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Tattoo time

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kaer, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. I have a weird tradition.

    Every time I am unemployed I get a tattoo.

    So far, I'm up to 2.

    Last day of work today, so in the next month before I leave the country, time to get another one.

    This one shall be motorcyling related. Semi-working on the design, but if anyone has any ideas shoot.

    Rules : No brand names, no logos, generic bike design.

    And yes I'll post it up once I get it done.

    This is similar to what I'm aiming for.

  2. Netrider logo would look good...
  3. Hey! Is your r1150 red? If so, then you stopped right next to me at the intersection @ kogarah TAFE on princess hwy. I was in the ford falcon GL :)

    Um.. isn't your skin a bit too saggy (101 years old?) to make a good canvas for a tattoo?
  4. where do you want it? colours, detailed, what sort of bike(sport cruiser)?
  5. [img:304:180:5416c34482]http://z.about.com/d/motorcycles/1/0/6/4/ft0116.jpg[/img:5416c34482]

    That tattoo looks very "OCC" to me....


    Speak to your tattooist, he should be able to come up with something good.

    I have used a few tattooist throughout Sydney....so if you need some recommendations, let me know.
  6. Make sure to get it in a place you won't lose it if you come off your bike and go for a slide!

    Inner thighs.

    Don't lose your expensive tat to careless placement, kids!
  7. Funny Funny Funny, nealy fell of my chair :LOL:
  8. I kinda like it and I kinda dont.

    I agree with Teal, its a bit OCC. If the flames could be turned down a bit it might be okay or if the colouring was better because personally I think the colouring is crap- but if you like it go for it !
  9. Nah, black GS. I was up that way about 2 weekends ago.

    Tiger Angel Leathers, Australian flag patch on my left arm, if you are on the lookout for me :)
  10. I'm thinking of something similar to the one I posted.

    And while I can chat to a tattooist, I prefer to do the design myself.

    I'll do my designs up in the next week, and shall post them up :)