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tattoo in 2 weeks

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by furrycreature, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. im getting my tattoo in two weeks. i designed it myself, its a tribal design for my lower back. iv been waiting ages to get it and now im 18 so i can. i got my nipple pierced yesterday. :grin:

  2. nice work..got a pic of your design? i have wanted one for a while now and have had my design ready.. its a tough choice if it doesnt mean anything.
  3. Young people always in a rush :LOL: Nah seriously, enjoy, it'll be even better if it is your own design IMHO.
  4. lol dude, click the link on my sig to check out some of mine... make sure ytou have the money to finish... i've been a half finished canvas for 3 years :p
  5. nothing relli dude , you need to see mine if you think yours is big lol
  6. mine's not big, just several unfinished ones... many more in the pipeline for waaaaaaaaaay too long
  7. I got a tattoo that has meaning to me and I got it 3 years after coming up with the design (so I could decide if I really wanted it). I'm very happy with it. People say you shouldn't rush into getting a tattoo etc. and while I agree, I also think that so long as it won't ruin career prospects (either in a concealable location or not an issue for the line of work you're in) then who really cares? If you regret it, then it would have to be really bad. Personally I think a random tribal pattern is a stupid tattoo because it has no meaning, and is simply "decoration." It's also a decoration that thousands of people get. Whatever though - hope you like it.
  8. Gotta love tramp stamps :D
  9. over this argument really: a tat's a tat its your body your money do what you want and if you regret it wear a long sleeve t shirt or get it removed.
  10. ok so it was more than 2 weeks but i finally got it done last thursday. $220, hour and a half and a shitload of pain. ill wait till it heals before i say if its worth it. although it doesnt mean anything i designed it myself so im happy with it. :grin:
  11. yeah its good you designed it yourself, I got mine as a 21st present from my best mate, found a symbol on the internet that meant a lot to me although less than a year later i ended up working with a guy with the same symbol (slightly different design) :)

    didn't make me feel any different about my tat though and I call him my tattoo buddy
  12. im going in for another sitting 10am saturday :woot:
  13. hey,just wanted to drop a line!!!

    a very big fan of tatts myself. got 2 half sleeves and my lower back done. all in traditional japanese. next one has been drawn up(partially my design + artists work). absolutely amazing pice.will cover half of my upper body. but at the same time nothing i can't cover with a shirt. i work in the office and noone could ever tell i've got any at all. be mindful of that i guess.

    also if anyone wonders where to go and wants to get something that lasts and very uniqe let me know. i know THE MAN. he'll definitely take good care of you guys!!!

    now i'll try to figure out how to post pictures of my work.... :?:
  14. just posted some pics of my work in the gallery under miscellanious. hope you like it. enjoy.
  15. Do you have problems with the birds and the bees attacking your arms? :rofl:
  16. plenty of colour
  17. hey,as long as i smell nice i'm sure i'll attract the right type of birds!!! :wink: