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Tassie weather first week of April?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by sleepa, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Hi All.
    Can anyone from Tas tell me if early April is OK for touring about.
    I dont know if your winter starts early over there. Dont mind the cold, but not keen on getting wet every day.

  2. Just remember to pack you passport, for international travel, you understand :p
  3. Weather should be good but Tassie’s weather can be unpredictable anytime.

    I don’t think the weather will be the problem; it will be the five and half thousand other bikes trying to do the same things as you.

    2 words . . .


    Then again that might be why your going :p
  4. I doubt the Ulysses AGM will be an issue. Most head down for the meetings and very little else. And aren't they down there in March anyway?
  5. March-April-May are the best times to ride in Tas IMHO, well thats been the best time for weather in the 8 years I've lived here.

    Autumn seems a lot drier than the rest of the seasons here, but it will be fairly cool in the evenings! Farawayman is right, it's pretty unpredictable tho.

    Ulysses AGM is in March, there will still be a fair few old farts on big land barges touring around the place, but that wont be an issue, as they have to stop every 15 minutes for:

    1. a cup of tea
    2. empty the bladder
    3. empty the colostomy bag/incontinence pants
    4. refill the juice guzzling monstrosities that some of them ride.
    ( I know, cos I am one... except I don't ride a land-barge)
    Drop me a line when your down.

  6. hey JJ, what's going on? One minute you're bemoaning the departure of the Across, next thing you've got a GPX750R in your profile??

    OK you old buzzard, you just answered in the "I am Lost" thread. Photos, please, you know the rules........
  7. I don't stuff around... not when there's biking to be done

    I shall post pics when I clean the accumulated grime/chook poo off it. (it lived in his shed for a while)
  8. l was hoping it was'nt too late for a quick lap of the lsland. l know the weather is hard one to pin. and it may have sounded like l was looking for a forecast.
    Thanks for the reply
  9. My BAD sorry Ulysses AGM is in March not April.

    Might see you down there I'm going the last week of March
  10. The west side of Tassie tends to cop the worst of the weather. If there's 1 day of rain on a bike tour of the isle, you can bet it'll be when you're in the west.
  11. Yup, somewhere early to mid march I think is when they're down there.

    About the same time a mob of us from OzFirestorm are heading over (10th-18th)
  12. JJ take a little while to get used to that beastie; 16" front wheels are a different kettle of fish altogether...
  13. I dont think so. the last AGM I went to we did over 4000km just to get there and it was only in Geelong. :shock:

    That Geelong road is a horrible road I would travel nearly any road just to miss that one and nearly did. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Hope yourve booked everything :?:
  15. Yup. All accomodation has been booked. One of the Firestormers is organising the whole trip and he's done a sterling job so far.

    BRING IT ON!!!
  16. You bet :biker: