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Tassie circumcision

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by RedNob, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Q. Whats the easiest way to circumsise a Tassie?

    A. Punch his sister in the jaw.

  2. IF you couldnt come up with an orignal why bother??? :roll:
  3. Is that why you have a rednob? :LOL:
  4. Sorry oh mighty lordeth of the domain of jokes! I was unaware the joke was not to your most worldly satisfaction and as such deeply apologise for wasting your time.

    /sarcasm off!

    Translation: If you've heard it before good for you! You are indeed awesome for having heard it earlier than I.
  5. Sick mind you :)

    What if I meant I had red hair? :D
  6. I think you just proved the idea that people with red hair are more evil :eek:
  7. Im sure the origianl joke was mean for Victorians...am i right Dim?
  8. Wouldn't work for Tasmanians anyway - you'd be wasting time deciding which jaw to punch first. :p

  9. *yawn*