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Tasmania Riding Holiday

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Biker Boy, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys just looking for some advise. Looking to take the Mrs on a riding trip/holiday around Tasmania. I have heard it is a pretty awesome place to go riding.

    * Does anyone know any good routes/rides
    * How long would you recommend that we stay, want to get a really good tour of TAS and would love to do heaps of riding
    * Recommend any good places to stay
    * Should be pre book accommodation or should we just book a night at a time when we are there

    Anything else I need to know, or should be aware of?

    Thanks heaps.
  2. If you're going to ride around the state, consider going in the warmer months of the year. That way you don't have to worry (much) about snow or black ice when in the hills (although the main roads are mostly good all year round).

    Should be a blast!
  3. Go and buy a HEMA Motorcycling Atlas to start your trip planning... Has the top 200 rides in Oz...
  4. Thanks guys, that is really helpfull.
  5. Subscribed for further research reading later.
    I had a mate who did a 2weeks trip on a beat up 125...said it was the best fun he's had...although unbelievably tiring.
  6. Its a great place to go riding, roads, scenery and reasonably cool police. I prefer going anticlockwise myself making the wilder woollier sections first in your trip and the more civilized section at the end. Others will disagree :) Watch out for the wild life it is abundant and seems to like roads.

    Definately these are recomended
    Strathgordon Rd
    Chain of Lagoons to St Marys (Elephant Pass)
    Poatina Rd

    Have fun.
  7. Some recommendations:

    The Weldborough Hotel. Home-brewed beers and ciders. Plus accommodation.
    Pyengana, Pub in a Paddock and St Columbia falls.
    St Helens. The fish and chip boat at the waterfront.
    St Mary's. Chocolate Fudge shop, Cranks and Tinkerers museum. Pancakes at Elephant Pass.
    Cambridge, near Hobart. Caravan Park and woodfired gourmet pizzas at the cafe.

  8. The Lark distillery in Hobart is a must as well as the chocolate shop in Latrobe.

    My favorite road was from Steppes to Deloraine. It mostly gravel, but has great scenery and gives you a sence of isolation.

    I was in a car at the time, but from the number of riders on the Mount Wellington road i'd say this road was a local favourite. You wont find this road in the MC atlas, but if you do it, and the weather is good on the mountain, you should be rewarded with a great view.

    As for animals i saw dead wombats and black creatures with long tails all over the roads.
  9. Just got back from Tassie this morning! Check out Mrs Scumbag's reply here as well as the other contributions.
    Check the weather forecasts. It's often entirely different conditions in different parts of Tassie. Avoid the West and the Highlands in bad weather, but seize any opportunity to get there in good weather.
    Beware of subzero temperatures (and ice on the roads) in the mornings.
    Avoid riding at night unless you want to join the road kill. Seriously, there is that much wildlife.
    FWIW, my favourites:
    1. Cethana-Liena-Mole Creek
    2. Lake Leake Road
    3. Avoca- Rossarden-Fingal (little bit of easy dirt at the Avoca end, but worth it)
    4. Lake Plimsoll Road between Tullah and Queenstown.
    I've got more but I'll leave it at that for now.
    Have fun!