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tassie trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by ronin11, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. So im currently down in hobart, having ridden down here for the first time from devonport after a long boat ride from melbourne worrying about the bike falling over in the rough waters.

    i got off the boat fine, and commence the 300K trip from devonport to hobart.. i cant ride those sort of distances in 1 sitting due to a knee problem, so i planned my stops before i set out and away i went. the midland highway in tassie is a particularly borning stretch of road, but it hsa some great scenery as you go, and some of the views as you get into hobart are awesome. my first couple of stops went sa planned.. perth for fuel, then to campbelltown for a pie at what used to be one of the best bakeries in tassie - but which has now joined the commercial machine and become banjo's bakery. after leavong cambell town and setting off at the 110KPH i had been trvelling the the previous hour, the wind begins to pick up.. ALOT!.. it was throwing the bike around a little, not really unnerving till about 20 minutes into the trip, the bike begins pitching around from all angles, and on a few occasions mid corner the wind blew from the inside and nearly took the bike out from underneath me. i have never bene so scarred of dying in my life, i was sure god himself had set his mind against me and was trying to end me in the most messy way he could think of.. i prayed.. hard.. and the only thing i could do was back off the throttle, change down a gear or 2, and hold on for dear life.. i got off for fuel again just outside of hobart, fuelled up, had a smoke, and was a little worried about getting back on.. being it was my only form of transport, i had to suck it up and keep going. in the end, after a long slow trip i made it into my friends place where im staying... and with a kiss of the bike for staing rubber side down, and a quick thanks to the man upstairs for not throwing me right off.. i have since spent the last few nights here drinking with friends and catching up to people.. hence not really putting many k's on the bike just yet.

    one thing i have been informed since my arrival is that learner riders here in tassie are restricted to 80KPH speed limits.. WTF mate?? thats gunna annoy me.. ALOT as i spend a fair amount of time travelling highways to get to my intended destinations around the south of the state.. it also pretty much hasnt stopped raining since i arroved either..

    anywayz, thats my story so far..i think when i head home i might go up th east coast to triabunna and head back along the ducati highway to avoid the winds and get a bit of a change of scenery.. we'll see.. with an 80KPH speed limit its gunna be a hell of a long ride back to the boat.
  2. If that post was tongue-in-cheek...have a ball :grin:
    If it's to be taken literally... things woulda been cheaper to run up the Hume a few times and get pissed at home.
  3. If your still in Hobart tomorrow night make sure you go to Joe's garage..

    You will see in the toilet where the Tassie Gems left there mark on Tassie on the wall!!!
  4. So it was you !!! :LOL: :LOL: :p :p
  5. And Netrider mark too (x 2) :grin:
  6. ... and yet some people say there's nothing to do in Hobart...
  7. It is truly a boring road isnt it ronin. I have done it a few times, (I live in Devonport and my lady lives in Hobart), and you are right, that wind feels like a killer at times. I am looking forward to a bigger bike that doesnt get pushed around as much as my 250. The east coast should be a fun ride for you. I go down the exeter highway sometimes for this gorgeous little restaurant in Beauty Point called Tamar Edge, they have the best creamy bugs. Check out the tassie road guide in the article section of this site.
    If you do end up going through Campbelltown go to Zep's instead of Banjos.
    The coffee there is fantastic.
  8. yeah vani, it was boring as hell.. if ti wasnt so windy i would probably have ended up sitting on the pillion seat resting against the vetura rack and steering with my feet.. but the wind was seriously trying to kill me.. more than a couple of times id be leaned into one of the few corners there is and the wind would just about pick the front of the ground and throw me down the road.. so i spent a large part of the ride leaned over the tank so my weight was on the front.. im not sure if thats the right thing to do, but between that and slowing down from 110 (which i didnt know was illegal for leaners at the time) to 80 - 90 most of the way was the only way i felt safe enough that the bike wasnt going to be blown down.. does the wind effect non faired bikes as mush as it does faired like ths??

    i think i will go to zeps instead.. i hate commecial takeovers like that. they have ruined a good thing by making it a banjo's i think.. plus, on your reccomendation for coffee.. i live on that stuff.

    ill make sure i get in to joes garage and have a look while im down.. might even add a +1 to the netrider thing haha.
  9. Yeah, Deano has troubles with aiming... :LOL:
  10. As an Old Tassie Boy...It's good to hear someone else is now being buffetted around by those notorious winds off the Ice Cap.

    I hada Vespa in Tassie, but was only game to ride around the city...even the Hobart (Tasman) Bridge was only tried once...I had a friend wqith a Vespa on the Eastern Shore...I think he is still alive...but havn't checked lately.

    I am looking forward to my first trip back down there to visit friends. Unfortunately I will not be able to make the Ulysses AGM in March, but hope to get there in Feb 07 to coincide with the Wooden Boat Fesstival...always a really good show and at the best time of the year for weather in Tassie.

    Joe's Garage is a hoot and a must see for anyone on two wheels...but I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary in the men's in Feb 05...maybe I was too blind

  11. Yeah for some reason its been particularly windy down here lately. It's not always like that. Good to hear you stuck it out.

    You'll enjoy the east coast road better. Its a much better biking road. The midlands hwy is too straight and boring.

    You could always take off the "L's" but you didn't hear that from me!
  12. I wouldn't worry about the 80 kays thing too much as its the law for Tassie L platers. It's a stupid friggin Law and if I were you I'd be losing the L plate, playing the I'm not from 'round 'ere card and thumbin my nose at the man.