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Tassie roads in winter

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by n000b, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. I'm going down to Tassie for a week tomorrow with the bike. We will be staying in Launceston for the whole time but will go on rides most days.

    My parents are convinced that the entire state is going to be covered in black ice and I'm definitely going to kill myself on the first day (](*,)). Is there often ice on the roads (excluding the obvious high altitude roads like Cradle mountain) at this time of year?

  2. Lucky bastard you!!

    My mum lives in the midlands, just south of Lonnie, and she says they have had a lot of frost there this winter, its been very cold at night lately.

    So at the very least take it easy if you venture out early, or if the temps are struggling to rise.
  3. considering it can snow in tassie in the height of summer, I wouldn't be placing bets on good road conditions.
  4. I got back from tassie yesterday, I was in Launceston for 5 days. The roads were pretty good and I didnt encounter any black ice whilst I was there. That isnt to say you wont come accross any though.
  5. Pfft.. ignorant mainlanders. Sure it can snow in summer, it can snow anywhere in summer... if you get high enough. We're currently having a bout of very nice winter weather indeed, well, up until yesterday. Don't get started too early and you should be fine.
  6. Gidday n000b :)

    You will need to take things a bit easy this time of year, as Noddy78 says don't start your days too early , give the roads a chance to thaw out a little. I have ridden at least a couple of times a week every week all winter, usually wait till round 11:00am to set out.

    Be cautious of roads where there are corners in shade as they often stay wet all winter and even if the road in the sun is dry you will find wet corners, and in some spots even find frost mid arvo.

    The run up the sidling to scottsdale and back via lilydale is usually okay, just be aware of the damp corners. If you are looking to go out to the pub in the padock be aware there are some really green and mossy roads after Derby.

    Watch the Frankford highway in the AM if you come that way down from Devonport, its really slippery in places and there was some gravel on corners whenI was there last week.

    Might be a little early in the season for a hard run across the Lake Leake road, but hey if you get a warm dry day who knows :)

    Pack your warm gear I rode to work Lonnie to Beaconsfield this morning and it was -3 degrees down the river. Bit frosty in places but no black ice. If you are going down the West Tamar watch out around Bradys lookout, the surface is breaking up and there is a nasty off camber sweeping lefthander corner over the top.

    PoPo have been really active down the east and west of the river, also on the George Town to Bridport road, Both marked and unarked and speed cameras in vans on the road side :( If you want to give it a twist find a quiet C road as they seem to leave them alone ;)

    Have fun, stay safe and enjoy the scenery :)
  7. If you are after ideas for routes have a look at the following :)





    The last one covers some high country across past Cradle Mountain and the Hellyer gorge out of Burnie would probably be slippery this time of year, so if you venture that far take it really easy :)
  8. Tasguy, some great details provided there, great effort in providing all of that !

    My brother and his family live in Norwood, around Launceston, and my wife and I are planning to take our bikes over there later this year, so this information is great!
  9. No problems :) If you are over here later in the year you will have less to worry about with frosty roads :) And one last one I forgot to post:


    All those runs above are ones I have done in the last 3 months. Once it warms up a bit its well worth extending on from Pyengana to St Hellens then running down the east coast to Bicheno and coming back across the Lake Leake road to Campbell town up the Mount Joy road to Powranna Road then Cressy to Longford back to Lonnie via the Pateena Rd Much more fun than the Midland Highway :)

    Worth the ride for the steak sandwhich :)

  10. Im guessing you wouldn't have ventured far today?? Reckon it would have been close to snowing round the great lakes and across Lake Leake if the 3 degrees at 11:00am here in Lonnie was any indication :( Sad day really, epsecially as it was blue skies and sunny at 07:00 :)
  11. Hehe we may still have done a loop of the great lake :-w

    At least an inch of snow up there, no ice though (luckily!).
  12. Right then :)

    You are braver than me (or riding a bike more suited to snow LOL)

    Bet you are still defrosting :)
  13. It was bloody cold, yes!

    So just for anyone else riding around Tassie at this time of year: loop out through St Helens and back through Scottsdale to Launceston was fine, loop around the Great Lake had a lot of snow though.
  14. Just an update re St Helens and the east coast generally........

    We had a lot of rain and high winds on the east coast yesterday (Wed 11/08/2010) and the the road into St Helens was closed due to a landslip. Based on previous weather events like that there will be $h!t loads of leaves and twigs on the roads across there :(