones....some I show some of the time, some all of the time. All of them I got for myself.....cos I can!

    No regrets so far nor can I foresee any in the next 35 years or so :grin:

    Get em or dont get em.......show em or dont show em......look or dont look....the choice is all yours!
  14. I don't find it attractive or otherwise if women have tatoos, however, if they have them, it's just part of who they are. If you are attracted to the person, well, it shouldn't matter.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Simply haven't got around to it. :?
  16. Of those I have meet, how many knew I have tattoos?
    Now that you know, does it change the impression you had of moi?

    Anyway It was my choice to do so, & personally I dont care what you think before or after tat info, You get what you see, lump it or like it.

    Good id for when im dead ( so i tell my mother :LOL: )
  17. YEP!
    but then again I like the ones on the ankles does that mean I have a fetish?
  18. +1
    I have a tattoo on my back.

    As for the suggestion of getting piercings, I'm far too unco - I have already ripped out my navel ring by accident.
  19. wow, this is like "my department" :LOL:

    tattoos on chicks = hot, not, whatever. a tattoo doesnt make a chick.
    to that i quote: "OPEN YOUR MIND", but thats it. a discussion with an anti-tat person is like pushing shit up hill with a stick ;)
    love this question!
    because its more a general question, i wonder what we all would look like older and fatter?
    my size, and weight has changed significantly since getting my first tattoo and there has been no change in its appearance other than the layers of collagen that form around the embedded pigment due to sun exposure making it look deeper beneath the skin. but then i have seen pregnant women have their tattoos massacred by the sudden weight gain (also some who have had no probs).

    this is true to an extent.
    the tattoed persons ideals lie with tattoos being for "them" and "nobody else" but if anyone is genuinely honest with them self they are a form of decoration which even if only 0.01% of the incentive was for somebody to view it, it is to some extent, for others to look at.

    for my wife, check and check!

    eewwwww, now you are a criminal!
    :LOL: :p

    Tattoos are for those that enjoy the art that is TATTOO!
  20. I have them. I'm proud of them and of my choice to have them.
    My GF doesn't have them. I'm proud of her cleanskin-liness and her choice not to have them.