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Tassie trip for inexperienced rider

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by BDL999, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. G'day all,

    I have trip planned for Tassie in roughly spring 2016,I have a few mates (all experienced riders) trying to get me to commit to the trip. I'd say we would trying to stick to the sealed roads as much as possible because we will all be on sports bikes.

    I am very keen for the trip, my concern is I am currently an inexperienced rider on my P's with approx. 2000k's under my belt( all short local trips).

    I'm off my P's march 2016 and plan on upgrading my 300cc to a ninja 650r soon after that and slowly lengthen my rides with a few overnighters prior to the big trip.

    Any advice regarding preparing for the trip ,tassie roads and my planned bike choice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. As long as your friends aren't arsehats, then book it, you'll be fine, and you'll love it.
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  3. You've got plenty of time to get more experience under your belt, so go for it.
    My 2c, you need to build up to being able to do at least an hour of twisties at a time. It's more tiring that you might think. Some roads there require considerably more than an hour but stop for a break when you need it, not when the group tells you it's ok. And make sure that's understood before you set out.
    Ride your own ride no matter how far ahead the leaders get. Fkem.
    You need to be able to ride in all kinds of weather, and have riding gear that copes with it.
    You need nearly-new tires - Tassie roads chew up rubber like nowhere else.
    The overnighters will help you test your luggage gear - good idea.
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  4. Yup, what he said. You'll come back a lot better rider than when you left and have some awesome times to look back on. Agree on routes and meetup points, take the pressure off trying to keep up. You will love it.
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  5. Agree with the above.

    I did Tassie by myself so there was no peer pressure to go faster or slower and I only had 4,000km under my belt on my L's and that was commuting the same road everyday basically.

    As long as you have a brain, use it wisely and don't go beyond your capabilities then you will be fine.
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  6. BTW, distances are deceiving in Tassie. It takes longer to get where you're going. For example a 400km day takes a lot longer to complete than it does on the mainland.
    I've just noticed that you're in NSW so a big chunk of the journey will be just getting to the boat, and back afterwards. All the more reason to take a measured approach, but not a reason to avoid it.
    It's certainly going to be a huge adventure. Best of luck.
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  7. Thanks everyone appreciate your advice and you giving me the answer I wanted to hear.

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  8. Yep I would add my agreement to the guys above, Tassie is a great riding place and you need to experience it, many times :) The only little warning I would give is that when traveling in Tassie with groups of mixed experience in the past we have had some guys come a cropper. The place has a way of peaking your exuberance.

    Usually it has been riding thinking you need to keep up with the group. You need to drill into your head, Ride your own Ride and let the others Ride their own Ride. If they are a supportive group they wont care if they need to wait another few minutes for you.

    We expect a Tassie ride report and pics when you get back. :)
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  9. Im thinking about doing this as well, except solo. My only worry is wtf I do if I get a flat. Had a lot of flats when I was overseas and was always able to just ride it to a nearby shop. In tassie in the middle of nowhere with possible no mobile signal sounds nightmarish to me
  10. You need a puncture repair kit which you can buy at most bike stores, they come with gas cannisters but this is usually only enough to get the tyre to about 30psi. Best also to get a portable compressor THIS
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  11. Yep a must have but not really a 100% sure thing I think. I was looking at dynaplug kits. That 12v inflator looks pretty compact as well. I might think about getting one. It's funny I was looking at a tyre pressure gauge for 46 bux today and this is cheaper and has a pressure gauge as well.
  12. I cant really add anything here that the others haven't already said. As they have pointed out, ride your own ride. I did that last weekend, the guys I rode with were far more advanced than I, but were extremely understanding of my slower arrivals. I think the max time they reckoned they may have had to wait was 10 Minutes. So it wasn't too bad, just tell em how you have your coffee! Cant wait to watch for pics and a ride report.
  13. Tassie is awesome, just do it. A few solid days of riding twisties will boost your confidence and experience.
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  14. Do it. Ride your own ride. Post lots and lots of pics :)
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  15. Enjoy it mate. Did my first Tassie ride with a bunch of Harley riders with me on a lovely burnt orange Ninja 650R. It was great. Needless to say my bike drew all the looks which didn't go well with the others . Keep to your own pace. Fuel up frequently. The roads are beautiful but be wary of leaf litter and gravel on the bends from trucks. Have done it twice and would go back in a heartbeat. There is a big group called ROT (Riders of Tasmania ) that you guys should contact if you need help. Have fun. Cheers.
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  16. #16 Spots, Jul 2, 2015
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    We know all about that from 2009, don't we? :D

    I was gonna add, there seem to be more corners with gravel strewn over them in Tasmania than in the rest of Australia combined, unless something's changed since 2009. :p i.e. it's often best to stay in the wheeltracks on the corners.

    Oops. That's what drjay said right above me.

    Overall, though, fantastic place for riding.
  17. Spring...nope. Leave it 'till Summer.....late Jan Feb is best. But make sure it's before the Ulysses arrive for their AGM.
    They have specials on the Ferry ...usually advertise in Late Sept/Oct. Use a day ferry, as you don't need a cabin.
  18. I have completed 4 big trip to Tassie... covered 4,000kms in one trip, on 3 different bikes. My bike of choice is the BMW 1200 GS this way you can do the dirt, forests and the bitumen. One of the best places to ride a motorcycle.
    Completed the BMW GS Safari in Tassie last November.

    If you need any suggestions or advice let me know

  19. Couple of pic of my bike in Tassie (with swag) the other is coming into Hobart on dirt road , down a steep hill and the end of a long day[​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. Of course you could always live here! :)
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