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Tassie roads abraisive?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by paul_b, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Can anyone cast some light on how abrasive the roads in Tassie are? Im going soon and deciding whether to get tyres before or after. Seems like a waste when there is at least 1000km left in them for normal use.

  2. Tassie roads are very abrasive, but provide outstanding grip. Fit new tyres before you go. You will be glad you did.
  3. I went over with tyreas that had only done 800km and by the time day 7 out of 10 had come around they were near on slicks
  4. just keep the old ones in the shed for later ;)
  5. You'll wear it out almost guaranteed, but unless you stick to the Midland Highway (like sure you would :roll: ) you'll wear your tyres out all over, not just in the middle :)
  6. in my 2 years riding in tas i would have to say they are abrasive, even the smooth glassy road surfaces up in and around tulah, queenstown and strahn... I guess the hydro boys back in the day made the roads "sticky" to compensate for the rain fall etc.... your city chicken strips are gone in no time flat on the open road. You get used to it an compensate by getting harder compound tyres and giving yourself warm up time on a ride.
  7. Interesting point there.

    Every state and even regularly different local councils use different mixtures for ashphalt. Often major roads are done with a different surface to side streets, and even intersections (such as roundabouts) are done in a different mix.

    I found that my tyres lasted very differently in Melbourne to Brisbane.

    Having never ridden tassie, I cant really say, but having driven it there's lots of corners so I'd want new rubber so you can enjoy them to the max.
  8. ....how long are you going to tassie for? How many km's do you expect to do??? How fast are you expecting to go?? Are you planning twisty routes, or straight???

    We were there for 10days and did ~3200kms... and speeds were an open question when well out of towns.
  9. I recently spent 12 days there. My tyres were reasonable before I went, totally shagged after.
    I thought the abrasive factor of the roads was such that a fast off would even grind leathers away.

    I would definately advise new tyres before you go
  10. We are doing 5 days, prob 1500km or so. Think I'll go for new tyres. Would rather make sure I enjoy the time, especially if it rains, which it is sure to do. Thanks guys.

  11. You can always buy tyres when you are down there. see how you go.
    If you do want to change them before you go you could keep the oldies as spare/commuter tyres and change when you get back.
    However a couple of years ago I did a tassie trip on some worn bridgestone battlax's and I thought to myself when I had my new tyres fitted "how much more fun/confidence would I have had if the new tyres were on for the tassie trip?"
    Answer "more" :roll: :LOL:
  12. I put a new rear tyre on the ST before I went to Tas in Feb and even though the rear had some life in it, I knew it would not last down there for the km I was going to do and that is with the defecite of horsepower the ST has compared to other bikes.
    By the time I came back (with about 3600 km on it) it was starting to look a little second hand. I am now just about to change it again with another 3500 on it. I can normally get 9000 - 9500 out of a rear Pilot power.

    That gives you an idea of the abrasiveness of the roads.
  13. I had a half worn set of tyres when I went to tassie. 1000 kms later I had a shagged rear. Fitted a set of new tyres front and rear in Hobart. 1500 kms later the new tyres are more than half worn out.

    In the 1000kms I've done since I got home I can hardly see any additional wear... tassie roads are without question more abrasive :shock: