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Tassie Guy Sick Of Being A Loner Rider :P

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by josh_182, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hey guys! :)

    Tassie L plater here, sick of going on road trips on the weekend just cause all by myself! A mate has a bike but doesn't like to get out on it alot for some reason :S So yeah if any of u Tassie riders ( probably very little on the forum ) wanna go for a cruise some time Pm me :)
  2. move to melb. :p plenty of riders here...
  3. Lol

    Lol yeah I'm sure there is! But ya gotta love Tassie's roads, not as crowded, not as many cagers to worry about :p
  4. next year I am thinking about coming home for good but either way I will be over when they let me ride again :grin: so I will definately give ya a pm but wont be for awhile mores the pity

    But you are right mate Tassie roads are the best :wink:
  5. Get yerself to Joe's garage on a tuesday night. there are masses of like minded people there, esp TG, Smack , Techno, and many many others.

    if you're of the northern tasmanian persuasion, then go here for a look http://slideways.9.forumer.com/index.php?act=idx
  6. Head into Joe's on a Tuesday, and see Matt Hamilton. Once he has your mob number he'll ,msg you about heaps of rides. Theres one leaving from Joe's every couple of weeks usually. Also he tells you about italian club rides etc.
  7. start run riding tours in summer when all the crazy victorians stat migrating south ;)
  8. Well...check the Tas coffee thread, coz we often post about rides in that! :LOL:

    Anyway...what's wrong with riding on your own? :grin:
    I often do it, though it's usually coz no-one else is allowed out to play....
  9. man i should smack you fool... :LOL: :LOL: JOES BIKE NIGHT TUESDAY... god twinny the illustrious smack and teh girls + boys will show you a good time and rides...
  10. Matt isn't the owner of Joe's anymore :( However he still is involved :grin: If you go on a Tuesdee, you can get put onto the track day, ride day etc list.

    The bugger still sends me SMS's about bike nite... just to remind me of my stoopidity in leaving.
  11. ^^ wot' all they said!

    c'mon, keep an eye out, it sucks being the only Learner on our rides! (most of the time) :p

    So yeah, head down to Joe's, check out the coffee thread or pm one of us to let you know when something's happening.

    ....unless....god forbid.....you're a northerner.... :? :LOL:
  12. hienz_gruderian and his woman is in tas. he's a very experienced rider, would be a good guide for you

    dante was in tas last time i checked.

    all three of them had their bikes pinched. pants [hienz] got his back.
  13. Yeah I know he doesnt own it....I didnt really say he did lol. Mark owns it now but he barely ever rides so its better to speak to Matt
  14. Yeah, I'll go for a hang... waiting for KTM to get in a lock set so I can get the SuperDook mobile again. Send me a PM in a few weeks (because I will surely forget) and we'll see what can be done. We have a CB250RS arriving early August so could be good fun. We are in Launceston BTW, but happy to do a run where we meet in the middle, or work something out- it's a little state after all.

    By the way punters, Tassie's roads fully deserve their reputation- they are not just twisty but generally they are cambered properly, they have an even, unpatched and consistently flat surface, and the tarmac they use is grippy. The police are pretty nice as police go. Signposting is poor and log trucks are everywhere spilling shit on the road and crossing the centre lines, but that just means you get on the REAL back roads.

    Food is top quality and cheap, as is accommodation- so y'all wait for the end of black ice season and get down here.
  15. ooh...maybe a statewide lap would be interesting...start down south, go up the east, pick up the northerners in launnie, come down the west, drop the southern bunch off then the north crew can go back up east...
  16. Perhaps a meeting on the East coast... Elephant Pass pankcakes...? Mmmm.... pan... cakes. Whether by CB250 or KTM, I'm getting hungry!
    (Er, come to think of it, the YZF only need s a few ours' work).
  17. hmm...pancakes definitely.

    well i'll be doing more long distance runs between now and january, an east coast meet certainly sounds good. (we still havent found out whether this guy's up north or south) :p
  18. I've done the road between Liffey-Deloraine-Mole Creek recently in the car a few times (heading out with the hiking gear), just HAS to be done on the bike. Ah, what the hell, finding a place to go will not be an issue. Just give me a week or two.
  19. I'd join a ride in Tassie - when the weather gets warm. Who's providing the pancakes?