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Featured Tassie Tour 2016

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by icemaker, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Well better late then never aye!
    The initial convo with damedidamedi went something like this:

    'What you up to during Chrissy and New Year bud?'
    'Bugger all, what about you?'
    'Yeah same, jack shit.........wanna go riding somewhere for a few days?'
    'Hell yeah, lets do it!'

    And so it was done and on New Years Day 2016 damedidamedi and I set off on a mission to ride the twistiest of the twisty roads that Australia has to offer.
    Now Im not real good at writing so I wanted to make a video montage of the trip, which I started way back in January, but I got too elaborate and it became a very time consuming experience so I lost interest in the project........until now.
    I recently got inspired to have another crack at it as we have a trip planned in early December that will see me travel some of the roads we rode on the Tassie trip. I kept it simple this time and over a few nights managed to create a 3 part series, all around 11 - 12min long, covering 11 days of riding with some music I like as a soundtrack.
    If you can, watch it in HD. Makes the scenery look pretty good as my camera (Ion Pro 2) isn't the best in quality.
    Hope you enjoy it!

    Part 1
    This covers the first 4 days which includes the trip to VIC, a day in the VIC high country and a couple of days in Tassie.
    The Bonang was interesting, a fairly decent thunderstorm had blasted through and left debris everywhere with the northern third of the road mostly affected. Its was dry from halfway to Orbost and then we bumped into another storm heading to Bairnsdale and we got drenched.
    The highlight of this part was Day 2 heading up through Hotham. The clouds were flowing over the ridge like a wave breaking and I almost felt like a surfer riding through it! It was amazing and the vid doesn't do it justice.

    Part 2
    This covers 4 days in Tassie. We basically rode the island clockwise and this one starts in Hobart and finishes on the boat heading back Melbourne.
    There were a few highlights in this Part. Day 5 was the trip to Gordon Dam, amazing scenery along that stretch of road. Day 6 was probably the winner. Hobart to Strahan is a trip every motorcyclist needs to do. Such varied types of roads and scenery, the rolling plains and sweeping roads of the Bothwell area, popping out of the forest at Lake Burbury literally takes your breath away, and the technical super tight decent into Queenstown. Awesome x1000!

    Part 3
    This covers the final part of the trip that includes 2 days playing on VIC's finest roads and the final day home through the Snowies.
    First up apologies for the poor pic quality on Day 10 (GOR and surrounds). It got a bit dusty and I forgot to clean the lens, which is a shame.
    A couple of highlights here and Day 11 was, dare I say it, the best 'riding' day of the lot! Considering we just did 6 days of Tassie that is saying something. I like technical twisty roads and Reefton - Marysville, Eildon - Jamison, Mansfield - Whitfield, Tawonga Gap and Granya Gap are some of the best Ive ever ridden and the weather was perfect.
    The other highlight was the following morning, early start out of Corryong led to an amazing scene with the low sun and mountains in the background, epic! Alpine way wasn't too shabby either.

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  2. Great write up and awesome videos there, certainly looked like you had a terrific time and it brought back so many memories and makes me even more keen for next february. Thanks for taking the time to put all that together.

    I'm tipping this thread will become "featured" (y)
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  3. No time tonight but look forward to watching these.
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  4. It certainly gets the juices flowing. Had to battle with myself to stop me from strapping the panniers on and pissing off for a couple of weeks while I was putting it together, stoopid sensible side of my brain won :grumpy:
  5. :emoji_writing_hand::emoji_ballot_box_with_check:
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  6. Amazing set of roads you went through there.

    Reminds you how lucky we are to live in this amazing country.
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  7. Thanks for making the effort to share this icemakericemaker .
    I just saw it now and had a glimpse at the video but have to get back to work. It looks amazing. I just have to get down to Tassie soon!
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  8. Awesome vids you lucky bastid :)
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  9. Thanks for sharing icemakericemaker - I'm working from home today and I just played all 3 vids onto the big screen TV. Nice compilation of music as well.

    Your post is perfectly timed for me as well. I've been studying the maps for a 9 day ride from Melbourne and onto some of our iconic roads in Vic and NSW. Thanks for giving me some ideas.
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  10. Love it :)

    Seriously well edited icemakericemaker
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  11. The daunting amount of work you've put into recording and editing these videos shows, icemakericemaker. Your riding makes for enjoyable viewing. The collection of video gives an excellent sense of the exhilaration and overall experience of riding those roads. The final tally of kilometres wouldn't have been small either - you guys have awesome stamina! Thanks for posting; watching them has been a great way to spend the evening.
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  12. #12 damedi, Oct 19, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2016 at 22:34
    Here are the route maps (give/take) in case anyone is interested...

    Day 1 - Down the Bonang (774km):

    Day 2 - Yacht race anyone? (618km):

    Day 3 - Fresh off the boat (please, don't turn us back..)! (415km):

    Day 4 - Did we just pass an elephant? (540km):

    Day 5 - Hobart, Dam Hobart! (374km):

    Day 6 - Convicts 'r us (540km):

    Day 7 - Loop the loop! (444km):

    Day 8 - Madagascar? (373km):

    Day 9 - Frankie Goes to Melbourne... Relax! (15km):

    Day 10 - Talk like a pirate day (aka 'GORRRRRR me hearties') (570km):

    Day 11 - Ciao hipsters! ;-) (705km):

    Day 12 - Run home (669km):

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  13. Thanks for your kind words, and everyone elses too. Yeah we punched out some decent kays but most of the ride we do together are usually 400 - 700km so we were kind of used to it. The Viffer is a surprisingly comfy bike and once you get over the first 2 days you get 'ride fit'. Also with scenery and roads like that the last thing I thought about was how much pain I was in!
  14. That was the original plan but we did a few variations and winged it a bit on the day. Im pretty sure the total km ended up being around the 6200km mark.
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  15. Someone is interested, thanks damedi. I'll return to this thread to look over these again at a later date.

    I haven't done enough longer-distance, multi-day riding to experience that yet - I suspected it would take two or three consecutive riding days to get properly comfortable though. I nearly got a VFR, with a view to touring, earlier this year and it's one bike I'll consider again later on.
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  16. 6200!!! Nice! Made the 3200km Vic trip we did seem like a Sunday arvo squirt to visit your nan on the central coast! :)
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  17. Changed Day 11 to reflect actual route.. added Eildon-Jamieson, and Tawonga Gap
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  18. Gonna say, the map missed Eildon and Jamison totally lol...

    Loved that morning light light out of corryong in the mountains - as yiu said awesome!
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  19. Yeah might have to re-do those, the more I look at them the more thats missing.
  20. Well, I just had most entertaining lunch break watching these :woot:!

    Cannot believe you kept this footage for so long :facepalm:, but what a sterling job it is! Was well worth waiting for :happy:. Brilliant scenery and some of the best roads out there. Loved the soundtrack to all three videos, most of the songs I haven't heard before. Who did you use icemakericemaker? And thank you for posting the maps damedidamedi, like XJ6NXJ6N, I'm very interested too!

    Inspiring, informative, and simply bloody awesome! Thank you for sharing guys (y)
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