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Tassie for 11 days

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by cleve, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, well the day had come, 4 mates 4 bikes, and 11 days to see the best of Tassie. we arrived 29th October 2015 and returned the 7th November. With most days traveling about 300-340 k's, what a great ride.
    Ducati 600
    Suzuki GS 500F
    Triumph Bonneville 865
    KTM 390
    Day 1 Devonport to a free camp site at Dara camp ground just north of St Helens, via low head, Georgetown Bridport, Scottsdale Tasman Highway. tasted some cheese at the Pyengana cheese factory and had a beer at the Pub in the Paddock, well worth both stops, this is where there is some of the best riding is as well.
    Day 2 Dara camp Mole creek Hotel, now you are probably wondering why but we had to join up with another rider on the Saturday day morning, but what a great ride, via cost road, elephants pass (great pancakes and coffee), Fingal, Mangana great mining town, Esk, onto A1left onto the Poatena road and to the great lakes area, fantastic riding once again, down the road with some dirt, onto Deloraine and the Mole Creek Hotel. Mole Creek Hotel had a singer playing fantastic songs from U2, Blues brothers, AC/DC, Joe Cocker, David Bowie, Rolling Stones and many many others.
    Day 3 met up with other mate on his KTM duke 390.....at Sheffield for breakfast. onto Cradle Mtn, A10 onto Burnie, Smithton, the nut booked out at Stanley, rode to West point via Bass Hwy and stayed at Smithton Pub.
    Day 4 Smithton to Derwent bridge, what another great ride, a litle wet, but mostly fine,Hellier gorge, rode the Targa road just before Tulla, that went to Reece Dam, what a road.... onto Zeehan, Strahan, Queens town, then onto Derwent Bridge for a night at the pub, basic backpaker accommodation, cheap, but OK, you supply your own sleeping bags etc...but ok, great meal. next morning saw a flat tyre on the KTM, the servo at Derwent Bridge is run by a lovely bike fella, he had some very nice R1's (too fast for me). He repaired the tyre with a plug that lasted the rest of the trip.
    Day 5 Derwent bridge to Snug caravan park cabin for the night, pub meal. didn't like the Hobart traffic after so many roads with so very little traffic on them, many winding roads experienced from Derwent bridge though and great views of the valley leading into Hobart.
    Day 6 Snug Bay, via the "coast road" to Cygnet, Franklin, onto the boat building, highly recommend this, go see the Huon pine boat brtilding, take a tour and stay a while, lovely spot. back to Cygnet and have alovely ride across to Kettering via the 21 k's winding road, lovely ride, targa road once again.....loved it. Ferry ride to Bruny island, $5 per bike, return, cheese factory for a meal of cheese and the local beer, lovely. camped at the narrow section between the islands, pub meal on the island, back to camp for a fire and couple of beers. Great island, wish we had trail bikes as there are many great dirt roads here as well. watch for the kangaroos after dark almost collected one, speed limits are down to 55k's at night and also watch out for the Penguins as well, 45K's near the narrow section.
    Day 7 Bruny Island, Hobart to fit a new tyre on my GS 500 and a rear tyre on the Ducati 600, both tyres worn past the TWI, these roads are very tough on tyres, so you must have good treads before going, otherwise expect to replace them during the trip (by the way, great prices on tyres at the Bicheno motorcycle museum, better then anywhere else on the island, highly recommend the museum as well). With slippery tyres now, we took it easy and rode to Mount Wellington, what a day, the best I have ever seen it, blue skies and you could see forever. Then onto Bicheno with a strong headwind all the way, it appears that after 2.00pm, the wind picks up so beware of this, makes it very interesting ride with fairings and side winds. stayed at the Bicheno Caravan park, had tea at the pub all good meals so far. next day we visited the MC museum, with one of the best collection of bikes I had seen, best restored as well. so make sure you call in here best $9 spent. Don't forget to ring first to see if they have a tyre for you.
    Day 8 stayed the night again at Bicheno and 2 of us had a realizing time and took in the sites of the town, the Ducati and the KTM had a run up the B34 highway via Lake Leake, so good was that they went back, then back again (3 rides, it was so good), it rained and they both got entrenched, lucky for the cabin instead of the tents...
    Day 9 Bicheno, up the cost road to St Helen's, first to the Iron House brewery for some tasting and at $5 for 8 small brews, nice one. Onto St Helen's, then up the road via Scottsdale via cheese factory again. Great ride from Scottsdale to Launceston, this again is some of the best riding we have experienced, but it rained off an on with some very heavy storms, but mostly dry, fast winding roads here so take it easy, as you should and watch out for the rally cars that share the same roads??? Yes there are some very fast cars that think they are on a rally or race track so watch out. Mole creek once again for a night at the pub, "The Tall and the Short of it all" was playing not bad, but google the pub site, it has a music festival next February, looks like it could be another weekend for us.
    Day 10 from the Mole creek hotel to Sheffield is another great ride (have I said that before) as this was going to be the last day Geoff and I had decided that we would just have a couple of small rides visiting the area around Sheffield again, we had pies and coffee at the Blacksmith restaurant, highly recommend this one, pancakes and the pies are all home made, must have their Relish, yum. The boy racers took on Cradle mountain again and some other roads nearby and the met us at the boat for the trip back to Melbourne. We went to Latrobe to the 7 sheds brewery, sampled their brews, nice one ....then a couple of short rides through the mountains, bloody fantastic.

    It was 4 blokes on 4 bikes, tents, pubs, caravan parks and backpacker accommodation, rain, wind, sunshine we got it all and with mates around the camp fire solving the problems of the world what more can you ask for??, what a fantastic ride, about 3000 k's in total, the best ride in quite some time with no issues bike wise, only 2 tyres to be changed, but all in all a fantastic place for riding bikes and I would highly recommend it.
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  2. Good ride report, I enjoyed reading it, contained all the good stuff, Lacked a route map and photos.
    Still a great ride though.
    Thanks for sharing