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Tasmania - up to date info?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by titus, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. So I'm on the boat over in a few weeks time. I'll be doing only the north, east and south this time, and the family is doing support by cage, so limited opportunity to put in long hard days - just picking out a few good roads here and there.

    I know my way around pretty well (Cethana, Poatina, Sideling, Leake, Elephant Pass etc.) but it's been ten years since the last time and I'm hoping someone can update me with more current info on what good's, what's new and what's gone pear shaped.

    Yes, I've read ALL the old threads. I'd like current conditions (like in the last year or so) - doesn't matter if it's been done before. Anyone?

  2. I got some mates in hobart ulysses club, I will check with them.

  3. Thanks. I DID find some good stuff I didn't know about in that link. Appreciated.
  4. I did Lake Leake early March and it was in fine condition as was the road up from Hobart. Bit of road works south of Orford, new seal only though - it's not too bad. Went from Campbelltown to Poatina & hated that bumpy section at the start, but Poatina road in the good bits was in good condition.
  5. Hi,

    A few weeks ago there were roadworks (gravel, unsurfaced) on B54 between Devonport and Westbury. Highways all good. My son's in St Helens at the moment. All the roads around there are good. Plenty of oversized camper vehicles on those narrow winding roads. Beware of kamikaze logging trucks on the road between Launceston and Scottsdale. We drove the coast road from Hobart to St Helens (me in the car, him on the bike). No problems with the road. Lots of wildlife at night though, and stray rocks on some of the mountain passes. Just wondering what "doing support by cage" means.


  6. Trying to avoid highway 1 (via B12) but I'll deal with it. Thanks.

    I'll try and do that one on a weekend, maybe?

    No night riding for me, this time.

    It means the wife can carry my baggage in the car while I ride around unfettered ;)
    They can also come and get me if I screw up.

    Thank you - all good stuff.
  7. I'm heading over at Easter. If you see a blue AU Falcon following a red Ducati Monster, that's us. (At night the Falcon goes first!) I can recommend some places: Weldborough Hotel, Pub in a Paddock in Pyengana, waterfront fish and chips in St Helens and the Chocolate Fudge shop in St Marys.
  8. Weldborough Pass.. I gotta get back there. Fingers crossed for good weather.
  9. It's the week leading up to and including Easter for me. North, North-east, East coast and lower Derwent, in that order. Look for a black KTM 950SM and say g'day if you see me. Family and cage won't be anywhere in sight if I do it right.

    Ten years ago I recall the Cethana-Mole Creek run (B12) and the Sideling (A3) being the highlights. Weldborough was rough as guts, so I'm guessing it's been improved since then. Haven't done Lake Leake since it's been sealed. If it's dry, I might even fly up the west coast back to the boat.

    Long range forecast is looking mixed, but it's unreliable anyway.

    Thanks for all the advice.
  10. You'd probably like Elephant Pass - between St Marys and Chain of Lagoons - lots of twists and tight turns. There's a Targa Tasmania stage there this Thursday.
  11. Indeed I do. And St Marys. They're in the plan. Although I'd love to see a bit of Targa action, it's probably better that they are finished by the time I get there.
  12. SHIT WEATHER DUDE... what a bastard!!!
  13. So I've been seeing. And I sympathise for you guys. But I'm not there yet, so my trip may not be ruined if it clears a bit. I'm checking for closures etc. as you advised and so far none of the roads on my routes are affected (except Nicholls Rivulet), but no doubt I'll need to take care. East coast seems the worst hit (?)
  14. The east coast has had two heavy downpours in the last three weeks. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/04/12/3189528.htm

    St Helens got 170mm of rain on Monday and Tuesday with easterly winds gusting to 50 kph. You wouldn't want to be riding (or driving) in that weather, just have to wait it out somewhere. However they do seem to get the roads open fairly quickly afterwards.

  15. two days in and I've never seen such perfect onditions! It can't last so I've knocked off as many objectives as possible - all the north east, Welborough (thx Voltage!), Sideling, Poatina and Cethana. It's hell, but someone's gotta do it...
  16. Great to hear.. THis weekend is turning on the perfect weather.. Enjoy dude..
  17. a group of us have recently done another Tasfest epic 13 day blatt around the island & we can thoroughly recommend the following:

    Stay at Deloraine (nice place Tiers Cottages is a great place to stay) and do the A5 - Highland Lakes Road - its an out & back as the road turns to dirt just past the lakes but.......a hell of a road. Ranges from tight & twisty to superfast sweepers & the scenery at the top is fantastic. this was one of our highlight rides on the trip

    On the west coast leave the family at Strahan & do the loop out along the B27 & then divert along the Reece Dam ride (C249) - fuel at Rosebery & then double back to the B28. Follow that back down until you hit the A10 again & then follow that to the B24 & then back down to Strahan. The C249 & the B28 have been built for the hydro people. They are hugely unpopulated roads in great condition & are heaven on a stick.

    the other hidden gems are the C Roads around the North West - this is Targa Tasmania territory so they are often well surfaced & in pretty good nick. You just have to watch out for sudden cows, farmers & no sign posting. Base yourselves at Penguin & then draw a half circle down to Sheffield, any C Road in that circle is well worth exploring.

    its worth investing in the 1:250000 maps available for Tassie (published by TASMAP - these are fantastic as they give far more detail around the C Roads than a standard map.

    have fun !!
  18. That's a nice day trip around Strahan, Mrs Scumbag, I've taken the liberty of making a google map of it, see here.

    Also, I'm totally with Wilkie on the following:

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