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Tassie-Gems quick-wrap

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Since nobody's done it yet...
    About 2500km, no prangs (not even a lousy drop on a gravel carpark), no injuries...
    15 went, 2 locals joined for the odd day here and there, brilliant roads (all of them...sorry for the lack of straights, Deano :D ), lotsa fun and off-jokes :wink:

    The odd break-down (punctured radiator/broken accell.-cable/ some missing gear-levers/ broken Ventura rack), all of them fairly quickly dealt with.
    Mixed weather for some real challenging riding (when combined with lots of gravel/potholes/ oncoming traffic in the wrong lanes etc etc) and a pretty quick pace overall (particularly for a group that size).

    For the chookies 2 days to play on the dirt with the Western Explorer (Stanley/Pieman River/Zeehan) and more around the Ben Lomond area south-east of Launceston. Both exceptional days in National Parks and World Heritage areas, rippa !!

    Incredible scenery topped by sometimes dramatic skies, superb bikeroads, a great bunch of people, laughs till it hurt...what more can one ask for ??

    By the looks and sounds of it...Tassie-Gems #2 is "booked-out" already.
    A HUGE thanks to all for the good times !!!....and making it easy.
    To close with the standard Deano-quote : Youse can all get r&^ted, knuckleheads :LOL: :LOL:

  2. Hows the back to work depression going?
  3. [-( What's work? I'm never going back...

  4. Looking forward to dinner tomorrow night to catch up and get the video footage that Tim took from the bike!! :D :D
  5. Those panorama shots are unbelievable, is that a camera function, or software manipulation afterwards?
  6. Thanks for sharing the pics with us :) tassie is a beautiful place and you have some fantastic photo's there to prove it.
  7. Sigh, I'm gonna be burnin' the midnight oil trying to finish the full write-up tonight... 3 pages in and I'm only up to the end of day 2...

    Curse my verbose ways...
  8.  Top
  9. :)
    Post it in stages...can't wait for it !!
    (takes the pressure off, too)
  10. Wish we'd have chopper-shots of that last-day A5 scramble onto the High Plains...goosebumps-stuff :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Know how you feel after spending the better part of Sunday finishing hte New Riders Budget post.