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Tasmanian hooning outrage cops

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mainstage, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. http://ab.co/1bSvQFt

    Nice dirt bike wheelies here . Feel free to embed video if your not on the phone .

  2. I like the coppa brake checking a dude, and then the police assoc. talking about "reckless behavior". :)
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  3. Did the bloke at the start hit the police car? Couldn't really tell.
  4. More from their vids

  5. What I don't like about this is, it's old.

    The police impounded the bike back in April, yet the police association are crapping on about it in the same breath as this months bike toll, as if riders aren't getting the message and this was recent. ... It's posturing for a crackdown and there's no differentiation made between bare headed twats showing off on unregistered dirt bikes and normal bike riders.
  6. Don't have any problem with that brake check. Applying same logic police shouldn't break the speed limit while chasing people ?
  7. I witnessed a highway patrol car doing a U-Turn right before a crest on a road with a 80km/h speed limit... not particularly safe what happened next is the truly shocking part when you consider all there talk about hooning.

    the cop steps the back end out then fish tails 3-4 times... correct me if I am wrong but wouldn't he have had to consciously turn the traction control off to achieve this? suggesting it wasn't an accident but a deliberate act of hooning?

    this was Christmas eve 2013 about 08:30 on heathcoate road.
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  8. One rule for us.... remember when an F1 driver got done for this in Melbourne. The cops can get away with it because they are "specially trained", but an F1 driver apparently doesn't have the qualifications.
  9. They really need to pay Chino in Baltimore a visit, mane!

  10. Ahahaha, yeah what would Hamilton know about car control....