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Tassie Bike Death

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vani, May 24, 2006.

  1. Rider dies in horror suburban street crash

    A MOTORCYCLIST was killed in a collision with another vehicle in New Town last night.

    The crash occurred on Risdon Rd near the intersection with Swanston St, between Main Rd and the Brooker Highway, about 6.30pm.

    Risdon Rd was closed for several hours while Tasmania Police's Accident Investigation team attended the scene.

    The death brings the state's road toll to 23, 10 more compared with the same time last year.

    Last night's crash is the second motorcycle fatality in almost the same spot this year.

    A man was killed when his motorcycle and a ute collided on Main Rd, slightly further north than last night's crash, in March.

    There has been a spate of fatalities and serious injuries involving motorcycle accidents during the past seven months.

    A man in his mid-30s died in a motorcycle accident at Ulverstone in November.

    Two weeks later, a 39-year-old man was killed in a motorcycle crash near Parrawe in the North-West.

    Three weeks later, in December, a 47-year-old man was killed when his motorcycle and a ute collided at St Marys in the North East.

    In January, a 56-year-old Launceston man was killed in a motorbike crash on Poatina Rd.


    OMG this is just around the corner from wher Sher and I live. Swanston St is a bastard of a road to pull out from. Our thoughts are with his family and the Tasmanian motorcycle community. :(
  2. holy robot jesus... I live in north hobart / new town... :shock:

    where that happend is two streets up from me at risdon road where the train tracks are on a fly over... If he / she was t-boned / sideswiped / driver thought there was a gap... THE CAR DRIVER CANT HAVE AN EXCUSE!!!! You can see clearly in both directions! all the way to newtown road and almost down to the brooker Hway...

    Condolences to the family on a needless death.

    edit: most of the people at work have come to check to see if it was me....
  3. Sincere condolences to family and friends :(
  4. im sorry. i dont usually like to disagree with someone in such a sensitive circumstance however WHAT a load of shite!!! Vani and I live literally around the corner. Swanston St is the road which has the Kmart on the corner of it it, its a difficult road to get out of for ALL motorists, one because Risdon Road being a main road travelled has alot of traffic on it and two you CANNOT see all the way to the Brooker Highway or the other direction!!! Vani and I use Swanston Street daily. Perhaps either the bike or the vehicle were in the slip lane?? who knows at this point perhaps the bike pulled out infront of the vehicle?? perhaps not. Alls im pointing out is that it is a crap part of road, it was dark at that time, good weather except for being - a bazillion degrees and no one knows for sure who was at fault at this stage. My sincere condolances to not only the rider but to all affected by this tradegy including our wonderful police and ambo's who have the unfortunate task of witnessing such an awful scene and to the driver of the vehicle who may or may not be at fault and has to live with this.
  5. I used to live in new norfolk and now in sydney but used to travel to hobart everyday nearly and i have 2 say it aint the best of roads there used to be cars parked everywhere r.i.p to the rider and condolances to his famil and friends are there any details about who is was yet . fcuk i hope it wasn't my mate jimmy on his kwaka....* fitzy runs to phone*
  6. :shock: Sorry for hitting a nerve but I missed by one street... I come out of park to stay off the brooker.... I just assume becuase I can see there that a street over its the same. I apologise. I hate it when Any rider dies.
  7. Damn, this is all too close to home, literally.

    I hope it was no one we knew, but it always hurts when any biker buys it, because it could happen to anyone of us.

    Always sorry to hear this kind of news. :(
  8. Ooooh i didnt mean to sound so intense but simply wanted to point out before people start making assumptions of what happened (as we all do at times!!) ur right Park St is alot different to Swanston St, mind u I still dont believe u can see all that far :p I know I get a little insane when people presume what happened and sorry it was the vehicle driver having no excuse comment that stood my hairs up!! perhaps i got into the coffee too early this morning! I just think we should give thought to the fact that it was an accident, I dont think (heehee im presuming) that the driver meant to kill anybody and although at times it can be waaay hard to think of anyone except the poor victim and his or her family, perhaps we should al think of the other victims in this. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to live with killing someone accidentally, god knows how I still carry the guilt of running over this old ducks beloved pussy cat almost 10 years ago (hmmm I think I may have some issues for a shrink to figure out :LOL: ) damn dog chased this cat right under my car, I stopped and took it to the Vet where I worked at the time but it had far too much internal damage and died shortly afterwards - gee feels good to get that one out, where I was going with that though was for F#*ks sake that was only a cat, I dont think I could bare the guilt anyone who has killed another person would have to endure for the rest of their lives. Anyway as I ponder all this and who the rider actually was: please take care everyone
  9. thought i'd give a quick update on this story. The rider was a 24 yo male, not sure what make/model but it was a sports bike. He was riding along Risdon Road when a camry sedan pulled out from Swanston Street onto Risdon Road right infront of the rider.He ploughed straight into the drivers door. So as it is obvious it was the sedan drivers fault however plainly an unfortunate accident with many many repercussions and condolances to all involved. Seems to hurt more when tradegy strikes on your doorstep.
  10. Not nice at all, I was on the phone all morning checking on all my mates overthere but the poor bloke wasnt anyone I know. Condolences to his family and friends.

    So they still havent put lights in there then, bout 5-10 years past due with all the kmart traffic plus everybody cutting from the brooker to newtown road and vice versa should be there and park street if they havent got any there either.
  11. I might do the same - I used to live around the corner, my mum still lives in the area. Sad news.
  12. im from hobart.. i was down there riding at xmas, and i found the road with k-mart traffic coming onto it a real biatch, and a little russian roulette like.. i avoided that road for good reason, so i know how perious it can be.

    condolences to the rider and family.