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Tasmanian Miners

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, May 9, 2006.

  1. Great news that the miners are very shortly to be recovered.

    The unfortunate miner - Larry Knight - that didn't make it, has a riding connection. He was apparently a m/cycle nut, currently owning 4 or 5 in his shed, and his primary ride is a HD. Friends said he was out riding one of his bikes whenever he could, at least weekly. The family has called upon the local Launceston "God's Squad" club to participate in his funeral tomrorow and they will lead the procession.

    Thoughts and condolences to a fellow riders family and friends.
  2. Amen to that. :( Very tragic. A bit too much media coverage though in my opinion. I don't need a half hourly update with no new news. Maybe if there was progress I wouldn't mind so much.

    It is sad to hear of the loss of a fellow rider :cry:
  3. you're telling me! my job is to sit and report the news (odd i know) i must have written on the miners 40,000 times by now..still it could be worse..i could be stuck in a mine :p

    re. larry i hope he gets a great send off tomorrow, awful way to go :?
  4. :-({|=
  5. Whilst you both may feel that way, I think it's probably in-appropriate for the context of this topic at this time. Hopefully now you've each said it, we'll give thoughts to the victims and their families losses, and no more to your gripes.
  6. Eh? Both said what? I was crying for sketchie because his life is so hard that he has to hear news updates.

    Worlds smallest violin playing for him, learn what emotes mean, Mouth.
  7. By the time they finally dig thru to those two blokes the human race will have evolved into a different species and the skeletons of the miners will kept as a reminder of what we used to look like.

    Someone call International Rescue FFS, even the puppets could get two blokes out of a mine quicker than this lot.

    Richard Carlton died of old age waiting for it to happen.
  8. Richard Carleton died doing what he did best:
    trying to make himself the story instead of just reporting one.
  9. I don't know about you, but If I was trapped I'd much much rather have someone take thier time and do the job properly rather than do it quicker and risk a further cave in.

    You obviously know _nothing_ about mining :roll:
  10. Nice to see I'm not the only one with a sense of humour Dirk. :LOL:

  11. hmmm I know its early in the morning but perhapes someone needs to look up in the dictionary the meaning of humour ?

    Listening to the guys that where stuck in that god forsaken hole and there sence of humour during the ordeal, they would probably laughed as much as i did at Jaqhama's comment !

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. well they are out now.... forgot to turn the tv on today.... watching replays just aren't the same

    Thoughts and condolences go to Larry Knights family and friends, and great to here they finlaly got the other 2 out
  13. The 2 miners, Brant Webb and Todd Russell, looked stronger than Bill Shorten. I don't know why?
  14. How tough are those blokes to walk out of the mine looking like they had only been down there for a normal shift on a normal day, what an amazing feat of endurance.

    Also well done to the rescuers for taking their time and doing it properly.
  15. I was so happy to see those guys walk out of that mine! they look great, if that was my husband , the ambos would have to surgically remove me from him! Without sounding too corny, I felt proud to be an Aussie when I saw them smiling and joking about clocking off as they walked out. Great attitude. Funny watching Tracey grimshaw with John Howard on the Mayors mobile, trying to find the speaker button so it could be held up to her microphone. Great start to the morning!!!
  16. They had showers on the way up, with a change of clothes. Who could blame them! 2 weeks in the same position. I would need a jax pad, a litre of detol and a paint scraper, never mind a shower.
  17. Live on chanel 9 right now
    the bike riders of tasmania
    are lined up to lead the procession of the deceased Miner
  18. from news.com.au:

    "There's not many things in life that take us through so many emotions at the same time," God's Squad motorcycle group spokesman Graham Mulligan said of the fatal rock fall, and the successful rescue.

    "This whole ordeal has taken us from horror to shock, grief, sadness, joy and happiness – and then back to sadness again."

    A family friend named only as "Scruff" told mourners Mr Knight was an easy-going, fun-loving man who reflected the expression 'Happy as Larry'.

    "We are all going to miss you Larry, but we are not going to stop talking about you," he said.

    Hundreds of motor cycles were parked outside the church, including Mr Knight's Harley Davidson.

    The God's Squad motorcycle group played a prominent role in the service before riding with the hearse to the cemetery.

    High school friend and God's Squad member Chris Brooks said Larry, who had worked at the mine for five years and loved being a miner, had in recent years become more content with life and focused on his boys Addison and Thomas and daughter Lauren.

    "We'll miss him deeply", he said.

    Mr Knight's daughter Lauren, who lives in Queensland, read a letter she had written for her father's birthday three years ago.

    He had hidden it in the back of a clock for safe-keeping.

    "You're a wonderful, caring, understanding and forgiving father, a long-standing friend, my solid rock and inspiration," she read.

    After the 40 minute service, Mr Knight's coffin was carried by friends and workmates from the church to a waiting hearse.

    As the hearse departed the church, 100 motorcycles started their engines with a deafening roar to form a guard of honour, lead by Mr Knight's Harley-Davidson.

    His grieving widow, Jackie Knight, was being comforted by family members as she walked behind the coffin.

    The funeral was followed by a burial service in driving rain at the Carr Villa cemetery in suburban Launceston.
  19. Great to see them make it out finally. Still very sad that one bloke copped it.

    The media f^&*ing disgust me. Sure, they should report significant events but trying to jump into ambulances and breaking media lines to get in the way of emergency vehicles to get a few words or a few seconds of footage is totally unacceptable. Did you hear the crowd yelling at the police to get the maggots off the road as the ambulances left? As for Carlton, never liked him as he seemed to epitomise what I dislike about the media, but would never wish an early death on him.