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Tassie gets on the LAM

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by techno, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Tassies learner laws have finally been overhauled. Haven't looked at the detail yet but the main changes are the introduction of an approved list of bikes based on power to weight replacing the previous 250cc limit. Also minimum age increases from 16 to 16.5 yrs (WTF?)

    Makes me glad I sold my Across in December. Arse is about to fall out of the 250 market.

    Gov down here is too lazy to formulate their own list. My bet is they will copy the NSW LAM's list.
  2. XS650 for a learner?
  3. xs650 would be OK, the VFR400 (RVF400) is an NSW approved learner bike.

    Bloody pocket rockets!!

    Ahh well, better than the little rgv250 two stokes, at least the VFR's have some engine breaking, and the XS just can't go that fast with shaking the rider stoopid.
  4. Maybe the 250 market goes down but the XS650 market value increases. Are you looking to sell it to pay for the SS, Smack?
  5. I thought the RVF was approved, but not the VFR :?:
  6. You would be correct! :wink:
  7. hey guys, coz tassie is gettin LAMS and longer age restrection i have a question... i will do my per learner course in may and my written test in the end of june...coz the new laws kick in from the 1st july will i still be able to get my learners? thanx, :grin:
  8. The head of the Tas Motorcycle council spoke about this at a meeting I was at yesterday. If you have your learners on a non lams approved bike (but less than 250cc) before the changes come in July, you will still be able to ride the bike throughout your learners.

    Not sure but your 150 may qaulify under both rules anyway.

    So to answer your question I think it is "yes".
  9. Now if Honda get the new Hornet 600 LAMmed [?] woohoo!
  10. ok thats good then thanx lol :p so i can ride my bike but what about my age...coz you have to b 16 n a half to get your l`s from 1 july... i wont b 16 till 28th july...so will i be able to get my l`s even tho the new kicked in...coz i will do my written test in june...so what do you guys think? thanx :cool:
  11. Hmmm.

    The new laws don't apply if you already have your licence when they are introduced. If you get your learners after they are introduced, the new laws apply to you. If you aren't 16 until after the first of July then you don't have your licence and the new laws apply. That means you will need to wait until you are 16.5 before you can get it. Your 150 will have to be on the LAMS list as well.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear. Better confirm it with the transport dept.
  12. about time they bought LAMS in down here, now the worst part is wanting a bike NOW is deciding to get a cheap 250 or getting something like a 500 now
  13. at last! our government shows some sensibility! pity I only just bought the VTR.... :evil:

    does anyone have a link to the LAMS list techno mentioned?