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tattoo tomorrow

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by furrycreature, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. i'm getting my next tattoo tomorrow. its going to hurt like hell. i'm getting four chinese symbols down my side. does anyone have any tattoos in the same spot? and if so how much does it hurt?

  2. Yeah it hurts like hell ,take lots of tissues . :LOL: .

    Lower spin ,it the worst for me. :cry:
  3. It's different pain for each person. You can get a guestimate of pain from different peoples views but don't expect the exact same type of pain that only one person says. Eg "It tickled but felt ok" while someone else may same on the exact same spot "Oh my god! It hurt like nothing else!!!! OUCH"

    I worked at a tattoo place for 16ish months and got to see different reactions to similar spots/tattoos from the clients who came in :)
  4. What do the chinese symbols mean?

    :eek: so can you do tatts Waz?? Are you any good??

    I've been wanting one for a long time, just gotta decide what I want and where I want it... think I'll get one when I'm back on 2 wheels and about to head off around the world and I'll probably get a bike doing a wheelie across the globe or something similar
  5. I got one on my left sholder. Most of it was no drama but every now and then the needle just hit the spot. Might get another one day. I wonder if Vic will pay me for advertising NR? :LOL:
  6. We had a mate years ago who was a good tat artist. We planned on all chipping in together and buying him his own tatt gun. In exchange everyone who chipped in got a free tatt. Never got around to doing it cos we were a bunch of stoned share house hippies, but on a place like Netrider ti might just work... :wink:

    EDIT: Not sure how Waz's shoulder would bear up though... :wink:
  7. A mate of mine had "wanker" tattooed on his arm in Chinese. On purpose. Joke was on him, nobody has ever noticed.
  8. I've got a tatt o my right arm, and when it was being done it felt like someone poking me with a pen, not painful at all. It depends on where you get it. My mate got one on his shoulder blade & apparently that stung like a biatch.
  9. As said by me before, it all depends on the person. Generally, the shoulder blade is the most painless of all the body to get one. So this guy must just not be tolerant to pain. I know my shoulder blades were nothing to get tattooed on and from the 150ish hours of work, they were the easiest on me by far.

    The worst was on the actual knee cap. One of two tattoos I almost said stop 1/2 way through. The other was 24-30 hours of work on the same tattoo, in 3 consecutive days. The dude was flying back to USA the day I was due to finish (3 days before starting the colour on me, outline was done 4 days before hand, about 9-10 hours of outline. On my right thigh)

    Azz, I didn't do work as a tattooist, I "just" was going to bring them into the computer age in like 94 or so. But the thing was, the best of the home computers back then were SO GOD DAMN SLOW at manipulating graphics etc and so bloody expensive, umm $6K I think for a 286 that was "good" back then heh. So we didn't end up going computerised for showing clients how tattoos would look stretched/shrunken/different colours etc, the vision I had for them. I was about 10 years too early :(
  10. I've got a dragon running down my spin from my sholder blade to my tail bone....2 sittings - out line & colour, some areas hurt more than others. I found the area above my kidneys the most uncomfortable (kept wanting to move) & parts of the areas over the spine stung like a really bad bull-ant bite....real burning sting.

    generaly areas with bone close to the surface (ribs, spine, hip bone etc) can be painful, however each person's tollerances are different & each of us seem to have different sensitive spots.
  11. Ouch! :mad: I've only got small cross on my shoulder and that stung! On the other had knew a lady who had a celtic sword in the same place as Mrs S's and she claimed it didnt hurt at all! :p
  12. Ahhh you all a bunch of girls
    Deal with kidney stones & child birth & then get back to me :LOL:

    Have 4, one on each shoulder blade, lower back & ankle.
    Lower back was the last addition, & the poor guy had to keep stopping. 1st time he had to stop due to someone being ticklish. Apart from a very small spot around the tailbone, I was fine.

    Itch for tatt number 5 has begun, just need to decide what, where.
  13. CLASSIC... You sound like you have said that afew times!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. before you go and get these characters inked to your skin, have a look here it would suck to end up looking silly, and unfortunately not many tattoo artists know a great deal about kanji, katakana and chinese characters, they just ink you with what either they found somewhere, or you found somewhere. i know it is hard to believe, but the internet isnt always right :shock: :?

    once you know it means what you want it to mean, stick it on ya!
  15. Actually, it really doesn't matter if it EXACTLY is what the person who wants it thinks it is. Most likely they will have the tattoo for say 40-80 years and can go through all that period with having the wrong characters but they still think what is on them is what they think it is says. It is of course on there to make the wearer happy or whatever emotion(s). Unless it is pointed out by someone who knows what the character(s) actually say, what is on them is what the person thinks it is.

    Just my thoughts anyway. :)
  16. furrycreature, if you want to be 100% sure what you get is right, there's a japanese tattoo artist in Inner vision tattoo. You can see her work in the gallery on their website. Just my 2c, if I decide to get some ink done it will be there.
  17. I have ink. One on each shoulder, and my thoughts on the pain are the nearer a bone it gets the more it stings. Don't forget, get something YOU want. You are getting it for yourself NOT for everyone else and its gunna be there for a LONG time. Picture yourself at 60 or 80 years old then make up your mind. Oh yeah and I reckon the pain of both mine was like a gravel rash :wink:
  18. gravel rash - yep, tattoos are not very comfortable.
    all mine have hurt like hell, and even sometimes have been painful the next day. even got some kickar5e purple-blue-yellow bruising from the last one :)
  19. I've got 3, one on my back and one on each leg, my back wasn't too painful, but when he did the fleshy part of one leg it felt like an uncomfortable itch. Now considering what and where for number 4!
    I asked my tattooist at the time which part of his body was the most painful getting tattoed and he said the crease which separates your arse from your leg... :shock: I'd hate to think what sitting down for a few days after having that area done would be like - ouch-! :shock:
  20. It is amazing the differing views I have heard on this. Mine really didn't hurt that much at all but I have a high pain threshold. I have had people say it is the worst pain that they have ever had.

    I only want the one tattoo, but the pain certainly would not have stopped me getting a second one if I wanted to. It is worth every second.