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Tattoo recolouring

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by RRbabe, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. hi All,

    Seems there are a fair few here that have tattoos and I would like some advice...

    I have a tattoo on my lower back which was a cover up of a bodge job, and I would like to have the colouring on it brighter. (I would post a pic but I cant take one at the moment). Is it less bright in colour becoz it was a cover up and could a good tattooist recolour it now (it was a cover up over 2 years ago). What kind of results could I expect? I love the design I have now but would love the lotus flower in it to stand out a bit more and maybe add a little to the tribal pattern to achieve this.

    I'm in no rush to get this done as that was in some ways how I ended up having to have the cover up :oops:

  2. Easy peezy.

    Artists will have no problems with re-livening a tattoo.

    Just about every tattoo needs it after a while.

    Wife's ankle tattoo had to be toned down as it was far too bright even after 10 years of exposure to the elements (namely her rotten feet stench :LOL: )
  3. Guess next question then is does anyone know any really good tattooists (am very wary after the first bodge experience) down here in tassie?

    Cheers Vic
  4. I hear Smack is pretty handy with a Pilot Marker :LOL:
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Get yorself into Joes one Saturday night when you and everyone else in there are REALLY drunk...you'd be amazed what they can do with a texta in there..... :LOL: :LOL:
    Last piece of work I saw done on a customer was a very black G-string bikini...complete with diamonte clasp....it took him weeks to get it off.. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Better yet..he didn't remember getting it drawn on in the first place..or the pole dance he gave afterwards... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :shock:

    Oh sorry.....back on topic....not sure about the tattooists down here.... :(
    Go to Melb. or syd for a weekend, and get it done there.. :grin:
  6. hmmmm... i can only imagine you lot on a Saturday night, bad enough any other night that you are car/bike less! :roll: :) :grin: :wink: although you all just about save my (in)sanity when I am in Hobart

    Am seriously considering the Melb option - maybe take the RR and go for a blast around the spur etc :) , or take the car :( and pick up new bathroom stuff from there (boring but practical given the renos currently occurring and lack of suppliers in Tas)

    So... back to the topic, any recommendations either in Tas or even Melb?

    And, this may b a very dumb question in regards to Tattoos but does the skin being tattooed on have any impact on how bright/light the tattoo is, or is it all down to the artist?
  7. Skin tone/colour provides a contrast.......the lighter the skin the greater the contrast to the colour of the ink being used. White or pale colours dont necessarily contrast well with fair skin, same as dark blues/purples dont nesessarily contrast well with darker coloured skin.

    Any halfway decent tatooist will be able to advise on further work re cover up & colour treatments.

    My advice is to get thee to a newsagents & pick up an Aust tatoo mag. Most have adverts etc in the back pages & most decent artists these days have web sites you can go to so that you can view their work & ask questions.

    If your original tatt was a bit of an impulse/rush decision I would strongly recommend a scouting trip to Melb first. Talk to several artists & see which one you feel most comfortable/confident with.
  8. Great advice Mrs Scumbag, RRbabe come check out Melbourne next time your here,we have some fantastic artists here in melb just look at some mags, and go to the shops and go through there work books to see what you think of there work. I myself have been to some shockers and also found some good ones as well. For me now, i would go too INK UP it's in Thomastown, in the northern berbs of melb. It's fantastic. Good luck with what ever you choose. Happy tattooing.. :grin:
  9. The original wasnt an impulse/rush but I didnt really check out the specific artist at the studio I went to - naming no names - and regretted it after...

    thank goodness I found someone that was much more skilled who did the cover up - which, other than the brightness of the colour I am very happy with. At the time I wasnt sure if the original was particularly bad due to my extremely fair skin, but maybe I am being too nice to the unnamed artist.

    The scouting trip would be a good idea though - and would give me another excuse to bring the RR and meet the 'renovation obligations' on the return trip for the recolouring - win win all round! :)

    Cheers all,
  10. http://www.crtat-2.com/

    He's in Geelong, you can at least do the GOR first, then get inked ;)

    Tell him I sent ya.
  11. I'm sorry, I can't resist.....

    Today's grammar lesson...

    'There' - used with "Look at that bike over there!"
    'They're' (Contraction of 'They are')- used with "They're the hottest chicks I've seen on bikes!"
    'Their' - used with "...go to the shops and go through their workbooks..." :LOL:
  12. Pick pick pick. Read alright to me! Sometimes late nights do this to a person. Let's keep it nice!

    I got my tatt done in Byron Bay. Great artists and reasonable price too! Great ride as well!
  13. I'd get the errors on your web page sorted first before having a laugh at others
  14. :oops: guys sorry, I was only making a joke, didn't mean it to come across as I was serious.

    Vic, as you correctly pointed out, there'd be hundreds of spelling and grammar mistakes on my website, I was kinda hoping that that obvious point would help with the 'making a joke'.

    Sorry if it seemed bitchy :(
  15. peeahh, don't worry - Vic's only joking.
    He's obviously read your site, and if I know Vic then he'll be nothing but friendly to any girl that has
    AND rides a bike.

  16. LOL :p

    Well I hope so :oops:
  17. HellBound Tattoos on Nepean Hwy aren't bad either. (Just before Frankston).
  18. Yep, the suburb's classified as Seaford if anyone wants to look it up.

    At the end of a strip of shops at Seaford, just opposite Seaford pier :)
  19. Definitely worth considering... I still Melb based friends in Mt Martha and eastern suburbs (lived there for a lot of time so do know where most of you refer to :) )...

    looks like I can wangle a work trip in Feb so will look into the options, GOR would work if I can get a few extra days and get work to pay for the bike to come with me.

    Thanks again all of you for the advice etc :)
  20. Whats even remotely humourous about anything you've written?

    :eek:wned: \:D/

    You simply got owned big time & then tried to save face/back peddle by saying it was all a joke. :LOL: Yeh riteo. :roll: