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Tasmania the next target for reduced speed limits

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by E2W, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    pioneer... hahaha.
  2. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    You see, politicians have only read about rural roads in books. They live in parallel a universe.

    All the tired people will still be tired, and the roads will still be comparable to 3rd world infrastructure.
  3. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    all the tired people will be MORE tired, as they've got longer to drive and more time on the road staying awake.

    this is bollocks
  4. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    Politicians only read about driving/riding in books, they have drivers.
  5. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    And we pay for them to fly OVER rural roads.

  6. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    Seriously, they do this and I'm cancelling my ticket on the Spirit and I won't be going back.
    And if they do, you can guarantee that the rest of the country will jump on it like blowflies. F#$%ers.
  7. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    In a place like Tassie ..go for it. The roads can be tricky..hundred limit or not there are place that us riders would venture to where you would be hard pressed to get up to that speed..and why would you want to? It's a pretty part of the world.
    As for bringing a reduction to the mainland..I think anyone seriously proposing this needs to get out on a road trip...preferably on a CT110 or driving a Fiat 500.
    With our city capitals so far apart and sooo much f#ck all in between, a national increase on interstate roads is needed.
  8. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    "Road safety statistics show a 10 to 20 per cent reduction in the speed limits in rural roads in Tasmania could prevent four fatalities and 13 serious injuries"

    And Fark it up for 2,000,000.
  9. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    Never let the cold hard facts get in the way of statistics.
  10. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    Stupid idea. Drive/ride to the conditions in Tasmania and the 100km/h speedlimit is perfectly fine. Hell, in the bad spots 90km/h will stick you in a tree just as much as 100 will.

    The problem is that people aren't taught to drive to the conditions, they're taught to obey the speedlimit.
  11. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    So what you're saying is education would be more effective than changing the speed limit?

  12. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    ......but research shows that 84.7% of all statistics are wrong.
  13. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    Prove it.
  14. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    So obviously we NEED to be punished to all stick to a low speed rather than making a real-time first-person judgement. Lets not forget they are talking about punishing people...for what? Hypothetical consequences?
  15. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    Where is the link for public feedback?
  16. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    wtf is wrong with these people?

  17. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    Does anyone know what Tassie's crash rate actually is? Better, worse or comparable to the mainland?

    Twiddly roads and lots of distracted tourists probably don't help matters.

    Actually, I've just had a look and can answer myself. Tas has better numbers than WA but worse than all the other mainland States (not the NT though). However, it's numbers have been steadily improving, at least since 2003. Given the factors noted above, I don't think that's too bad.

    Is there really a justification for dropping speed limits? Or is this just a variation on the British tendency to try out anything likely to be wildly unpopular on Scotland first?
  18. Re: What a great idea - NOT!

    A few weeks ago the traffic lights went out at a problematic intersection in Carlton, and all these drivers and pedestrians were negotiating the situation really well but, I partiuclarly noticed, very courteously! How strange - leave it up to people to take responsibility according to the conditions, and these mature responsible adults emerge. Usually the drivers and peds are a bunch of rude imbecils in this area!

    The people who crash in Tassie are often driving too fast for the conditions - at least that's what happened to the boys I knew who died (spent half my teens there). This rule won't change their bad choices of speed, it'll just make a headache for road-users in areas appropriate to 100kph.