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Tassie holiday almost booked...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by vahramh, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Finally, after months of contemplating, my wife and I decided that the trip around Tasmania should be completed before I turn 50, which doesn't give me much time :)
    So, it's almost booked. Taking the Spirit of Tasmania on the night of the 2nd of January, returning on the 8th January day cruise. So far I've booked a cabin at the Strahan Holiday Park for the 3rd, and Hobart Cabins and Cottages for two nights (4-6th).
    From Hobart we're going to Bicheno, staying the night, then to Launceston. The initial plan was to stay there overnight, but given that we've gotta be on board the Spirit by 7 AM the next day, we'll probably just have dinner in Launceston, head off to Devonport and stay there overnight.
    Any recommendations for bike friendly Bicheno and Devonport accommodation would be greatly appreciated, as will any recommendations about places to see, things to do...

  2. If you're a big kid & you like big slides, go to the Dismal Swamp in the top left corner.

    Other than that, it's hard to find a bad road, can't really go wrong!

    Strahan was a highlight for me, great food, great pubs, great atmosphere.

    Have fun.

    Edit: Their speeding fines are cheap too ;)
  3. Bicheno has the Motorcycle Museum, worth a visit.
    Strahan is worth a trip on one of the cruise boats up the Franklin.
    There is also the Wilderness Railway which is pricey but spectacular.
    From Bicheno go a bit further up the coast then up Elephant Pass and back through St Marys, narrow but worth the effort.
    If you have time the Lake Leake rd just after Swansea headed further West.

    Oh and if you are based in Hobart for a while a day trip out to Strathgordan and back is definitely worthwhile.
  4. I just got back after a week in Tasmania. Can't argue with all of the other good advice, but the top place to go in Hobart turned out to be a museum! MONA (google it) Riding up to the top of Mt Wellington on a clear day was also special, as was snow in the highland lakes in November!
  5. Great suggestion Galex. Mona has a world class reputation, it wasn't open last time I was visiting the Apple Isle but on my must see next time.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys,

    I probably will leave the Dismal Swamp for next time due to time limitations. Already changed the planned trip on the GPS to go via the Elephant Pass, and also to go up the Lake Leake Rd on the way from Hobart to Bicheno.

    We'll have a full day free in Hobart, so I'll leave it up to my wife whether we go to MONA or ride to Strathgordan, although I think I know the answer - after two days in the pillion seat she'll need some spiritual relaxation :)

    A question regarding riding style in Tassia cities - is filtering acceptable? How about parking on the footpath?
  7. No footpath parking.
    Not sure on filtering, but they only have traffic jams a couple of times a year ;)
  8. No footpath parking? So what, parking like a car (and hence taking a whole car parking spot)?
  9. Yeah the morning peak is a biatch in Slobart - try to avoid the roads between 8.00am and 8.07...
    Port Arthur and surrounds are highly recommended too.

    Don't be surprised if you see people that look kinda like me, either ;)
  10. Yep that's the case, only Victoria has footpath parking at the moment is my understanding. There is free motorcycle parking in Hobart in a few locations around town.
  11. You could head up the east coast from Bicheno to St Helens, then across the Weldborough pass through Scottsdale to Launceston. Instead of a night at Launceston, try the Weldborough Hotel, then travel directly to Devonport from there. NE Tas is fantastic, it would be a shame to miss it.

  12. Filtering is not popular with cagers in Tassie. If I were you, I wouldn't. You'll spook em' because they aren't used to it.

    Personally i'd rather stay in Launceston then Devonport, but considering the time of your trip i'll understand :) The road between the two offers: Rasberry Farm, Cheese makers and a Chocolate factory, so it's a good way to please !

    Also, know that the road from Strahan to Hobart is longer then it seems on a map :) Great time of year for that area, you will love it.

    Hobart and Launceston both have free motorcycle parking areas. Hobarts are lining the centre of the road between lanes of traffic, you can't miss them. Launceston took a different route and selected paralel cage bays around the city and turned them into 3 angled bike parks each.
  13. From Hobart, if you get some free time, try to visit Bruny Island as well.
  14. You can get to Strahan via the C132 (Cradle Mountain Link Road, fiendish twisties around Wilmot) or the A10 (Murchison Hwy, fiendish twisties at Hellyer Gorge). Avoid the B18.

    You really need to do the B28 (Anthony Main Road, otherwise known as Lake Plimsoll Road), even if you don't fang it the scenery is astounding. Turn left just after Tullah, and definitely worth the detour. Two routes to Strahan from the other end - Zeehan, or just short of Queenstown)

    Strahan itself is a tourist trap but still the best option. The A10 just after Queenstown is spectacular although scary for acrophobics. Endless corners all the way from there.

    A couple of excellent short trips from Hobart are the C324 (Grass Tree Hill) to Richmond and Nicholls Rivulet Road to Cygnet.

    +1 for MONA, and Mt Wellington if the weather is right. We did the Bruny Island jet boat thing. Could be great, but avoid if you get the least bit seasick.

    Nice stretches on the A3 up to Swansea. Take a detour up the B24 (Lake Leake Road) on the way to Bicheno, just for the sweepers. Up to the lake and back (half way) is the best bit. Couple of outstanding wineries just after Cranbrook on (or just off) the A3. We stayed in cabins at at Bicheno By the Bay (large, old but comfy ones, or smaller, swanky new ones). The Bicheno Motorcycle Museum is outstanding. They also fitted me a tyre and sorted out some issues for me - great people!)

    Keep going on the A3 and it will take you up Elephant Pass (Pancake Shop!), down St Marys Pass, on to Weldborough Pass, Scottsdale and The Sidling before dropping you in a gibbering heap in Launceston. Alternatively, the A4 will get you onto the B42 Rossarden Road at Fingal (spectacular road and scenery, little bit of easy dirt at the Avoca end), and a shorter trip to Launceston.

    The caves at Mole Creek are good, as is Liena Road/Olivers Road to Cethana. It's a longish detour to Devonport if you have time.
  15. see my links below for a trip around Tasmania...

    the question i ask you though.. is what do you want to see?

    people always talk about going around to “Bicheno” but i wouldn't bother to be honest...

    there's a big Harley and cafe place in launny that i've heard of that i wouldn't mind seeing...

    but if its historical things you'd like to see then maybe the middle of tassie would be a better path...

    oh,… and if you are down in Hobart make sure you go to “Joe’s “ garage.. :)
  16. Wow! Lots of great info, thanks guys.

    The main reason I want to go to Bicheno is that I've travelled through the centre once (albeit in a car), so just want to see the east coast.

    I think I'm almost done with the route, the plan is here:


    So, now I have a lot of decisions to make, based on your input. It looks like I've gotta plan another trip, a bit longer - Tasmania deserves 2 weeks by the looks of it.

    Looking forward to uploading my diary to this site, complete with photos...
  17. Looks like a good route overall, you won't be disappointed.
    Me, I'd still use the B28 to Strahan, but the Zeehan route is still OK.
    I'd also go Risdon Vale/Richmond on the way out of Hobart.
    BTW, notice you're going to Coles Bay. The demanding hike up and down to the beach at Wineglass Bay is worth it, although you pay for it on the way back.
  18. +1000. Beautiful spot.

    I went through the Sidling last night and back. Beautiful ride that. At the moment there was a fair bit of gravel on the Launceston side to watch for.
  19. We took the A5 through the highland lakes. It would have been OK except they were grading the unsealed sections. This made it interesting with very loose sloppy wet gravel being a bit of a problem with heavy roadbikes, but there were no mishaps. It snowed and that just added to it. Other roads of interest are the last 5k into Queenstown, the road to Strahan and the Lake Leake road from Campbelltown to Swansea or thereabouts. This road in particular has been mentioned here on Netrider before and it has really fast sweeping bends that you will definitely remember.
  20. Very interested in doing a Tassie trip myself - Let us know how it goes.........(y)