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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by nwise, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. hi all,

    Has anyone in NR been/from tasmania? what are the roads like there? also if I want to do a tour of tasy where is the best place to start? would the book called "australian motorcycle atlas" be any use?


  2. Been there, ridden the roads, hit them hard.

    Best roads you will ever ride. Just watch THE corner at Neika :grin:

    We used the atlas, it was invaluable.

    I'm going back to do it all over again with the aim of not crashing this time around :LOL: once I get a new bike
  3. +1 vic - tassie roads are absolutely the best! :grin:

    Bluesuede, myself and GarethKInvestigates! toured tassie last month, Jan 3 - 16th and had an amazing time! I am planning to go back again soon! Bluesuade used the australian motorcycle atlas to plan the whole trip - here is the link for his trip itinery.


    Devonport is the start point as this is where the Spirit of Tasmania docks and from there it's up to you which direction you want to take. We rode the west coast first which was a fantastic intro to tassie. The diary of our trip is currently being written up - here's the link if you'd like to have a read. :grin:


  4. In terms of going down to the map of Tasmania, I particularly enjoy the Channel Loop. :grin:

    Specific locations include the Taroona Curves and the Southern Outlet. :grin:

    There's tight and open sections and there is an even a place called Snug. Recent delving has shown that there is utterly dlicious seafood emanating from this area. The crayfish was finger-licking good. Thank you JJ. :grin:
  5. Was that an answer or was that p0rn??? :-k


    Use the search function dude - you'll find lotsa stuff.
  6. 3 Little words

    Lake Leake Road :)

    And the stretch between Queenstown and Derwent Bridge is Horn!!!!!!

    Stupid Huon Road :p
  7. Tas

    Nice nice, this gives me something to start the planning for the end of year holiday.

  8. Brilliant!!!!!! I am going to do the same trip!!! thx for the articles.
  9. The Southern Outlet? The mostly boring 10-15km stretch of highway between Hobart and Kingston? Why :?: :?
  10. Actually, I think you have a point there Dim. I think it should be a different section. I've been confused. The bit through the Huonville Forest? Over the mountain? Dual carriageway with two lanes. Where you can be doing 100kmph and overtaking around big sweepers. I'll go peruse a Map of Tassie.
    May be it's the Huonville Hwy. I'll re-check with Aunty when I see her. :wink:
  11. Ah yes the bit of road i drive/ride everyday on my way to and from work :grin: . Huon Hwy, namely vince's saddle.