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Tattoo - Artists / Studios / Recommendations

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by RustyO, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Searched, but only found a whole bunch of old threads... so:

    I'm looking at getting a tattoo in the nearish future, shiloutte work.

    Asking around various places, friends etc, hought I'd do it here, so was just curious if anyone had any recommendations for artists and studios to check out?

    I'm in Melbs btw.
  2. Hellbound in Seaford ask for Jenny Roach

    Splash of Colour ask for Heath ,he is good but fiken slow .
  3. Are you getting the 'lone wolf' tattoo or the dragon with chinese symbols one? I hear all the cool kids are getting famous quotes inked on their arses. Nothing like a bit of paradise lost above the brown hole to say 'I'm unique'.
  4. Marshall at Third Eye and Matto at Fox Body Art
  5. Sirprice and Holster

    Thank you.

    I was thinking of this one:


    What do you think?

    Will I look cool?
    Will it pull chicks?
    Will it say "I'm unique"?
  6. I'm looking for a good artist who does japanese sleeves - interesting to see what suggestions come up
  7. Thanks for that!
  8. While that there is a fine display of individualism, it holds no parity with the below:

  9. I second Marshall at Third Eye, he's the bomb... but in london/overseas i think for another two weeks.


    otherwise, Julian @ tattooconnection.com.au
  10. Out this way (Knox), Tattoo Connection is very popular. We have had a few pieces done there, all good - excellent artists and nice folks who run the shop.

  11. A guy I work with has had a "Japanese style sleeve" done by the guys at Ten-ten in Camberwell and he's really happy with the work they've done.
  12. Saw some of their work on the webiste, but you really have to go and see them to get an ideas of what you want... so i might just do that as i'm back in melbourne in dec