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taste testers required .....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Black Betty, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Of the 4-legged variety - perferably K9

    I have a couple of new products & I'd like some disconcerning taste buds to try & let me know how they rate. The only thing I ask in return is their owners write a short (one sentence) review based upon their k9s verdict :wink:

    PM me for more info :)
  2. Damn, and here I was hoping someone was wanting to make me dinner... *sigh*
  3. Oops. I was thinking of a nice free dinner too.
  4. im willing to taste test
    my dogs too

    i have two dogs
  5. I'll make you a dinner but the cost of getting here probably makes pizza a much cheper option?
  6. I'd luv to offer Xena to help you out with and RnD ..BB...and Xena would agree whole heartedly....but I'm afraid she would inhale anything put before her, and there wouldn't be any feedback but, " can I have some more!!"
    If you do want me to help, Xena and the jack russell she lives with, could do taste tests for you. PM me and I'll give you the address of where the dogs are and perhaps you could just post something...or give the stuff to Scumbag, and my brother could pick it up from him at work!! My bro also has a dog, so there's 3 who could try your stuff...?!
    Look at all that networking from across the Strait!!

    Just let me know if I can help..

    Cheers everybody!!
  7. Happy to have Xena on the panel - have one especially her size :grin:
    Hope Tassies treating you well. Cheers, BB
    ps - Love the networking :)
  8. 'discerning' maybe? :grin:

    i have a friend with two gorgeous golden retrievers not far from you, in emerald. pm me if you'd like me to give her a call. she often works from home, flexible hours so might be able to work in with you...
  9. Quite possibily - but then dogs can't read :p
  10. I have a Norwegian Elkhound called Manny, his favourite food is furniture, but he will eat anything that won't bite back, (and some that will)....being in Perth could pose a problem though.
  11. Happy to post - just PM me your details :)