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Tassie Trip! 4 days, approx 1700kms

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bdzy88, Jun 25, 2014.

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    Hey guys,

    Well I’ve been lazy as, but finally putting up some details of some details of my Tassie trip, which saw approximately 4-500kms a day, over 4 days, solo, on a 2008 CBR1000RR

    We headed off about 5pm Thursday night, on the boat for our 6pm departure, with approximately 10 other bikes – Even though I was the youngest by about 10-15 Years.

    First day’s itinerary; Friday
    Devonport 6am - Mole Creek - Sheffield - Westbury - Exeter - Scottsdale - St Helens to our final stop at Scamander.

    The first day is always the hardest, and seeing we were of the boat at 6am, definitely one of the longest, especially after the ripper sleep you get after they kick you out of the bar :)

    However it was matched by 500km of windy goodness :)
    We stayed at the Scamander beach resort - which was comfortable, bike friendly and relatively cheap.

    All this was achieved with around 20% main highways..
    Map :

    Second days itinerary; Saturday
    Scamander - St Marys (Elephant Pass) - Bicheno (Motorcycle Museum) - Swansea - Orford - Richmond - Hobart

    This was a very relaxed day with some awesome scenery, even though it was pretty well straight and highway down the coast..

    Stopped at this little place for pancakes (breakfast) with the ROT (Riders of Tasmania) at elephant pass, great bunch of blokes who are an absolute riot, if your ever down this way, the ROT will be more than happy to accommodate you.. ask for dutchy.. great bloke.

    We also decided to get on the sauce a little bit, so we pulled up at the Holiday Inn, smack bang in the CBD.
    Then it was off to the local Irish pub, words escape me a little, but not hard to find, for a 1kg steak and copious amounts of alcohol...


    Third day’s itinerary; Sunday
    Hobart - New Norfolk - Tarraleah - Derwent Bridge - Gormanston - Queenstown - Strahan

    Huh.wut.ehhhh... breakfast then back on the bikes.
    This is where the real fun begins; I loved this day so much as the roads are absolutely sensational
    Everything from long straights, tight hairpins to long fast sweepers.

    The road from Tarraleah to Derwent Bridge is a thing that dreams are made of, but make sure you pull up for a drink and something to eat at the Hungry Wombat cafe :)

    If you are planning this trip, be very wary of this area as it is full of scrub to the side, and plant & equipment & 4x4's are constantly lurking in and out of the bush

    The next must is the Gormanston mine lookout, the 20-40kms beforehand, are just pure bliss as far as roads go, vision, quality, traffic, sweepers etc and one of the parts of the trip that I enjoyed immensely!!

    However, the next part, this was my favourite part of the entire trip.. the road between Queenstown - Strahan
    Very technical, windy, and it was full power on, look, brake, tip, power, look etc for a good 20-30kms maybe more (I was enjoying myself :D)

    To a quaint little place on the water, this was definitely the most expensive part of the trip and anything in Strahan is kind of, what? you wanted change from your kidney as payment sir?

    However, found the local pub, alcohol and the locals were funny as.


    Last Days Itinerary: Monday - Sad Times..
    Strahan – Zeehan – Reece Dam (Pieman Road) – Tullah – Cradle Mountain – Forth & Then back to the final port of call, Devonport.

    Well, we started to gear up for what would be our last full day in the beautiful Tasmania that we did not want to leave behind, as we became accustomed to not working, wet weather gear, freezing temperatures and the freedom of the bike.

    At this point the sun decided to give us a going away present, and it was spectacular.

    About 30kms out of Zeehan is the Reece dam, this is an absolute must for anyone travelling this way, the sheer size of it and the remoteness of it are something that simply can not be put in to words…

    From here the rest of the country side is absolutely spectacular, as anyone that has been to Cradle will tell you..

    From this point it was the usual touristy bits, dinner and then back on the boat.


    Some random photos;
    Sorry there’s not more, was too busy riding :p
    Might have some more floating around somewhere…

    Reece Dam -

    Cradle Mountain Stop -

    Peoples at Scamander Accomodation – Including yours truly

    Gormanston Mine (Lookout)

    1KG Steak in Hobart.. mm

    First Lookout 30Min out of Devonport..

    Some of us in this shot..

    With the ROT boys at elephant pass..

    Some non motorcycling cockys at the motorcycle museum;

    A shot at the bottom of the Hydro Plant;

    Another Gormanston mine Shot:

    One of the guys had a BMW.. constantly.. %$@* is that.. oh no wait..

    One of the slow days

    Just another couple dam shots..


    Brand new rear tyre when we left, which made the wet loading ramps interesting on the spirit as it was pouring melb rain!
    I was impressed with myself by the end.

    would stress to anyone considering this trip, to do it, it is an absolute ball, I’ve been nearly everywhere in the world, and this trip was one of my Top 5, memory wise.

    Great bunch of blokes that I met, the sights, the pain, the free spirit of just your bike and you.

    Now, I have a 2008 CBR1000RR, which is in by no means, a tourer of any kind, and pretty well the worst bike you could consider for this trip.

    However, the countryside and the roads are that beautiful, that all of that will be forgotten within the hour.


    Get crackin’

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  2. Thanks for that mate, definitely on the cards for me latter in the year.
  3. Awesome. One question, did the bike go slower with the extra kilo of steak on board the next day? ;-)
  4. I'd have to disagree with one thing, a Blade is a perfect bike to bring to Tassie, we have awesome roads! Who wants a compromised bike to ride them when you get here, sports bike FTW.

    Next time, when you get to Swansea, take the road through Lake Leake to Campbell Town and then back, its one of my favourite roads and its awesome so you wont regret doing the backtrack, then just continue down the coast
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  6. No problems mate, it has taken me a while to get around to giving this write up a shot.
    You definitely wont regret it..

    Hmm, I was more worried with the hangover i was nursing haha, but there were a few i'll catch up moments.

    Haha yeah, once i was there i realised that.
    However, was saying that anyone with a sports bike that thinks they cant tour is severely mislead.

    ?? Old road you just quoted my post with no comment? lol
  7. I only envy you , looks like great times ,cheers for a great read
  8. Will try gain to produce my comment, in extra loud ink - thanks for top read, very inspiring for a future long distance rider like me.
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  9. I've (unfortunately) only done it in the car with friends and sorely missed my bike on those roads. Definitely on the agenda.
    The other Tas trip thread is also a good read and well supported by the Tas folks which is great.
  10. Looks like an awesome trip mate :) did it feel rushed doing it all in 4 days? or do you think you saw all the good bits
  11. Ditto to the Lake Leake road. Non stop sweepers, easy to get into a fantastic rhythm. (Cops should be banned there). DO NOT DO IT IN A CAR IF YOU LOVE TWO WHEELS - you'll hate it every time you see someone on a motorbike overtake !
  12. Awesome write up...

    I've been Tasmania a few times but never on the bike. Will have to do it one of these days..

    A fantastic place...
  13. Mate! That looks awesome! Would love to get down to tassie to do that. Does anyone know how much it costs to get you and your bike on the Spirit of Tasmania?
  14. ~ $200 each way I think, including your bike and sleeping. but there are more expensive sleeping options if you like to be comfortable. :)
  15. We went first class. It was after all our second honeymoon. Had a window cabin on the way down and got to watch everything out the front of the boat. We came back by day passage, so had not cabin. It was about $2000 all up, so I thought it was a great spend.
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  16. Spirit of Tassie - 97 dollars for the bike. Twin share cabin around 200 bucks one way. Word of advice - don't drink till closing time , around midnight at the end bar(which is what we did the first time) 'coz you have to get off the boat at 6am. And as mentioned earlier the first day is usually a long one. Total cost for a 5-7 day trip including boat fares can be around 12-1500 bucks with decent accomodation.
  17. Did the solo Tasmania trip in May.

    3000 km (mostly the Canberra - Melbourne legs) or so over 10 days.

    Similar schedule: Devonport - down the coast - Pt Philip - Hobart. Skipped Queenstown due to bad weather (this was in May and getting wet and coolish) so ended up going back to Launceston and doing Cradle Mountain and Leven canyon down from Burnie.

    My avatar pic is waiting for the ferry on Bruny Island. The isthmus there is basically graded clay which was nerve-wracking for me on stock street tyres.

    I'll need to go back in warmer weather to do the west.
  18. Nice! It'd be great to get a group of mates together and do that sort of trip! Did you have any mechanical issues along the way?
  19. You got some great photos up there mate and looks like you jam packed a fair bit in for 4 days. Tassys probly my favorite place for riding heading there again in 2 weeks with the mrs on the beemer tourer. Do you have some sort of baggage system on your 1000rr, i got a big ventura bag and rack on my gixxer1000 get a fair bit of kit into it. Wanna take the gixxer there will have to wait till next time for the boys trip
  20. Hey mate,

    I travelled solo, so i just rigged up a system myself around the bobtail and pillion seat.
    I was a little OCD about it so you wouldve pulled the bike over before it fell off haha.

    But you can get ventura racks off the back, if your taking a pillion too.
    I had a massive ventura like bag, but bigger, it did well though..