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Tattoooooooo how much is this going to hurt?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chicken78, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Ok, my pain threshold is great except for tiny, sooky, littles needles. They impress me not. So, for a tattoo, how bad can it be?:-s

  2. na, they dont hurt at all.
  3. First it stings, then it burns.
    And oh how it burns, like a beautiful flaming woman caressing your skin...

    Fuck it - hang on, I'll just put my boots on and come too...
  4. Depends where (on ur bod) its getting done.

    (And yes Im asking) ;)
  5. Well..there's only way to find out. Isn't it?
  6. ...and you need to Register your one liners! :D
  7. everyones pain threshold is different... they do burn a bit, I like it most when they have the small break to wipe it down with cold water lol.

    But normally some painkillers beforehand if you're really a big girl about it. Other than that, grin and bare it if you want one hehe
  8. Make sure you have something TO GRIP onto! And you might need a mouthguard for that teeth clenching :D
  9. get plastered but not if you want to be tattooed in thailand or bali lol
  10. Sounds obvious but it will only hurt for the duration of the tatooing and be sore afterwards. After that you will have a beautiful piece of artwork on your body for the rest of your life. So the pain will be worth it.
  11. tattoos are dumb
  12. so incredibly incitefull :p

    But yes they do hurt...they vary depending on location and time spent in the chair
  13. it stings a fair bit when its happening but as soon as they're done the pain goes away instantly, just make sure not to sc**** it on anything or bump it right after its done hurts like a mother flipper
  14. in a spot thats closer to the bone and if its in a spot that doesnt usually see sun it hurts more also
  15. yep they hurt, but the pain varies depending on what part of the body you are tattooing.
  16. Personally I've only got one tattoo on my shoulder and it didn't hurt but I didn't have enough money to get it coloured so not sure how bad that is compared to just the outline.

    My mate got one done in Thailand, got a massive piece done on hip to just below his armpit and it looks amazing, not sure how it'll look in 10yrs though but for now it still looks pro.

    Pain men fan? ;)
  17. I got a small piece in Bangkok, in a night market (by Van...) - that was over 10 years ago now and it still looks "pro"
  18. This would be the advice I would give. Make sure you are sure about the person doing the tattoo, as they do hurt like a mofo, but it hurts even more to get shite tattoo's removed. And if it does look shite, you are pretty much stuck with it.

    As for the pain. Grin and bear it. It is part of the experience of getting tattoo'd. It is supposed to hurt. Depends what you are getting done, what needles they need to use, and where it gets done. I had a lot of shading done to get the colour right on a tattoo, inside of the arm, just above the elbow. Hurt more then I thought possible. But totally worth it.

    If you aren't able to cope, get some codine based pain killer to numb the pain. Get some gel that will semi-numb the area, but be warned, my tattooist recokons this effects how the ink sets, although I know guys that use it as they can't stand needles. Don't go in high or drunk, you won't get tattoo'd by anyone decent. Oh dont be hungover, and eat prior to it.

    I find tattoos really interesting, post up your tatt if you get it done. Always good to have a story behind it. As in 20 years time when you are still seeing it, are you going to still love it ? I have meaning/reasons behind each of my tatts, kind of my affirmations, that remind me of things that are important to me.
  19. It's not that bad, and don't think of it as little needles think of it as a drill.
    You'll wonder what the hell you were thinking when it starts, but before long the pain tops out and you realise you can handle it. If you like a little bit of measured pain in just the right dose you're going to enjoy yourself.

    Take a good mate with you, if you're getting a big piece done it gets boring.

    If you want to try it out just to see if you like it can I offer a suggestion? I can draw it on you with biros. The ink will fade every couple of weeks and will need to be reapplied but it's a simple job. I'm an excellent drawer and good at colouring in, and I hardly ever go out of the lines. Then if you decide you like it, you can get it tattooed.
  20. They hurt like buggeries no matter where you get them. Getting drunk will make you bleed more and tattoists wont do you blotto....Once you start, you cant just stop.

    Then getting them removed because you either got stretchmarks in them or they faded or its just not appropriate anymore (a tattoo of your dad on your back is not a good way to entice your hubby to...oh sorry wrong forum)

    is painful, long winded and very very expensive. Seriously consider first.

    However some tattooists will do them for free if you stay overnight to let the ink dry.....