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Tassie trip

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rick Ryan, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Hi guys. Four of us are heading down to Tassie next month on a nomad, Burlington and a sporties. Any suggestions on roads or places to visit would be great

  2. Hi Rick, Feb. is one of the best months for Tassie touring. Scroll down on "The Welcome Lounge " page and look at the "Newbie Melbourne Lady" post. There are links and ideas there on this very topic. My suggestion would be to pick accommodation, with safe and secure bike parking, in a region. Stay there as a base for 2-3 days and day trip from there so you are not carrying all the extra gear. This makes the ride far more enjoyable and you will see more of the states attractions. You should be OK to free wheel and book your accommodation as you go given it will be February. That way you can vary your trip according to weather patterns. i.e. if its an Easterly pattern (usually wet) head over to the West Coast and it will be the total opposite. Our roads can be very twisty and elevations change from sea level to several thousand metres so be prepared and watch the wildlife. We have heaps and they are on the road verges night and day. The wallabies love bikes and sit watching until the last moment THEN they jump out in front of you. Be wary on the mountain passes, i.e. Mt. Elephant - Weldborough etc.they have brought some big cruisers to grief because of the switchbacks and short corners. Two cruisers ran out of road and ended up in the gullies last summer on Weldborough alone.
    There are heaps of Tassie ride photos on this site , just put Tassie ride in the search box.
    If you need advice on the East Coast region let me know. Enjoy the ride.
  3. Welcome to NR.

    ^^^ Great advice RE: wildlife! Be careful on the roads.

    I've just booked the boat for the end of March to visit family down there. It'll be my first trip down on the bike and I can't wait.

    I'm still planning my ride but definitely going past lake leake and down the east coast.

    My next step in planning is to consider breaking up the journey to south of Hobart into 2 days.
  4. Three of my favourite roads

    A10 Queenstown to New Norfolk
    C132 Tullah to Devonport via Cradle Mountain
    B61 Maydena to Gordon Dam

    Cool places to visit

    Coles Bay
    Bruny Island (nice day trip from hobart)
  5. Welcome! I'm jealous. Great roads around Tassie!
  6. Arthur River to Zeehan via C214 & C249 (Western Explorer) - Google says 156km in 6hrs
  7. Has that been sealed now Barry?
  8. It was closed for a fair while with the land slides, I don't think they sealed it during the repairs, still that white silica crusher dust. I took a Ford XR8 over it before it was closed without any hassels. Great little spot at Corrina Ferry towards the end of the trip.
  9. Yes I haven't done the route its is on next Tassie trips list. That Silica sand packs down pretty well so it is a good firm surface. There is a guesthouse at Corinna looks like a great place to spend the night before the ferry the next day.
  10. Yep - it was not too bad a surface when we did it in the XR8 a few years ago, but I've got to do it again on the bike. Might be good overnighter trial trip for the Parkes run we have planned in March, 4100km round trip with Axel the Mastiff pup in the sidecar.

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  11. Lake Leake road (Campbell Town - Swansea, or the other way I prefer) is a must do
  12. Yep, nice twisty road, with just the right radius corners to make any biker grin, up and over Mt. Black. Much more fun than flat twisties. 50k squirt to Campbell Town then 25k back up the mountain to The Lake Leake Inn. A couple of Boags premiums and then the east coast descent to Swansea and home to clean the bugs off my teeth. (and the bike) OR if it's a nice day repeat the above.
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  13. Stop it, ;) I am stuck in the office staring at a bunch of work I can't jump over, the last thing I need to be dreaming about is riding the Tassie twisties.
  14. Just booked the boat and leaving March 20th...
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  15. New warning for Tassie tourists. Don't park your bike under gumtrees for shade on hot days. Went for an 80k spin , to get a homemade strawberry ice cream at The Pondering Frog, parked under the tree because its 33 in the shade. Scoffed the ice cream, leathered up and headed home. Just enjoying the twisties when a f#$$ing big huntsman wanders across the visor. Bastard was on the inside with me and I don't know where he is !! Much safer in the office cjfvr.
  16. If you cant find him there's only one thing left to do.... :sneaky:

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  17. Ahhh, fly spray over the cigarette lighter. Yep that should work or make an interesting insurance claim.