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Tasmania, law passed to ban smoking in cars

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/11/14/2091130.htm

    Car ban smoking bill approved
    Posted Wed Nov 14, 2007 9:02pm AEDT

    Legislation which would ban people in Tasmania smoking in cars carrying children has passed the lower house of State Parliament.

    The laws will also reduce the allowable display of tobacco products in shops from four square metres to one.

    The Greens and Liberals both moved amendments which would have eventually resulted in a total ban on the display of cigarettes and tobacco products in shops.

    The Government voted against the changes, but said it would consider the amendments before the legislation is put before the Legislative Council.
  2. Why don't they just ban cigarettes altogether and just be done with it?
  3. Cos the gubment would lose to much $$$$. Thats why.
  4. They should ban smoking on a motorcycle too, or even better smoking while scuba diving... :( :eek:
  5. Aw, c'mon, you don't think the gov actually WANTS people to smoke, do you? :wink:
  6. Good I hope this is passed into law in every state! I fcuking hate people who smoke in cars with their kids, there is NO excuse. god it makes me angry :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  7. So while using a phone while driving is only being policed when the fuzz have nothing better to do (grossly UNDER-represented in booking statistics in NSW for the last few years), who's going to police it???

    More nanny fluff to be seen to be doing something :roll:.
  8. Got to agree with that Paul.

    As an ex-legislator, I am deeply disturbed by the number of people in society who take the view "One more law will make it better for all of us. All our problems can be solved with one more rule. Just one more and then society will be perfect and safe".

    It's naive rubbish of course, which conveniently ignores the total lack of effective enforcement of laws we already have, but it results in scads of useless legislation every year. Think about the proposals for front plates on bikes and bans on filtering, both of which are no deader than the monster five minutes before the end of the movie :evil: .

    On this particular point, though, I won't be missing getting glowing fag butts in the face :grin: .
  9. I gave up smoking quite a while ago and I never liked smoking in cars anyway (and no I never did it with kids in the car).

    But if people are kidless, by themselves and in their own car is it really societies place to be telling them they can't smoke by themselves in their 'own space'?

    They aren't hurting anyone but themselves after all.

    And remember if society keeps going down the 'protect people against themselves' path motorcycling probably isn't very far off being targetted either :?
  10. They should extend it to cover all cars, in all states. Might cut down on the number of people flicking cigarette butts out the window (and the number of drivers I have to abuse during bushfire season).
  11. Well I reckon that a bit of community peer pressure might stop a few people from smoking in cars with kids, win win situation.
  12. yeah smoke in your car but not with kids, is all I am saying.

  13. the law is related to vehicles carrying kids under a certain age... not all vehicles
  14. it's not suggesting legislation for cars without kids.
  15. A)
    Not true.. This is how it goes :
    bill get proposed
    bill is voted and passes the lower house
    bill is voted and passes the upper house
    It becomes an Act and only then we can say "Tasmania, law passed to ban smoking in cars"

    You will read in the news stories that are been pushed by lobbies and groups to help a proposed bill to get some backing, like:

    That is far from an Act that will actually ban it.. But makes people talk about it, maybe write letters about it, maybe push senators to vote for it...

    So in this instance, that Bill for smoking passed the Lower House and is been proposed to the Upper House (Legislative Council). The Labor party has the majority in Lower House and they passed the Public Health Amendment 39, which bans smoking in company cars (with a passenger)or in cars with kids under 13 years old.
    The upper house has not voted/talk about this bill yet. Will they vote yes? The greens want more amendments attached to the bill, they might send it back to the Lower house etc.. etc.. It is most likely that it will become an Act, but it might get lost in the process, maybe the tobacco lobby will force changes.... In any way, it is not yet law......
    The proper way to approach the smoking issue is to treat it as any other drug out there. It is addiction, it is sickness. Small crap like don't smoke in areas with kids is plain bullshit.. You are that kid's parent and when you die from cancer, the kid will suffer any way. So treat it as drug, and if you do not have a prescription from a doctor, who will diagnose your addiction, then when you are dying from cancer, you will have to pay all the medical bills...
    There is a clause in this bill that will have more affect than the kid's one:
    Any car that is an "employment" car (company/self employed) with a driver and a passenger will be smoke free. Look around you how many cars fit that description.
  16. People who buy cigarettes and smoke them already:

    1) Don't listen entirely to their accountant who is the protector of their money.

    2) Don't listen to their doctor, who is the protector of their health.

    - What makes anyone think the people that smoke with their kids in the car are going to take notice of any law that won't be enforced?
  17. if the cops are happy to stop you for belts or mobile phones, they will stop you for smoking with kids
    Also, some people follow the law because it is illegal not to do so, not because they are afraid to get caught.
    In a democratic society like ours, most of the laws and i'll repeat most of the laws , have been scrutinised by professionals and interest groups before they come in effect. They are made for our good and the good of our society.. Not obeying the laws is disrespecting your family, your next door neighbour, etc..
    Sure, some couldn't care less...But others will wake up and say "if it's the law, i have no excuse left, maybe it is time for me to stop harming my kids."
  18. On the point of the government reaping taxes from cigarettes, I read a few years back that the taxes did not cover the cost of smoking related illnesses.

    If the figures still hold, then if everyone gave up smoking overnight, general revenue would actually benefit.

  19. Speaking as someone who's been one of those professionals:-


    It's partly because of the insight I gained during that period that my respect for the laws that bind us all is not what it once was :( .

    True, but when you combine the tax revenue with the money saved from not having to pay aged pensions to dead people, the govt. ends up well ahead. Dunno about here but in the UK the sums were apparently done decades ago.
  20. This country is getting ridiculous. You can't do anything with a licence for it, there are new rules all the time trying to control people's lives and it's all just lip service bollocks. What about making it illegal to smoke while you're pregnant? What about making it illegal to drink while you're pregnant? These things are far worse than driving in a car with kids and smoking, yet they're equally unpoliceable and equally invasive of privacy.

    Smoking costs more in health than the government makes in tobacco tax, so the argument of the government making money is fallacious. Same goes for alcohol if you take the long term view. Yet alcohol is legal and almost encouraged in society while smoking pot, for example, is considered criminal behaviour. You ever hear of someone getting stoned and beating up their wife?

    It's all just political crap trying to score points, creating an unpoliceable nanny state that makes life difficult for everyone without making life better for anyone.