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Tassie tour advice

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by AXELB, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Hi

    Me and a couple of mates are planning a 4-5 day tour in Tassie in March next year and are trying to plan a route.

    I am looking for suggestions and estimated time for each sectors.

    Planned route is:

    Day 1 - Devonport to Swansea via Launceston
    Day 2 - Swansea to Hobart via coast road
    Day 3 - Hobart to Strahan
    Day 4 - Strahan to Devonport

    Can anyone estimate the time for each of the routes above and anything along the way to stop at?

    We're all riding cruisers so not looking for the most challenging roads and will also have better halves on the back / luggage !!


  2. Welcome to Netrider!
    21 page guide to riding Tassie - Motorcycle Road Guide to Tasmania :)

    Start a new thread with your planning and after-trip debrief. Let us life vicariously (and enviously) through your adventure.
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    Thanks Mouth - impressive response (3 minutes) :-O looking forward to taking a look at your guide and also visiting Tas - any reason why the link is showing that I don't have access (You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.)? Is it because I am a new member to this forum?

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    Ahh yes, that will be the reason. A few of the site functions only open up once you have been around for a while. Mouth missed your Newbie status I guess. Keep posting and contributing and the function will open to you soon.

    I can recommend the

    Lake Leaky Road
    Gordon River Road
    Elephant Pass Rd
    Cradle Mountain Road
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  5. Oops, sorry. Missed that.
    I've manually promoted your user group, and you should now have access.
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    Mmmmmm... Gordon River Road... Mmmmmmmm... If that's the one I'm thinking of, it's 120km of twisty, high friction bitumen from where it starts at the intersection of the Lyell Hwy, all the way to where it ends, in the middle of fcuk knows where. Then, since it's a "no through road," you have to turn around and do it all over again to go home! :D

    Oh, and you were thinking of Lake Leake Rd (pronounced leak).

    Then there's The Sideling (between Launceston and Scottsdale), Mt Black (near Burnie), Hellyer Gorge (Burnie), the road to the top of Mt Wellington (Hobart), Waterworks Rd (Hobart), the hilly section of the road between Deloraine and Cradle Mountain, the roads between anything and Great Lake (as long as you choose seald roads), the Lyell Hwy between Derwent Bridge and Queenstown, the Tasman Hwy, Kingston to Dover, Sorrell to Port Arthur... The list of possibilities is virtually endless!
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  7. Thanks - guide looks exactly like what I am after. My appreciated
  8. Devonport to Launceston is about an hour and a half if you go via the preferred Frankford route. Launy to Swansea via Scottsdale and St Helens is about 5 hours with rest/fuel/feed stops. The Sideling route (Tasman Hwy) is VERY twisty and may not suite you. The Lilydale Road alternative is still a nice ride. They meet at Scottsdale. Weldborough Pass is pretty twisty (but not as tight as Sideling). FYI the detour to St Marys is extremely tight, coast road much easier.
    Another route to Swansea, you can put up with the deathly dull Midland Hwy to get to Lake Leake Road , which is mostly fast sweepers (and brilliant). From Launceston this is only two hours plus stops.
    Swansea to Hobart is really only a couple of hours but most people add some detours and tourist stops such as Port Arthur.
    Hobart to Strahan is a good 5-6 hours with stops (can be done much faster though)
    and the second half is non stop corners. Take great care approaching Queenstown, and in the Mt Arrowsmith area.
    I think Gordon dam could test you on your loaded bikes, but it's up to you.
    The road to Tulla via Roseberry is good (The one via Lake Plimsoll is better for sportsbikes ;) ). Then you've got three choices getting back to Devonport.
    Murchison Hwy is a bit dull except for Hellyer Gorge (otherwise known as Hell Yeah! Gorge, which might be too exciting but it's not too long) 4hrs to Devonport from Strahan. Ridgley Hwy to Burnie has nothing to recommend it except that it's fairly quick getting there (3 1/2 hrs).
    Cradle Mountain Road is scenic. You'll then have to choose between going via Wilmot (some extremely tricky corners) or Sheffield (short, curly bit around the dam). 4 hours.
    Those times are taking it easy.
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  9. Whoops yes, that's what I meant Danny.
  10. Thanks for all the info - I suspect I should also add to my initial post the fact that all of us going on this trip are "middle aged - mild hogs" meaning that we have differing levels of motorcycling skills with differing levels of partner touring experience - if you know what I mean - so we need to keep the route pretty smooth and not too windy.

    Taking Titus's advice above I have put together the attached route plan (Day 1 - 4) - I may do it in reverse but haven't made up my mind yet.

    Day 3 is a bit concerning - if anyone has any suggestion for a mid point to break it up?

    I expect we will do some sightseeing and side trips along the way however I would appreciate anyones feedback?



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  11. Well, in that case, you'll want to go from Devonport to Burnie, then back past Devonport to Launceston (on the highway). The subsequent days are best done as laps of the Midland Highway between Launceston and Hobart. I'd say that the best view of Hobart is from the top of Mt Wellington on a clear night (forget the daytime view, it's crap in comparison), but the crew might not feel comfortable with that many corners... :p
  12. We did not book anything. Were guided by weather conditions. Rode anti-clockwise ending up with beach weather in the North East. Started out early each day, booked in at motels or B&B's by 3pm. Sometimes on the east coast we'd book in even earlier and off-load the gear so that we could do elephants eye etc. Food in Tassie was excellent. Riding goes without saying great roads, biker friendly. YES!
  13. I arrived back from doing a Sydney to Hobart run last night.
    Just some extra info for anyone going in the next few weeks:

    - If you plan on seeing Port Arthur, there is roadwork for a few k on the road there - 3 or 4 sections of gravel roads. Also there are upstanding 'motorists' who call the local police about motorcycles crossing double white lines, so make sure you do the speed limit in all the towns! You don't know if they're waiting there for you ;)

    - Hobart to Queenstown run along Lyell Hwy was icy and snowing! Apparently the snow is considered unusual for October. Also snow really hurts when you lift your visor to clear the fog. It's a lose-lose situation

    - Going into Queenstown is downhill twists and hair pins. I learnt real quick how to get better at them :)

    - Queenstown to Davenport run via Zeehan-Strahan Rd, then Murchison Hwy is great. Lots of long sweeping corners at the start, then tightens up. There is a few km of roadworks though along Murchison Hwy both south and north of the Cradle Mountain turnoff, which proved tedious for the road bikes. However, we were lucky with our weather. Reports from other bikers who had travelled on that road the day before was that the roadworks were mostly mud due to the rain.

    - To get to the Dove Lake carpark, there is a boomgate which will not go up unless a car or bus exits. I guess it is to restrict vehicles since the Dove Lake car park is very small. You need to pay this upfront at the info centre (first building you'll see), which also has fuel. We learnt the had way and ended up riding back and forth because it wasn't clearly marked where to buy the tickets. We paid for a 'car' with 4 people which was $60 - ended up going around the barrier anyway.

    The locals and other bikers were also very forthcoming with recommendations on good roads if you ask them.

    Compared to Sydney, all the roads in Tasmania are amazing to ride!
    You'll have a great time, no matter what road you take.
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  14. Mouth I seem to have the same issue, so related to posts I guess as I have been a member for sometime. Not a poster at this stage. If you allow me access to your Motorcycle Road Guide to Tasmania. that would be great. If not i'll get posting.

    Cheers RTP10R
  15. Post an introduction thread in the Welcome lounge and a few more posts. Once your status updates after a few posts you should be able to get access. Mouth doesn't necessarily get into all the threads so he may not see your post.
  16. Many thanks for tour info.... very useful ....have 8 days in Tassie coming up and will probably go anticlockwise and hopefully get any really bad weather sorted earliest...best regards kaycee
  17. Hey Nugan, thanks for Queenstown heads up and Dove Lake parking....have 8 days there very soon....cheers kaycee
  18. Hi, thanks for best viewing times....and the night ride should be a hoot......safe riding..kaycee
  19. No worries KayceeKaycee! Be sure to post some photos of your ride so we can get Tassie envy :]
  20. When you land at Devonport, ride out on the hwy towards Launceston. About 8-10kms down the road on the right side there is the Anvers chocolate factory where they serve up a lovely brekky.
    Lake Leake road is one of the best.
    Awesome riding. Have fun.