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Tattoo Artist

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Skuffy, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Morning all,

    Yes, Mr Scars here--- :LOL: I have always had two minds about getting a tattoo - one with meaning. I now have a reason. Can someone suggest an excellent tattoo artist in the Melbourne area. SOmeone that can transform my thoughts into something special.

  2. Chris Reid Tattoo in Geelong is awesome.
    Tell him I sent ya, (the dood that got him into pit lane at the F1 GP) he'll look after you :)
  3. I'd be more interested in the reason than the result.... :?
  4. Vic - thanks Mate, appreciated

    Hornet - PM sent
  5. Why do you need a reason to get a tattoo?
  6. So what's the reason Skuff?

    Gonna tattoo your address on your forehead to make life easier for the cabbies at the pub?
  7. Hey Jeimbo

    I already have enough scars to "tell my life story" so I need a reason - personally that is.... Each to their own.... :grin: Something that reminds me how good I really have things when things dont go to plan

    Hey Loz

    Nahh, I am having your butt tattoo's to my navel area.... :LOL:
  8. Not sure what kind of style you want but here are a few:

    Tattoo Magic - Tim Dywelska - Japanese tattoos

    Dynamic Tattoos - Trevor McStay - Japanese tattoos
    - Sarah Melder (nee Bowyer) - all round awesome - people book in up to a year in advance to get in with her.

    An Eternal Instinct - Giovanni De Mizzo - He does all of Pink's tattoos when she's in Melbourne.

    All of these guys are google-able - and you can go online and see samples of their work. My suggestion woud be also to make a few appointments to chat with them and talk to them about your design concept and see what they come up with. It's on you for life! Also, there should be some "connection" between you and the artist as well so see if you're comfortable with them.

    good luck and pm me if you want any further info :)

  10. Actually I'll rephrase - tattoos shouldn't need to be justified. Reasons are many and varied. Mine have meaning behind them - family symbolism and decoration.

    Looking forward to the next one. Shame they're so costly. Got mine at Body Language at Ringwood but thinking about a studio in Smith St Colllingwood - Fox Body Art. Girl at work got one done there and they do great work - they do a lot of preliminary artwork and design beforehand. Handy with my next one which will be quite large.
  11. tattoos are for criminals :shock:
  12. I to am after a good artist as i want one of my son . What would a portrait tattoo cost ?
  13. $130-$200/hr for a reputable artist.
  14. Dave, the most amazing portrait work I have ever seen is done by Kat Von D formerly of Miami Ink, now running her own show L.A Ink.

    I wrote to her and told her how good she was and she sent me an autographed pic.

    She charges USD$700 for a portrait, should we ask for a group discount? I'd want my two chicks portraits done as well.
  15. Greg Heinz, aka Beans,(originally from lifelong designs in Glenroy) now from Crossbones tattoo studio in Melton, does awesome portait work, he has won many awards for his work, give him a call, a look at some of his work will give you an idea of just how good he is.
  16. Paul Braniff in Surfers Paradise does some awesome portrait work. He owns skin fx. www.goldcoasttattoos.com.au. Expect to pay $500-$2000, depending on how big you want. He's done some amasing stuff that is lifelike

    The thing with tattoos is to find the artist who wants to do the style of work you are after, other wise its a bit like taking a 50cc Honda to a Harley custom shop.
  17. Sounds good Vic . Was just seeing what they cost as i wont be doing it untill next year some time . Our 2nd is due at xmas , so will wait untill after the birth and get them both done at the same time.